Reviews for Knights and Swords
TrueReader1597 chapter 3 . 6/13
When are you going to update?
Wacko12 chapter 3 . 6/6
not bad, when will they meet Kuoh Academy?
Dudtheman chapter 3 . 5/31
very well done story i really like what you have done shirou and saber are the best! so im glad to fined a story with them together also glad to fined that they are not turned into devils. thanks of the read looking forward to more
Victory3114 chapter 3 . 5/30
I really, really want to see more of Saber and Shirou trying to live a happy life. They deserve it; but then again, so long as Saber carries Excalibur all three factions will be dying to get their hands on them one way or the other. How cruel... but such is a story. At least both of them are empowered enough to protect each other.

Does Shirou still carry Avalon?

I can't wait to see what comes next. Hope you update this soon!
puma1sunfire chapter 1 . 5/14
OH! I love it! I Love It! I LOVE IT!
kyugan chapter 3 . 4/27
Let the battle be joined indeed.

I'm guessing the girl from the previous chapter was Serafall? I can't imagine she'll let ehrself miss a fight between the Once Again Proud King of Knights and the Rough Grey Man-Dog of Tryfrwyd
Rydan fall chapter 3 . 4/26
You know, Shirou has some things going for him.
Including for their magical training.

What this is?
Why, his marble.
Yes, the history behind the creation of the stuff in his marble.
The skills of the wielders of said stuff.
And the greatest ace, does Shirou still have that necklace (with Gem) that left him in order to save his live, the one used to summon Archer earlier that day (or was it the day before?).
Then there is Alteration, charcoal to diamond, if that does not open Rin her magic style...
Ad in that you can sell it for money and if skilled enough, could use Alteration to make conducting diamond & non-conducting diamond and if they are skilled enough, use it for electronic circuits, like using it to create a diamond computer. (Nice window, right? How do you like my new table?)

Main problem will be to get Shirou to sit down and start noting down some things.
Also, never ever have gotten why Shirou never abused his emulate original weapon wielder skill/ability when using Rulebreaker, since Medea could use the language of the Age of Gods, High-Speed Devine-Words, which lets you pull off spells without using your circuits.
And since in this world the Age of Gods still seems to be going on...
Now aint that ritual dagger not named correct?
AoMythology chapter 2 . 4/24
What does Anzu's Sacred Gear do? Is it a combination of Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing or something?

Don't forget, though: the Biblical God nerfed those two dragons, and the Great Red might not have nerfed Anzu. Maybe Shirou can both Boost and Divide, and can choose between the two every four seconds...?
Guest chapter 3 . 4/21
Truly a pity that it was so short. This fic has potential.
rickyp01 chapter 3 . 4/14
dude, one mistake: Archer definitly has more experience that gaghiel.
archer has spent a multitude of eternities outside of the concept of time. 99% of this indefinably infinite period spent in combat. gaghiel is at least somewhat younger then the universe and experiences time completely linearly with plenty of between battle breaks.
Rantai Bintang chapter 3 . 4/11
why did i keep imagining saber and shirou part away in the middle of their story.
good story anyway
White Keyblade Oathkeeper chapter 3 . 4/8
A female King Arthur with an intact Excalibur in the world of DxD...this can only go to wonderful places
edvin.ka chapter 3 . 4/8
God Of Thorns chapter 3 . 4/1
An interesting chapter. I do wish you hadn't spent so long on the beast's perspective in the opening portion, but you're pacing was excellent otherwise. Here's hoping you update again soon!
xbox432 chapter 1 . 4/1
Interesting idea, I don't think I've seen one with a premise quite like this before. I so enjoyed Great Red bathing the Grail in purifying flames, oily piss indeed. :D

I am so looking forward to the rest of this, thanks for the entertainment.
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