Reviews for Tales From The Intersect
phnxgrl chapter 7 . 11/4/2015
I loved how Sarah reunited with Chuck to take down Winterbourne with Anna's help. Kudos
Marc Vun Kannon chapter 7 . 11/4/2015
Cool Stuff. I need to reread this story to pick up on the Sarah-sect and how it got into Anna. Too bad about Anna's romance with Lingo, hopefully she'll get back for that.
Neale chapter 7 . 11/4/2015
Yeah, this tied things up fairly neatly, thanks.

(Also thanks for realising that trying to use "mothereffer" is nothing but stupid and lame, which another writer failed to do recently ;)

Look forward to more down the track
Nomadic Nerd chapter 6 . 10/28/2015
Thanks for the update! Really like this! Glad that Anna is taking Sarah to task for not working things out with Chuck. I always lied Anna on the show, pity she was dropped. I don't know if it was Julia Ling's decision to leave or the producers. Hopefully if there is ever a Chuck reunion she will be included somehow.
Neale chapter 6 . 10/28/2015
This is moving along nicely, thanks.

I'm presuming (hoping) that Sarah gets her issues sorted out chapter?
phnxgrl chapter 6 . 10/28/2015
I loved how Sarah distracted her target it gave Anna opportunity to attack his files. Please continue.
Guest chapter 5 . 10/21/2015
This were fun, thanks. IMHO it works with Anna and Sarah helping each other, looking forward to the next instalment. Ta
phnxgrl chapter 5 . 10/21/2015
I loved the fight between Anna and Sarah at Anna's place of employment. I loved how Anna is remembering her adventure with Chuck and the intersect. I loved how Sarah convinced Anna to become allies. Please continue.
Neale chapter 4 . 10/7/2015
This one looks like it could be fun, you've got Anna down pat. Thanks
phnxgrl chapter 4 . 10/7/2015
I loved this look at the present Anna Wu meeting Sarah. Please continue.
phnxgrl chapter 3 . 8/29/2014
I loved how Evelyn Shaw was keeping tabs on Chuck then was shipped off to France only to be a red test victim of Graham's newest agent. Please continue.
phnxgrl chapter 2 . 8/29/2014
I loved how Anna was uploaded with Sarah's persona by the Ring. Please continue.
phnxgrl chapter 1 . 8/29/2014
Interesting back story for Bryce and his homage to his dead friend. Please continue.
Arya's prayers chapter 3 . 8/29/2014
These stand-alones are just getting better and better. The first was sad and humanizing for Bryce - which I think is always an interesting take. (You also swerved me a bit because 'Charles Irving Bartowski' is a pretty 'grand' name.)

The Anna one was clever too (another successful swerve with 'Sarah's' POV) but you outdid yourself here.

Dusting off the little-known, never-seen Kayla Hart character and making her synonymous with someone we know from the show? Slick!

And these are really tightly written. Which my alter ego Captain Verbosity agrees is very impressive...

Good stuff!
wilf21 chapter 3 . 8/29/2014
An interesting take on Shaw, Eve and Sarah's red test.
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