Reviews for Stygian Solace
gagawest chapter 1 . 7/15
I LOVE THIS!' Best story yet! The first chapter was so well written it kept all of my attention. CANT WAIT to see the darker times to come!
BrittersBritt chapter 1 . 6/25
I just started reading fanfics again since I've been busy with college, and I must admit this first chapter I'm reading is definitely refreshing since it's alreadt starting as something different. Cant wait to read more of it.
Erisiana chapter 1 . 6/8
I love all your stuff. For archiving purposes have you thought of AO3? Keep writing your works are amazing!
Ukingdom090 chapter 48 . 4/24
This was amazing. I'm not one normally to read such long fics but yours kept me so interested. It played out so well and so elegantly. It's amazing how well you did it and how well you played and out all the characters and information together. Seriously happy. I'm a little bummed that Riku never kept that little. 'You get to top if you save me' deal with sora. Unless I missed it somewhere.
Shoetsu Otaku chapter 1 . 4/7
this isn't fluffy and cute. It's painful. So painful. poor Riku. Also, stupid Riku, you're going about this so wrong. And Author, kudos to you for making me dislike Kairi more, even if this isn't canon her. Can't wait to keep reading!
wittlewons chapter 1 . 3/8
I've only read the first chapter and I'm already hooked. The dialogue the imagery-the set up you've created here...amazing. So looking forward to seeing where everything leads. I know I'm a billion years late in reading this but I hope this is complete!
I Started a Joke chapter 1 . 8/20/2015
Love it :D
rabid behemoth chapter 30 . 8/9/2015
Oh my god. This chapter was SO LeonRikuCloud (CloudLeonRiku? RikuCloudLeon? How telling, that the order is irrelevant!) that I'm still crying about that particular threesome never having been written...(it wasn't, was it..!?)

Also, I am prematurely shipping AnsemSquall SO HARD even though you haven't given any reason for it yet. I'm certain it's because my lower (fan)brain remembers the intensity of my attachment to it despite some of the details *why* being foggy, aside from the scandalous-yet-intriguing basics. Will I feel the same this time around? I can't wait to rediscover this ship! Let me on board!

Id is my favorite, save for Yami, who wins at that forever. What is with my fascination with your dark!characters? Is it because they're so complex? Couldn't be; *all* the characters are so round they're in danger of rolling right off the page, down the street, and (hopefully) into my bedroom. Oops. Rather, I think it is the mystery aspect of their characters, which speaks of unknown complexities, that grabs me. You write just enough of them to make readers certain there IS that much more, yet withhold the majority of the character, revealing it slowly as possible. It's an art, and to be able to control such gradual revelations so precisely over a work of this length is astounding. How does Yami keep getting better and more interesting? HOW?

There really is something for everyone. This story is so multifaceted, ambitiously tackling countless goals (the breadth of the different types of conflict alone dude!) and engaging the same reader in so many ways...well, I guess that's why this is an epic, huh?


...still bemoaning that LRC threesome though.
Guest chapter 25 . 8/5/2015
Wow. Even though I likely consider Riku's infidelity to be much more morally reprehensible now than I did back when I first read this, apparently that doesn't prevent me from shipping YamiRiku like FedEx. This is a really engaging chapterlet, and varying the writing style to suit Yami's voice is definitely successful. I'd forgotten much of the breadth of Yami's character and this illustrates it so clearly.
rabid behemoth chapter 20 . 8/4/2015


Look at me raging over these two. Still. For like ten years. And yet you still convince me to feel bad for them, in the end. I feel sorry for ALL the characters...

I'll go out on a limb here and assume your laundry list of things you find unsatisfactory about this fic is long (I can't stand to look at stuff I wrote last week, forget a decade ago), so I really want to impress upon you how EFFECTIVE it is at garnering crazy levels of emotional responses despite all that. It's the angst. I'm such a sucker for it (I know you are too!), and this fic freaking delivers. I think it's all the foreshadowing; there's no question about where this is going, just how bad the crash landing is going to be. That kind of fear where you see the approaching train coming at your car and your foot reflexively tries to brake from the passenger's seat. Author is driving though, so all you can do is scream. It's frustrating and thrilling.

I wish I could pull you from your author's perspective and show you what I see when I read. My poor feelings...
rabid behemoth chapter 18 . 8/2/2015
Hello there! It's been a very, very (very) long time. Awed and thrilled as I was when you unexpectedly posted the conclusion to SS a few years ago, I decided not to finish it until I had a chance to go back and re-read from the beginning. I'm finally doing it, and I have to say the re-read value is incredible. Remarkably, even after 12 years of (hopefully) increasingly discriminating taste in texts I can still enjoy this fic in so many of the same ways I did the first (couple) times around. There are some new pleasures, in fact: nostalgia value for certain (meeting Yami again the first time gave me so many feelings); that kind of morbid, masochistic pleasure associated with classical tragedies, except instead of predictive knowledge of a doomed ending I remember only too well how far down the rabbit hole all of these characters will eventually tumble; and finally the pleasure of re-reading the wealth of detail I had forgotten, which is just significant enough to make most of the best plot twists like new again. My urge to kick Riku in this chapter is no less violent than it was a decade ago, but I can't pinpoint exactly HOW his poor decisions lead to the inevitable.

It's a great ride. So great, it really overshadows the fic's flaws. It's actually really fun to watch the writing improve with each chapter, especially with the knowledge that it only gets better with time. Any immature aspects are easy to overlook in light of such nuanced characters as Yami, whom I still so love and loathe. Knowing his identity brings this added dimension to all his actions that invites multiple readings of each behavior. While not technically an OC, he is certainly your original creation! He has been my long-standing favorite pseudo-OC all this time.

If you can't tell, I am really having fun with this. I'll definitely let you know what I think of the ending! (If I don't review again before then, haha).

Hope all is well for you! Take care. :)
Lioness Deity chapter 48 . 5/17/2015
Epic Fanfic is Epic
tragicpoet54 chapter 5 . 5/1/2015
Dun dun DUN!
tragicpoet54 chapter 4 . 5/1/2015
I don't want the fluff to end! It makes me so sad they're going to be so dark after all this happiness :(
tragicpoet54 chapter 2 . 4/30/2015
All the feels. All of them.

I am very happy. It's HARD finding fanfic this good. I get so sick of the searching. Just how I didn't find this earlier...dunno, makes me feel kinda stupid. Every pairing I like eventually gets its own epic fic. Surprisingly, RikuSora didn't have one. SO glad that's taken care of. Finally.

I was right when I said this would become my head cannon. I mean, how can it not be? We all know that creators have started cattering to slash fans. This fits just so perfectly :)
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