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Shaylin Frost chapter 1 . 1/22/2016
Guest chapter 2 . 9/26/2015
OK but write it n finish it up OK
Good luck
diadustgazellelover chapter 1 . 6/19/2015
name: kyoune hana
age: 15
appearance: silver-white knee long hair with blue highlights while a part covers her left eye. she has purple catshaped eyes and pale-skinn. she often wears a blue dress with black accents and black shoes as well as black gloves to cover her arms
personality: rather quiet but brave when she needs to be. shes a caring person that can turn into a devil when things dont go her way. she hates fighting but is the first to stand up and protect her friends in times of danger. she would kill for the few people she fully trusts. she is not a people person and her quietness is often mistaken as rude. she is very curious and well, has a dirty mind and acts innocent to make people blush as she likes to tease people
flaws: doesnt know when to stop and is stubbern. she is also quite perverted and often looses herself in daydreams
birthmark: born with air element
position birthmark on the body: left side of her neck hidden by strands of hair
element-district she is currently staying in: water district
occupation: random citizen and traveler
can she fight: yes, she uses a sword (katana) which she wields with her right hand. she is quite skilled ad it as she was tought by her father, knight of the air-district. she can also use the bow well but prefers the sword as it is easier to use. she uses fists and kicks only when absolutely nessesary
does she join the resistance group: yae, but she will do her thing first as she doesnt get along well with people
is she allowed to die: yes but no stupid death if possible but i dont really mind
crush: if he is in the story then hiroto, if not ill cope with kazemaru-sama
does she have a past: she went to travel with her mother when she was twelve because she was curious about the world inazuma as she had only seen the air district so far. her mother was killed by an assasin of the fire kingdom when they travelled through it and she has burns on her lower arms from that time wich is why she wears the gloves. she swore to never forgive athe fire district as she holds a grudge against everyone born with the birthmark of fire
extra information: she met kazemaru-sama when she was 4 and got lost near the kingdom but it was only short and the only time they met. she didnt know he is the prince
bamboo sword chapter 2 . 2/19/2015
i'm sorry.
Jazzy Amythest chapter 1 . 10/14/2014
Name: Naniwara Tophra

Age: 16

Appearence: Pale green shift, brown pants, green shoes, green cloak. Her hair is in a long, waist length braid. She is actually very pretty.

Personality: Tough and hot headed, she never opens up due to a inncident from her past.

Flaws: Can be kinda rude, not very agile, easily startled.

Birthmark: Earth mark
position: Over her shoulder

Element which she is in: Earth
Occupation: Adopted daughter of a noble family.

Can she fight: yes

Weapon: She can manipulate earth, sand, lava and metal (which are purified versions of earth). She also uses her hammer to enhance her fighting. Oh, and she also has a magical chainsaw.

Resistance status: Yes!

Is she allowed to die: no

Crush: Genda Koujirou

Does she have a past: Yes, her parents used to fight a lot and one day her mom killed her dad and left, in the proccess, she blinded Tophra. She was later adopted my a noble family.
Extra info: 1) she is dedicated to Toph!
Flame Wisp chapter 2 . 7/24/2014
Oh, I understand Ayasumi-san!..
lou-haru chapter 2 . 7/16/2014
Hey Mamera-san, if you don't want a sorry from us, then it's fine. But if you need anyone to talk/listen to you about those, I'm open for that. These kind of things shouldn't be kept within yourself, Mamera-san. I'll be praying for you and hopefully, you'll go back to writing, it's really beautiful, your stories and all those. Feel free to talk about it with me, I'm a great listener hehe
Princess Of Flames chapter 2 . 7/15/2014
Oh Mamera. Im not gonna say Im sorry or anything but listen, I had faced similar circumstances when i was young and you'll get through it. Trust me on this. If you want to talk which we havent done for a long time then pm me
Swag Giraffe chapter 2 . 7/15/2014
Aw.. we'll miss you, Dewi-san. Really. I'm super glad you'll still be around, though! :) I won't give you my pity, if you don't want it, but I will be praying for you in these times of trouble. Stay strong! :D You are a great writer, and I hope someday you will be able to write again, because your writing is beautiful.

pHlant chapter 1 . 7/13/2014
Yo! This story seems nice!
Your ice powers kinda remind me of frozen XD frozen is an awesome movie though!
I guess I'm submitting an OC, hope it isn't too late...
I notice that you use "she" in the form, does this mean that we're only allowed to send in female OCs?
Oh well, I just submit a girl XD

Name: Ohtaka Hakaze
Age: 15/16

Appearance: black hair, reaching somewhere above her waist. Bangs cover slightly some parts of her eyes. Blue eyes, fair skin. She wears a plain knee-length white dress, with long sleeves, reddish-brown boots. Also a dark blue coat/cape .
Birthmark: air

Personality: Hakaze is a dreamer. She's nice in general, quite a talker and isn't afraid to share her opinions with anyone. She has quite a mature side and wouldn't lose her temper easily.

Flaws: kinda an airhead, isn't keen on underground places, kinda reckless,

Birthmark: air

Position birthmark on the body: on top of her hand

Element-district she is currently staying in: fire

Occupation: traveler

Can she fight: yup

If yes,does she use a weapon or is she a Mage (detailed answer please): she uses a katana in battle. Her fighting style consists mainly of dodging, launching quick attacks and calculate what her opponent would do.

Does she join the resistance group: yes, okay. But only if not all the OCs join XD

Is she allowed to die: sure, it's your story.

Crush: Nagumo

Does she have a past: grew up in the air kingdom of course, her parents are scholars, her mother teaches her in education things and dad teaches her and others from her village how to fight.
Once she turned 14, she started traveling through the kingdom of Inazuma.

