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Northern Dunedain chapter 9 . 5/24
When are you uploading the next chapter?!
Rhettbutler chapter 9 . 3/11
Curious if you will be including the elves singing their lament for Gandalf (and Sam's little verse). And also if you will have Anna ask Elsa and/or the rest of the fellowship about him
KashinaKairi chapter 9 . 3/8
This is great. Can't wait to see how it developed further.
Edgar H. Sutter chapter 9 . 1/6
You've made one hell of an awesome story here if I do say so myself! I love it with the burning passion of a thousand suns! Freezing the ring? I never would've thought that'd actually stop it from speaking to people the way it does, but awesome! Score one for the side of good! I also liked Elsa's explanations of euphemisms and stuff, that's kinda silly but cool (pardon the pun). I hope Elsa can get over this whole killing thing too soon, I understand why she's reluctant to do it, I really do, but I guess in Middle-Earth, it's as she said, it's kill or be killed. I liked also how Anna came through as well, even if there's no way back, I'm sure they may get home eventually, but perhaps not the same people as they were (and I have a feeling Anna May be put in pretty bad danger very soon, I can practically see Ugluk and Grishnakh and their orcish companions carrying not only merry and pippin away, but maybe Anna and Elsa too, or if not both, then one or the other...) I thought the Balrog thing was great too, I thought Elsa's ice would do more damage against the creature, but then, we are talking about a giant, powerful, malevolent fire demon here, makes sense that even with her powerful ice magic, it might still be too much for her! I'm looking forward to how the whole water mirror thing is handled too, wonder what Elsa and maybe Anna's part in that is going to be? (Speaking of which, wonder if Elsa and Anna might, at the very, very end of the story of the war of the ring, go and see the place where the hobbits call home, the wonderful, humble paradise that is hobbiton and the Shire? I think it'd be wonderful for them to see such a beautiful and peaceful place, the two royal sisters would love it! Maybe Elsa could even put on an ice magic display for the hobbit children, like gandalf's fireworks! Though all that is only if you feel like putting it in the story, and I'll understand if you don't want to.) one of the most interesting aspects of this story though is that spiritual discussion that the fellowship had with Elsa about the devil and heaven and hell and the stuff about the three great monotheistic religions from her world, (which are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) as well as the discussion about Sauron that and the deities like the Ainur, like the maiar and valar, and how the ring was made and what sauron did with it, and his master morgoth, and all of that. It's a sharing of ideals and concepts and other things about their worlds and lives, and I feel like when they do that, it gives it a lot more weight and interest to me about the story. Congrats on it man! Can't wait for the Ents, the downfall of Saruman, the breaking of the fellowship, the attack on Minas Tirith, the battle of the pelennor fields, Denethor and his stubbornness, and i hope Elsa threatens him with some ice when/if she meets him, though she may find Faramir a good person, and say that his brother was a good, if not harsh, kind of person, and I wonder if he'll die in this version? And Gollum, and the Nazgul, and I just can't wait for the next update! I hope it comes soon!
Amy Etscheid chapter 1 . 1/1
aww well that's sweet! babby little Frodo gets to see snow! :D
Girl-who-lived-in-FAIRYLAND chapter 9 . 1/3
I love your story! Elsa needs a love interest to make things more interesting, how about a little Elsa x Legolas? It's your choice though, UPDATE SOON! Don't you DARE drop this story!
Arekanderu chapter 6 . 12/31/2014
This is a truly lovely story. Well done! If I might make a small suggestion though at times Elsa sounds...too modern. As if she comes from our time instead of her own
nataliastorm chapter 9 . 12/31/2014
I'm not sure why, but I never thought a crossover between Frozen and The Lord of the Rings could be any good, however, it turns out I was wrong.
neah20 chapter 8 . 12/24/2014
I like legolas and elsa... I read again xD continĂșe please and happy party!
neah20 chapter 9 . 12/22/2014
Good history... is awesome... look forward to the next chapter, now that is with elsa anna ... and I imagine the whole community
Frodofangirllover12 chapter 1 . 12/19/2014
hey cool story read a little bit of it im new to this page btw check out my frozen & Lord of the rings crossover hope you likes it :-)
GR chapter 9 . 11/30/2014
Anna - damn
when will you up the other story any way?
Saricaykes chapter 9 . 11/23/2014
This story I fell in love with! :D I'm happy Anna is with Elsa again but will Elsa ever tell Anna about killing a man? O: Anywho I can't wait for your next update, I'm going to favorite this story. :)
jj12 chapter 9 . 11/21/2014
Thank you so much. I have been waiting for ages for this. By the way please don't let Elsa get captured. I want to see her at Helms deep.
Aren Elsa chapter 9 . 11/22/2014
A very nicely done chapter. Though I've a question; is Elsas hair going to regrow ? I can't really see her with a pixie cut. Otherwise it is verey good so far, I enjoy it quite well
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