Reviews for Courage and Cunning
CarolsSister chapter 65 . 7/7
Oh dear, I seem to have caught up to the end of the chapters that have been written and posted. Not going to whine (I'm over 60, so it would be a bit immature) just hope you are safe and well.
CarolsSister chapter 64 . 7/7
Whatever version of hell you want to gain down on Nott Senior I'm good with it.

I can only hope that our two Founders don't end up regretting their impetuous decision to extract justice without any planning. Not very Slytherin that.
CarolsSister chapter 62 . 7/7
I think it is long past time to let Nora turn Umbitch's arm into a pin cushion, and let the poor neglected basilisk dispose of the remains. But only if you are sure Emeralda won't suffer from eating her, as there are a fair amount of poisonous toads out there.
CarolsSister chapter 55 . 7/7
I wonder how Umbitch is going to try to claim that the entire great hall did not witness her tossing avadas around in a room full of children, and managing to avada a phoenix (bad visual there for the Ministry), and to top that avadas a student who luckily manages to survive. (Has anyone checked her arm for ugly tattoos?)
CarolsSister chapter 51 . 7/6
Looking forward to Fudge's rude awakening.
CarolsSister chapter 47 . 7/6
And that was a twist worthy of Alfred Hitchcock.
CarolsSister chapter 44 . 7/6
Still here, and loving the many way you can raise Dumbletwat's blood pressure. (Huh. Blood pressure. Is that some kind of blood magic? Hmm.)

Wonder what the letter from Neville's gram said regarding Dumbletwat's shameless attempt at manipulating Neville by way of his parents.
CarolsSister chapter 41 . 7/6
By me it's fine to use Dumbles' blood. I just wish the old bastard could be summoned for a little light torture prior to killing him.

Now if someone could only give Draco a light flambe...
CarolsSister chapter 37 . 7/6
Just hope little Gin-Gin is brought up short regarding Salazar's lack of interest in Ronniekins' baby sister. Maybe Fred and George could find a way to let he already has an interest, and that she has less than no chance.
CarolsSister chapter 35 . 7/6
Older blonde doing a happy dance here.
CarolsSister chapter 34 . 7/6
Albus? Planning something? But he's such a harmless old grandpa!
CarolsSister chapter 32 . 7/6
Typical Dumbletwat - go behind everyone's back
CarolsSister chapter 31 . 7/6
Typical Albus "I know better than anyone in the whole world" Dumbletwat. I hope he gets a full dose of humility if(when) Merlin lets his identity become known.
CarolsSister chapter 26 . 7/6
How can Mumble-More possibly consider himself as being light with all the death and misery he is willing to dish out to anyone he doesn't really value?

Guessing that the old wanker will put up a whole circle of deflection around Ronniekins should it come out that it was him setting Emeralda on his fellow students.
CarolsSister chapter 24 . 7/6
If it is any consolation, I didn't have a clue as to Gordy being Godric. A suspicion maybe, but nothing more than that. However, Ronniekins is first choice to be the one who is being used by the diary. Looking forward to his AND Molly's reaction to that revelation. (Letting loose a giant snake and helping Tommy Boy? You must be dark and evil Weasley!). And if ever the knowledge of exactly who both Sal and Gordy are becomes known, then the idiot Weasels and Albie-my-boy will lose their senses once their favorite whipping boy is no longer available to be used to prop up their prejudices. Guess I just have to buckle in for a bumpy ride.
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