Reviews for Talia - Fires of Ferelden
Nerdfish chapter 104 . 7/10
Finally read it all. She transformed while carrying an embryo. did she transform the embryo ? will she end up laying an Egg ?

I think the story was better because Dovakin wasn't involved. Player characters are pretty much defined by their power. "One they fear" is the boss battle music and you are the boss. It's pretty hard to have any meaningful drama with someone that powerful running around.

Great job all around. Looking forward to reading the next one.
Nerdfish chapter 102 . 7/9
102. I can hear Guren no Yumia playing in the background, even when it's not playing in the background.
Nerdfish chapter 97 . 7/9
A bit of nitpick, Chapter 97. 2/3 way down.
"It's a strong anethetic, it will take the edge off when I am resetting your bones."
It will take more than just the edge off.
The difference between Local Anaesthesia and General Anaesthesia, such as one you administer orally, are designed to knock out the patient entirely. Please see this Q&A for details.

I know, it's less dramatic :3
Nerdfish chapter 89 . 7/8
Middle of Chapter 89:
"Synapses ... I suppose a fitting metaphor would be to compare them to roads."
This is incorrect. axons would be the roads, and dendrites to lesser extend. a synapse was more like a bridge. Self-amplifying electric signals travel down axons, which could be several meters long in a large animal, and jump across the gap between cells at synapses. synapses could be strengthens or weakened to hold memory, a process we now know as plasticity.

Well it's not like Rhea would know the truth :3
Guest chapter 57 . 7/8
So she can not really shout she is just a speaker.
Nerdfish chapter 78 . 7/7
C78. The proper name for a roman military engineer is architecti, not a Constructii, I think
Nerdfish chapter 77 . 7/7
Ruby Rose's Mom.
Nerdfish chapter 75 . 7/6
Just altering DNA is probably not enough.
The Phenotype is a consequence of a biological process that may take a decade to occur. simply altering the nucleotide pairs would not change the phenotype in an instant. the magic have to restructure the tissue - the proteins, the cytoskeletons, the extracellular adhesion matrix. Everything, basically.
Ransworn chapter 21 . 4/26
Not entirely sure why the all the girls are now effectively straight. Brelyna's character is so straight now, in exact opposition to her perceived orientation in the beginning, that the detail might as well not have been included as it's been about as significant as her shoe size.
Zevran is dead and we have Daveth in exchange who is quite the safe cookie cutter character. We're also down one Mabari and one Qunari leaving three npcs, the mc, Alistair, Morrigan and Leliana.
All the canonically queer (in more ways than one) characters are either more traumatized or dead and the single trope npcs have taken over the party. So that's a thing. Good thing Leliana and Daveth are becoming a thing or else she probably would have been punished more.
Guest chapter 5 . 3/28
I read the last few paragraphs while listening to "Burn." Ha. Ha. Not funny.
Guest chapter 3 . 3/28
So, I've only seen a friend play Skyrim. I've yet to play it myself. But I'm enjoying the story... Well, whatever. I like the main character; she's got spirit.
Guest chapter 99 . 3/26
I AM NOT OKAY! I found this thing and thought I'd jusy read all the way through and THEN review like you mentioned, but I AM SEVERLY NOT OKAY! Why you do that to Alistair, man? Just reading this stuff is making me feel like a weary soldier. And I'm a sophmore! You are way too good of a writer.
Guest chapter 6 . 2/11
A lot of the events in the beginning seem forced especially the romance between Aedan and Talia.
AnthroJedi22 chapter 6 . 1/11
Good job so far with where i am at reading the fanfic. This fanfic has inspired me to do my own Dragon Age and Elder Scrolls Crossover fanfic.
Tucka chapter 104 . 1/2
Loved your work and looking forward to your next book, whenever that may be.
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