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Guest chapter 10 . 12/20/2018
So happy to see this update! I love the complexity of the relationships, but also the soft moments. Thank you for the chapter!
Chalkmuffins2 chapter 10 . 11/30/2018
Ugh you’re so talented and so natural how do you do it? I don’t even LIKE Hyotei and I like your story WTF. I’m very pleased to see that you’ve updated this story recently. I’ll be lurking and waiting for updates heheh
Luna Rivera528 chapter 10 . 11/6/2018
I'm so thrilled you came back to this story! Absolutely delighted. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to get an update. I thought the ending to this chapter, with the Mean Girla reference and Shigohara vindictively grabbing Nanao with the Lamborghini she won from Atobe was the most delicious sort of revenge. Admittedly, it's so sweet to see the friendship between Atobe and Oshitari and I understand why Atobe mentioned what he saw to Oshitari, but Shigohara's metaphorical "f- you" to Atobe was beautiful. I'm so glad that you've continued to explore Oshitari and Shigohara's relationship and I can't wait to see what happens, especially once the lawsuit is announced. Shigohara's inner struggle with herself and Oshitari's outer struggle with everyone else are both a delight to devour as well. I loved how you finally threw in Edina this chapter too: her personality hits just the right note of sweet and sharp and adorable. The line about inflation was just so funny!

The way you write the interactions between Oshitari, Atobe, Shigohara, the other players, and the parents are wonderful. It's a nice break of lightness from the sweetness of romance or the heaviness of guilt and internal struggle. Don't get me wrong, the dark introspection is one of my favorite parts of this story, but it's so enjoyable to balance that out with some funny banter and playful teasing. These interactions also give us readers the ability to see how our main characters feel. They push the MC's into considering their circumstances and verbalizing feelings they haven't fleshed out until suitably challenged. Every line in your story plays its role, giving the overall piece a smooth balance of sweet and dark, fun and melancholy. Bravo.

Please continue to update this as quickly as possible! I look forward to reading the development of the plot and seeing how the relationship adjusts to new conflicts. I want this story to end just so I can read a beautiful happy ending, but I also can't bear to have it end so quickly because this story brings me so much joy. Thank you so much for uploading this chapter and for not giving up on this story, and please find it in you to continue writing this so all your readers can enjoy it!
LollipopLawliet chapter 10 . 9/29/2018
Yay! You updated! You're back! I must say, I am loving Erina's character. She's a great sibling hahahahaha. Minako's equation of herself to Yuushi's Rosaline was heart-breaking. :(
coffeelatte chapter 10 . 9/23/2018
omg yuushi pls you never had the luxury bc you've never ever even remotely felt the fabric of the pants that you literally never had a chance to wear plEASE minako literally owns u and everything u own

but i also live for him casually & coolly laying down every single regular to rest with a single comment 2 each while smiling and glasses glinting

also the hiyoshi/oshitari/atobe scene of atobe protecting him was so gossip girl i could choke up and die happy in this moment ughhhhhh

and LMAOO minako coming in to protect her mans i really just live every time minako says anything slightly mean ever (do u see a trend among my favorite characters - atobe, minako, ryoma, ha ha ha)

Erina also just gives me new life every time with one of her super casual comments "income tax lowered...but i'll settle for a dress" good god how do u constantly kill me with one liners

and LOL minako being "fond" of the monster b she's also a monster hahahahahahahaha i just live constantly through ywissg honestly i'd even tackle trying to read the gargantuan story that is tcafs just to read the minako moments LOL

also. ALSO. the staring match between minako & atobe. girl GIRL you already knew that that scene was everything to me ugh UGH UG HSDJSDLKFSD LONG LIVE ATOBE & POWER PLAYS honestly konomi should've done a spin off sequel just for atobe's glory HONESTLY

also. that last scene. good god this chapter is just killing me like pumping me full of life with every other line and then pumping me TOO full of life at the very end & killing me with i from the second atobe loses his mind "maybe she's joining the tennis team" to minako showing up in full regina george regalia with his mf car kfsNDOHGIJESAKDNVBOSDI someone call 911 i've fallen and i can't get up
Ladeeda chapter 10 . 9/15/2018
AHHHHH love this story so much! Can you please please please also update TCAFS?
Wildesparxx chapter 10 . 9/14/2018
Hi, it was great to see that you updated! I loved the ending bit!
eunoiapaint chapter 10 . 9/13/2018
Bruhhhh I love this fic so much. Looking forward to the next chapter! 3
Guest chapter 10 . 9/12/2018
Omg this is so good! Thank you so much for updating, fyeri-sama! You never disappoint! Please don’t ever abandon this story pretty please
Ahrden chapter 10 . 9/11/2018
I am so so glad to see this is still active. It was so promising at the beginning and this story still delivers.

I’m not sure what was better, the mean girls quote or Atobe’s reaction. But honestly, the entirety of it all is the most memorable. I’ve spent the better part of today rereading and have enjoyed as much as the last.

I’m very happy to see you back and continuing!
Arbitrary Escape chapter 10 . 9/11/2018
I cannot believe my morning surprised... I am more than pleased to see another chapter of this.

What I really enjoy is how real the characters feel, but one thing I forget is that you mention this is "21st century," but Prince of Tennis originally was in the 90s, if not on the cusp of the new millennium. If that were to be consistent, I doubt this, canonically in the PoT timeline, would be beyond 2003-05 so I'm now sure how much "21st century" really applies, if you know what I mean.

I do want to note that I think this is far more dramatic than I would like, this chapter in particular - but I guess that's not so bad? Plot-wise, I find that there are a lot of "small things" that build up in this chapter and kind of piece things together bit by bit, but at the same time, I find that sometimes there are excess details that really don't contribute much.

Overall, I enjoy Minako's complexes and Yuushi's insecurities and how you manage to work in It's All Greek's Atobe and Nanao. The character building makes me only somewhat concerned because it gets a bit hard to keep track of everything over so many chapters - I just hope there's consistency.
Guest chapter 10 . 9/11/2018
Hey! Long time no see! I love the new chapter! And don't worry about it. (If I were planning on un-following this fic, I'd have done it in the... 3? 4? Years you went without updating. I'm STILL your loyal fan, so.)
KL93 chapter 10 . 9/11/2018
We’re troopers, that’s for sure. Glad your still alive, cause isn’t that all that counts?

Thanks again for updating! You and coffeelatte are probably one of the few reasons I still hop back into the prince of tennis fandom.

Hope real life is going well/okay. :)
Astrid Claire chapter 10 . 9/11/2018
If I have to be honest, I don't want them to be together in the end. I want them to grow up and get happy ever after with someone else, especially Yuushi. I love Minako. I love her character. I love the conflicts she has and how she deals with them...but the way she handles her relationship with Yuushi is not what I want for them. Neither of them deserve this but I don't like the path he is paving no matter how insensitive that sounds.

Unless she grows a spine were Yuushi is concerned, I don't think I can approve of their match-up.
elenniel chapter 10 . 9/11/2018
*throws review right back at you* xD

I really enjoy Atobe's and Minako's antagonism for some reason. It just works! Thought you explained it quite nicely too - how she undermines him since she can't topple him outright.

Glad you could update at last!
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