Reviews for Of Kings, Of Pawns, and Of Men
Standardly chapter 12 . 7/10
I just found this story and so far I'm loving it, the mind games are beautiful. I hope you continue :)
ASnowFern chapter 12 . 7/9
Brilliant brilliant brilliant. We are going into a whole new arc now I’m guessing? Tom is gonna whisk Harry into his death eater hideout and things will get even more interesting. But are they going to just disappear right now or will Harry have time to regroup with Blaise and Pansy? Interesting to see how they aid him once Harry is separated from them.

And how much of an idiot Ron, Hermione and the rest are gonna feel when they find out the truth. Also, will they be able to accept a Harry who has dabbled into the dark arts? Anyway, really looking forward to reading the next chapter! Thanks for this amazing chapter(:
firedraygon chapter 12 . 6/30
Fantastic developments! I like that Harry and Tom are linked even more than once thought. I wonder if it's only pain inflected by each other that's transferred? Great work with this!
chasingskeleton chapter 1 . 6/17
I freaking love this story! I don‘t read Harry Potter fanfiction that oftern anymore, but I keep getting excited when I see that you uploaded a new chapter. I‘m just in love with the whole concept of this story, keep up the good work!
Guest chapter 12 . 6/9
Man this is so interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing how they coexist in the future haha poor harry.
PinkMusicalCherry chapter 9 . 6/10
It wouldn't let me comment on chapter twelve again but I just had to say WOW. The bit where Riddle talks about Harry's love/touch-starved childhood was SO POWERFUL. Really gave him the upper hand in this awesome power dynamic you've created and made me feel so much empathy for Harry!

Waiting with baited breath for more! Amazing!
PinkMusicalCherry chapter 12 . 6/10
Omg this chapter was SO GOOD! Maybe my new favourite chapter! Loved that scene by the lake, omg. I LOVE THIS! I do wish chapters were a little longer but I know it's hard! SO SO GOOD!
PinkMusicalCherry chapter 11 . 6/10
So good.
PinkMusicalCherry chapter 10 . 6/10
BEST CHAPTER YET! So SO SO GOOD! Loved, loved Zabini, Parkinson, EVEN LOVED THE GRINDELWALD SUPPORTERS! So good! Most of all, I LOVE THAT HARRY/TOM INTERACTION IS PICKING UP! Agh, loved th action. How many times can I say loved?
PinkMusicalCherry chapter 8 . 6/10
Hahahaha yassssss love the Tom/Harry stuff. They barely get to see each other sadly
PinkMusicalCherry chapter 2 . 6/10
I do love this! But I think just a bit more written in their interactions. I can't describe what I mean too well haha. If you've read some of the popular Harry/Tom fics - the last I was reading was 'October' I think haha. Fleshed out just a little more would pull me into your world a bit more.

You may have more so as the chapters go on anyway, but I always want to review as I go!
PinkMusicalCherry chapter 1 . 6/10
This chapter rushed across interactions a little but it is only just the first chapter, and I'm so excited by your concept! I shall continue on!
choclatbandit chapter 12 . 6/8
Omg my so as I read more and more of the chapter I got more and more shocked. Wooooow, so it seems like the only ones not in the know are Ron and Hermoine 0.0 and I think Riddle knew Dumbledore would say no to the first proposal and had that second one ready. I look forward to the next chapter
Chimebelle chapter 12 . 6/7
Wow. That was so dark, heavy, and captivating. I feel like I'm being pulled by some unknown gravitational pull while reading- it is so very enchanting. Loved it. I feel so bad for poor Parkinson and Zabini. I love how you wrote their characters- especially for Pansy. She's pretty much yours, with that brand of cunning and charm. But in all, Harry and Tom's wordplay and actions are what captivated me. I really really adore it.
Guest chapter 12 . 6/3
I love this. The sort of dynamic that you have going between tom and Harry is amazing. Can't wait for the next chapter!
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