Reviews for Letting Her In
Guest chapter 12 . 5/29
I read this like 100 times it is sooooo good congrats on making an amazing fanfic
Guest chapter 23 . 12/29/2018
It was a very nyc story...
Guest chapter 9 . 11/11/2018
Hey, I'd like to read your story. But I can't sadly, I'm reading this in secret, so I can't give out my email. Sorry.
Padron'sGreenPeppers chapter 23 . 8/16/2018
And last chapter! Lovely story, really nicely written. Hope you'll find the time to some day add those PVO you talked about even though you already reach the end.
Thanks a lot.
Padron'sGreenPeppers chapter 1 . 8/15/2018
Really liked your idea for this story. Cannot wait to continue with my reading!
Guest chapter 12 . 9/26/2017
Type your review need jace POV
Guest chapter 17 . 9/26/2016
Hi, I read this story so many times, and I really liked. Continue like that, it is a very great work
AGuyOnAComputer chapter 23 . 8/23/2016
I binge read this story in like 2 days... I need help xD
Guest chapter 23 . 8/3/2016
I was swaying throughout this chapter with a stupid grin on my face this was best. Thank you.
Guest chapter 23 . 7/19/2015
This story is amazing! I literally just read this and fell in love with it. I can't wait to read more of your work! You're an amazing writer!
Poniecornio2000 chapter 15 . 6/25/2015
It was not goo it was amazing, it made me laugh and i loved that clary didn't have a big injury. I would love to see more clace going on but I love it
Guest chapter 2 . 6/24/2015
You are doing awesome and for a first fanfic it's freaking amazing, it made me laugh :)
Ads S chapter 23 . 5/25/2015
Oh My cute...I loved the quiet Jace and how you kind off waited for a bit, so that he'd get used to Clary; and then the talking wasn't awkward. Brilliant first fic!
ILoveBooksDealWithIt chapter 10 . 4/23/2015
I'm not trying to be rude, but about your book. It's copyright to use Dhamphirs, Moroi and Strigoi in a series unless you have permission from Richelle Mead, because they were created by her. I'm just letting you know so you don't email it to a publisher or something and get sued for copyright
Guest chapter 23 . 4/6/2015
Aww, I can't believe it's finished! I wanted to read more. But I loved the ending, it was a great wrap up. Also I was wondering if you would consider writing a quick chapter on how Jace reacted when he heard that Clary was in the accident or somthing along those lines. Thankyou for the wonderful story! :-)
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