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Briar chapter 28 . 8/7
Hello! Just a random reader who DOESN'T have an account here (even tho idk why)

But I just wanted to say that this is AMAZING so far

And for the omakes, I'm guessing they're just kinda like oneshots of the story? Because if so, sure! They sound exciting!
LeiaOrgana457HP chapter 30 . 6/16
OMG I love this.

is Dumbledore Nick Fury? cuz that would be everything
is Draco gonna create another JARVIS? cuz I wanna see everyones reaction to that
also, are the reincarnated ppl gonna tell anyone that isn't reincarnated (like Molly and Arthur) that they come from like 20 yrs in the future? cuz honestly, that would be the most hilariously awkward conversation EVER

still love this story to bits
Dark the Bengal chapter 30 . 5/24
This is so cool! And I think the merge was great, too. Looking forward to the next chapter!
aurora.starr.w20 chapter 30 . 5/5
loved the chapter. can't wait to read what happens next.
xxxLeanniexxx chapter 30 . 4/27
Ya having a load of off balance assassins is a great recipe for disaster.
Wika0304 chapter 30 . 3/31
please update
KTapering chapter 30 . 3/28
I think you should reconsider the no pairings thing, at least let us see Ginny and her crush XD
Imagine her how it would be, amusing and a little cute! Besides, she is still Ginny, even if she was Loki, she is now a 12-year-old girl, no? The conflict, the acceptance, the little drama, because would be still Steve, the former enemy (?) of Loki. although I thought you would have revealed everyone's identity when they rescued Ginny, that Tom Riddle would have known previously because it was her diary. And then in the Chamber of Secrets Riddle would have been like: "Imagine having to listen to the ramblings of a crazy girl claiming to be Loki reincarnated, how even now she is the littlest of her brothers, how the Famous Harry Potter doesn't even glance her way, 'Am I going to be in Thor's shadow forever?', 'Why does Thor has to have all his friends with him but I don't?', 'Harry is Steve, how embarrassing is that? my former enemy?'. She stopped confiding in my of course at Halloween, 'I know it was you, Tom! Stop it or I will tell someone!', but for then it was too late for poor little Ginny, she had poured a lot of her in me, so I put a little of me in her." And Thor, been the overprotective loving brother that he is would've said:"She would had tell someone, she is too smart to have fallen for that!" And Tom to smug:"She was too curious for her own good, it was easy to manipulate that curiousness and I just had to be careful that she didn't notice something, She ignored all the signs, but Luna took notice so I make her write her farewell in the wall and take over her. It was not easy, she screamed a lot and tried to overpower me, but I was already more powerful than her. Oh, I almost forgot: Who is Thor? She tried to call him for help a lot."
And then everyone would be angry because even if Ginny was their former enemy, she had done nothing to them this time except being a friend (Luna-Bruce) and a sister (Ron-Thor).
willam and jack and jake chapter 30 . 3/27
well done
Anachronistic Cat chapter 30 . 3/24
Noooooooo! They need to TALK to each other!
Nataly SkyPot chapter 30 . 3/23
Muy bueno.
SakuraKoi chapter 30 . 3/22
Mystic 777 chapter 30 . 3/22
Rather rough but I suspect Natasha will forgive him in the end considering having memory gaps like that is definitely a "compromised" status. Poor Clint/Neville though. Tony being the mature one cracks me up.
DarkRavie chapter 30 . 3/22
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
Missingwings chapter 30 . 3/22
Oh nooo, all the assassins are being antisocial. That's definitely not good. But yay, Nat/'Mione are merged! That's definitely good. And I agree with Tony, people need to talk to each other more. (Is Blaise Sam? I feel like that was a little hint towards it.)
Guest chapter 30 . 3/22
*huffs amused* Yeah. A very large amount of Drama could be avoided if any of them were better at Talking. This is one of the things I was hoping to see progress in (in the MCU) with the addition of the MCU Sam Wilson. He's a legitimate, experienced therapist to military veterans. And crazy enough to fly with the wingpack under fire. If anyone theoretically is qualified to coerce the Avengers and co. into Better Communication, one would think he'd be helpful...
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