Reviews for Talia - Fires of Ferelden
zack32 chapter 104 . 12/7
The best fanfic I have ever read. Roku you have great skills, I dare say even more than some writers. Dragon Age and The Elder Scrolls always had great potential for a crossover and you manage to did it very well. Your new story is gonna be promising.
Onyx chapter 104 . 11/30
This deserves a standing ovation! That had to be the best fanfiction I've ever read. And now I can't fucking wait for the next book! It's like how I felt when waiting for destiny, I so look forward to the next update
Guest chapter 104 . 11/30
Absolutely amazing! This is a great conclusion to you great story!
Aberron chapter 104 . 11/29
Roku, this has been a fabulous ride. It leaves many questions unanswered, and begs for someone to really investigate what happened to Leiliana. You've got a huge list of people and places that are all coming together, and I cannot wait to see where it goes. Bravo, my friend.
Metal Rust chapter 104 . 11/29
You told us that Empress Celene die in an ambush
But what if she savvied the attack on her life and is making her way to Ferelden or Anderfels to meet the new arrivals (The Septim Empire) to ask for their help to take back her throne.
Chaos-Wolfy chapter 104 . 11/29
I loved. Every. Single. Chapter. And I CANNOT WAIT for the next one. This is a brilliant piece of work and I'd love to reread it again. In fact.. I think will! Many thanks for writing this masterpiece and I hope to see more from you soon!
dekuton chapter 104 . 11/29
well holy balls that was a long ass ride. and you managed to leave some questions and story threads just open enough to continue on later. or not. some of the deaths are a bit depressing. but I understand em. and for the longest time I was worried about talia in general. as you seemed to sideline her in her own story. multiple times. Glad to see you finally back away from that in time for the final arc. well done. looking forward to more. or even updates to your other fics you have floating around.
RadioPoisoning chapter 104 . 11/29
Good job finishing it, my man. 750k words are no joke, especially in a crossover.
Miss Ming chapter 104 . 11/28
Thank you for your dedication, this has been a wonderful story to watch grow. So again, thank you. I look foward to your next work
reality deviant chapter 104 . 11/28
Well done!
Meathouse chapter 104 . 11/28
Congrats on the completion! Its certainly been a journey getting here and this chapter was a great ending. Left a few threads for us to nibble on while we await the continuation. Thanks for bringing muself along for the ride.
BlindedSentry chapter 104 . 11/28
Cannot wait until the next book! I have been reading since the very beginning so long ago!
TheLastGarou chapter 104 . 11/28
Thanks for the ride. :)
Krow Blood chapter 104 . 11/28
great to see this completed, way too many stories are left half done. When I started reading, I didn't have many expectations mostly because of the way you handled it at first, not really explaining how Akaviri is actually Thedas, but you proved me wrong.

you may remember me commenting every now and then, giving you light hearted shit over your political leanings. Big tip: Never comment on politics, no matter what side you support, it'll cost you readers.
TorstenL chapter 104 . 11/28
Thanks for this grest Story. *Thumps up*
I have enjoyed reading this story very much and i waiting for the second book with high interrests. (sorry for my bad english grammar, my xbox has no translations tool)
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