Extra information: none

Hope this is okay! And update soon!
Princess Of Flames chapter 1 . 7/10/2014
Hey girl. How are you? Its been SO LONG. No pm to say hello,im alive. Honestly dude, you had me worried from time to time but no matter. Intereting fic you got here. Mind if i join? Its been ages since i joined any IE story. But seriously, we need to have a girl to girl talk via pm. So do pm okay. Take care.
xoxo-vanilla chapter 1 . 6/28/2014
I just realized that the Water district Queen also named Mizuki. So I decided to resent my oc w/ changed name...

Name: Kusuhara Ritsuki

Age: 15 y/o

Appearance: Ritsuki has back length brown hair that usually tied into a left side braid and sapphire eyes. She stands at 5'6" and her skin is peachy. She usually wore a medieval silk blue&gold dress and flats, sometimes she also wears a dark turquoise hooded cape.

Personality: Ritsuki is a very nerdy girl. She likes to read all the time. She's always shy, and doesn't talk much, but she's very understanding and willing inside. She trusts people easily, and is very gullible. She's innocent, and is hardworking. She's respectful always to elders. She likes to comfort people, because they give her smiles in her face. As you know, she really likes smiling. She's very smart and will turn serious if it comes to studying and working. She's trustworthy, and she can keep secrets well. She listens to her brother too much. She's quiet, but she smiles a lot. She's not sarcastic, but witty. She's slow in capturing the main concept of something, despite her being smart. Ritsuki doesn't get angered or jealous easily. She's sneaky and secretive, and when she's angry, she'll be a monster. She'll throw things she sees ( which is bad ) and she'll throw out witty comments. She's very stubborn as well. She doesn't want people to force her to do something she doesn't want to do, and will do everything just to make that person stop forcing her. She's greedy sometimes, especially with food. Despite being a composed girl, she's really impatient. She's graceful in her own ways, yes, but when she's waiting, you can't let her wait long. She'll become angry and you know what happens when she is. Ritsuki's also a little too honest for anyone's liking sometimes, thus, she's often called 'ocg' by her members. OCG stands for over critical girl. She often laughs at it a lot, since she knows her members are just joking. She can understand politics well. She can
be bright and chirpy when she wants to be, but most of the time she's quiet and only smiles wide. She can boast lots to her members- which is another trait they don't like, by the way- and knows that she isn't humble, but doesn't try changing it. She likes the way she is now- quiet, secretive, overcritical and just boastful.

Flaws: gullible, innoncent, impatient, and witty

Birthmark: water

Position birthmark on the body: lower part of her left side back

Element-district she is currently staying in: Water

Occupation: a random citizen

Can she fight: yes.

If yes, does she use a weapon or is she a mage: she is a mage. But she only knew basic spells since she is still count as an apprentice.

Does she join the resistance group: no, she doesn't

Is she allowed to die (I want to have some deaths in my story. If everybody says no, I will choose randomly who will die): well, this is your story. So, I allowed it ( though I don't wanted to inside, but... Bleeh... )

Crush: Fubuki Shirou

Does she have a past: Ritsuki's parents died when she's only 4 so she doesn't remembered well how they died. She adopted by Kusuhara Nadeshiko, a mage who teached her magic when she is 6.

Extra information: Nadeshiko is a mage but also a florist in Water district
SapphireSpade chapter 1 . 6/28/2014
Hai Hai! I'll send u an OC to u!

Name (last, first): Hono Aira

Age (12-18): 14

Appearance (try to use medieval clothes): She wears a red-orange tunic with red trousers and black boots. She has a red star necklace around her neck.

Personality: She's an out-going person. She can be friendly and nice, but if you anger her, you don't want to see her bad side. She always keeps charging in without thinking at first. She's very straight-forward. She's very passionate on anything and always thinks positive.

Flaws: She has a habit of calling everyone's name in short and added with a "-chan" or"-chi"

Birthmark (element you were born with): A red star with flames around it

Position birthmark on the body: Over her right eye

Element-district she is currently staying in: Air Kingdom

Occupation (knight at the castle, baker, random citizen, etc.): A swordsman

Can she fight: Yes

If yes, does she use a weapon or is she a mage (detailed answer, please): She use two swords, one i made out of Air and the other Fire. Each of them has a light blue star and a red star that can use the elements. She also can turn them into whips by just pressing the stars.

Does she join the resistance group: Yes (Which ones?)

Is she allowed to die (I want to have some deaths in my story. If everybody says no, I will choose randomly who will die): No

Crush (Be quick. First come, first served) (NOT AVAILABLE CHARACTERS: Gouenji, Fidio, Kidou and Endou) (Also, NO GO characters. This is a Normal IE fic): Kazemaru Ichirouta

Does she have a past: Her family used to live in the Fire Kingdom but she and her two brothers (older and younger) are separated due to their father and mother going to war. The youngest went to the Earth, the older went to Water, and Aira went to Air. She have great connections to Endou and Kazemaru

Extra information: Sh usually carries a lute (I should say guitar, but that's not middle Age) when she feels sad or lonely.

I'm sorry but I cant PM because of my parents. And umm I was wondering if u can re-submit ur OC for Inazuma Eleven GO Live Start because I'm giving it a fresh start.

I hope u accept my OC!

Update soon!
hypoesthesia chapter 1 . 6/30/2014
Cool! An OC Submission with a medievial plot! :D I would love to send in an OC! Unfortunately, I have a lot of matters to attend to, so can you save a spot for me? A knight at the castle?
DutchWreck chapter 1 . 6/29/2014
Great chapter! I really enjoyed it. I'm curious about where this is going :)
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