Reviews for Gray: Scorpius Malfoy and the Son of Voldemort
TheGreatAthlon5 chapter 16 . 10/8/2015
Wow, surprised that only Leila was the only "good" character who died in this chapter. I was expecting a lot more after the laswt chapter when I lost one of my favorites, Lenor. But sometimes the author is kind
SeveraSnape6 chapter 20 . 8/5/2015
Awwwww so many deaths. Poor Maurice. Poor Calderon! Just poor lots of people. I love the twists and turns you've plotted out here. James... oh boy. I feel for his dad. Ok, going to read the next book now. I can't wait till it's complete!
Flaming Water chapter 77 . 1/3/2015
not sure if you respond to reviews during your time off but ill review anyway cause I have a few things to say. I think your story is sort of ignoring what lupin said about soul. I don't mean to offend but how do we reconcile the idea of dying after losing soul with what lupin said about being able to survive without it as long as the brain and heart work?

now, for the final chapter. your series is the best next generation i read and Antonius is my favorite character in your series. I have a question. is there any hope at all for him. how does adding magic to him kill him? I guess that this will be addressed in book 6 but can you spare a teaser in regards to my question? I also guess after meeting the alchemist that the soul can be repaired so I guess there is hope but im not sure ad I do worry.

I do not often review but please, for the love of humanity, do not kill my favorite character. he probably deserves a life more than anyone else in the series. hope you read this and will be appreciated if you get back. again not sure if you are around during time off.
Colin Creevey chapter 77 . 1/3/2015
Planning. And damn, just when Florrian was about to get back in my good looks, he plots Antonius' death. Demented. Please, I do hope Antonius survives this. I'm sure there are other ways to kill the crap out of Sal. Well, that's the book. I guess I'm all caught up now. Whoopee! Yay!
Colin Creevey chapter 76 . 1/3/2015
I'm guessing Brutus had Narcissa reveal this crucial piece of information. You know, I'm on Calderon's side as much as the next guy but he did sound an awful lot like Tom Riddle when he introduced himself. Damn. Things just got real and the story is just ending. Pity I'll have to wait now to discover what becomes of everything.
Colin Creevey chapter 75 . 1/3/2015
Uh-oh! Narcissa too? Here we go again.
Colin Creevey chapter 74 . 1/3/2015
Yeah, Maurice, tell Antonius. Fool. So, how does Maurice feel now that he knows people like Orous, Antonius and Roman should not kill? Does he feel any remorse whatsoever or is he just... there? And, let me get this straight: Calderon killed Peeves? Peeves the Poltergeist? He was like- one of our sources of humor and he went and killed him? So, that's why I never saw him. I haven't seen such a brutal murder since Percy killed Enas. Well, I am not pleased.
Colin Creevey chapter 73 . 1/3/2015
Ah, Alchemy does have something to do with souls. I'm guessing this will be a major focus in Book 6. Well, here's hoping Orous gets ok. And Michael. We need as many people ok in Alchemy as we can and I'm not sure three would be enough. Well, it was enough in my Psychology class but I dunno about Alchemy.
Colin Creevey chapter 72 . 1/3/2015
Yes, Harry, we heard this story before. The only one who is allowed to fight the Shadows is you and everyone else are hereby decreed and ordered to run and hide like little bunny rabbits. Harry, you just got back into my good graces, please don't ruin it. I can't wait till Cel is out as a Shadow and Harry cries. I really can't.

Well, there goes Rutherford. Not sure how I feel about that. I guess he had to even if he didn't do anything particularly vicious barring a bigoted manipulation and chaining of Scorpius' traumatized, drunken, alcoholic best friend. At least he confiscated the beer (I still can't believe he did that.) As for Alaric, I'm not sure how I feel about him. He sounded very genuine, not at all on the wrong side but then again, so does Cel. I'll need to see him more before I know whether to trust him.
Colin Creevey chapter 71 . 1/3/2015
Finally. It took them long enough. But wow, Scorpius arrested? But Harry was just beginning to accept Varanian wasn't as bad as believed. Is something foul at work here?
Colin Creevey chapter 70 . 1/3/2015
Oh, so Heather is being controlled. Well, we'll see what happens with Sal then. Like Books 1 and 3, she suffered a severe loss and can't even use the Scepter straight against Calderon. She couldn't even kill the Boy Who Lived 2.0 and his sister because they secretly have a wand. I'm just going to relish in this temporary victory and laugh at her face.

Wow... is the battle really over? And the characters I was most worried about, with the obvious exception of Orous, survived unscathed. Well, I guess Orous survived but- well- I prefer not to think about it. I wonder how Byron and Pollux are doing. And what luck, Michael lived again. I guess I gotta keep my promise huh? Well, before I reinstate him in my top five, I want to see how his ending arc goes in this book. For all I know, he falls from grace again.

And wow. There I was thinking that Antonius would be the one to use the Killing Curse and would be the one to suffer and then I discover it is Orous. Cleverly written. You had me convinced.
Colin Creevey chapter 69 . 1/2/2015
Wow! For a second, I thought Atticus would die. The classic action of 'tell my kids I love them and give this to Cassia' is something I've seen so many times, it's not funny. So... did you consider killing Atticus before, or was that action supposed to be a red herring, or did it really mean nothing and I'm reading too much into it? Or does he drop from his injuries later and I'm just being naïve again?
Colin Creevey chapter 68 . 1/2/2015
What? No, come on. Lenore first now Leila and Orous... sort of? Ok, well, I think we've had enough death for today. Please, please, Michael, don't die. Live through this, and you're reinstated in my top five. Deal?
Colin Creevey chapter 67 . 1/2/2015
This is epic. No way I can stop in the middle of this. So... I'm guessing we can forget about OWL's, huh? Whoever fights in this, they had better receive an O in every single last little insignificant subject they have. Then Scorpius can go to his parents and say 'hey, remember those exams you were worried about? I got involved in the war and got O on all of them. Then I can laugh but you know what they say. Comedy comes from tragedy.

If killing rips the soul, I really don't want to think about Maurice's soul. Orous might have more damage done to him for obvious reasons but Maurice's must be in pieces too tiny to think about. And ironically, he's a good guy. A stupid good guy who lost his soldier mentality for love but a good guy. (ah, who am I kidding? I have to blame someone for Orous killing Alzay and it can't be Orous. He's immune to criticism right now.)
Colin Creevey chapter 66 . 1/2/2015
DAMN IT! DAMN! NOOOO! Orous you FOOL! Well, I mean- Orous you brilliant person you killed Alzay but damn Orous. No, you know what. I won't even. It's Maurice's fault! If he'd been willing to fight Alzay and be a frigging soldier, this wouldn't have happened! DAMN IT! Oh, please, please Orous, let this be minimal. Please. Oh, no. I hate soul damage.
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