Reviews for Courage and Cunning
Lewis James Potter chapter 64 . 9/19
1 Lil Voldy is a first for me in all the fan fiction and i love it now i am going to have to do a story with that.

Love the story you are defiantly better then JK
Sw0rdS0ng chapter 57 . 9/14
Getting worried… Seems like a lot of story and not many chapters are left… Hoping its not a dead story because its really rather good.
Sw0rdS0ng chapter 49 . 9/12
Can’t help it… I gotta say I accidentally backed out and into the comments area. For “Guest” hatong on you and ypur story so much, he/she sure burned through every chapter pretty fast.
Just saying. Weird to read over 60 chapters, countless hours of material jist to respond with that kond of vitriol and keep reading. What a nincompoop.
Sw0rdS0ng chapter 43 . 9/11
Granted, there are several chapters to go, but I sincerely hope that Salazar will blood adopt Severus to continue his line seeing how he is a perfect heir, and Salazar is not afraid of blood magic. That would be pretty cool
Sw0rdS0ng chapter 28 . 9/7
I haven’t read the chapter yet but i did read your rant… Honestly if people want to complain then they should find a different story. This story is yours, and will be told how you want to tell it. I’ve backed out of several stories that developed in a way i disagree with, but I didnt complain or trash talk the author because it’s THEIR story. I agree woth most of what you said. And people needing pairings in every story i mean come on XD. I love your story. I don’t know how many have responded with that, but I do. Its clever, witty, and fun and HUMAN. I think most are true to character and the characters youre developing FOR us are fantastic. You do you. Its good work, whatever they say.
Sw0rdS0ng chapter 17 . 9/7
Not sure if you’re finished writing this fic or not but i genuinely worry i might catch up to you before it over. I hate catching up and having to wait every week/month i hate it.
Sw0rdS0ng chapter 10 . 9/6
This has been moved up to my favorite Salazar fic and third overall favorite fic (and it’s vying for second plce and im not even halfway through haha)
Sw0rdS0ng chapter 8 . 9/6
Im not that far into it yet, but I LOVE this fic.
wtfchrlz chapter 1 . 7/22
The beginning doesn't even make sense. Why would they be skeptical when the only way for him to know where they are was to be told by the secret keeper?
sophie hughes chapter 1 . 7/17
I've recently found this story and absolutely love, hope there is more to come xx I also want to say that I noticed the comments made by guest, don't listen to them, some people are just so pathetic that they feel the need to bring others down to make their worthless existence feel better. Good luck with the stories xx
acowles02 chapter 23 . 4/29
It’s his best friend I’m calling it now
Guest chapter 61 . 3/10
Oh, go fuck yourself. No, the right and wrong of an action are not determined by who you're it to, because that's what every Nazi and slave owner tells themselves.
Guest chapter 15 . 3/8
Wow, beating up a stupid eleven-year-old kid. What a hero. I am so impressed. I can't believe you wrote this, thinking it wouldn't make you look like an even bigger idiot than you already are.
Guest chapter 14 . 3/8
"Salazar Slytherin is a hero for killing that muggle! What did he kill her for, you ask? You don't need to know that, shut up and worship me!"

You are a fucking retard. You are a fucking retard. You are a fucking retard.
Guest chapter 14 . 3/8

You start sounding more like an idiot with every chapter of this story I read, which is just kind of strange and disappointing, because it's not *terrible* the rest of the time. When you're being stupid, though, you're being moronic.
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