Reviews for Plucking Strings
Imperator Matthew The Immortal chapter 17 . 6/17
Mad eye moody, eh?
godduck1234 chapter 3 . 6/17
why u like pokemon names so much
Joshuajgb chapter 48 . 5/30
'you're within my field of divination, asshole'
Amazing, 10/10, 100%, perfect!
ToxinWrites chapter 49 . 5/22
Gorgeous writing and plot!

I got chills at so many different points in this story that I lost count.
Love seeing Naruto reverse engineer things and pick them apart, then rebuild it better than before.

This by far the best Naruto Fanfiction to exist, hands down.
Loved reading this all the way to the end, it held my attention like nothing else.
Mjt-fics chapter 1 . 5/22
Ola disculpa autor san deseo publicar este fic en mi canal de youtube si tuviera la amabilidad de responder le daria las gracias ;)
Guest chapter 26 . 4/28
Just started chap 26 this low-key stupid taking the eyes of a man destined for death who's eyes would be destroyed at death a ninja who knows what he's getting himself into is crossing the line but not starting a war between two villages with small villages in-between filled with inocent people who can't protect them selves that were turned to war grounds you need to pick how you want this Naruto he can't keep going from danzo and orochimaru evil to kinda dark kid who at the end of the day is a good guy it ruins the story as there's no consistency instead it just feels like imma make Naruto crazy but right before he can do something way less worse that would be pretty cool and give him a power up he goes back to a good guy Naruto that might as well be from a completely different story it ain't character building it's character switching also he needs more puppets him just using the same ones that basically have the same powers is boring like look at the chiyo sasori fight that made this idea cool in the first place every puppet was unique and cool from the unique idea of protecting your weak body by having a puppet you just live in to 12 puppets or whatever who work well together to do combo moves and stuff even tho this is really fun to read it just seems you can't think of puppets as anything more then different sizes and shooting kunai and senbon
Guest chapter 17 . 4/27
This story is still good but it feels like I'm reading a completely different story after chap 17 Naruto just randomly goes from a kid who you could call morally gray at most who had trouble turning one of his enemies into a puppet and doing shit that shouldn't even be possible like turning ruble into a puppet to protect the village to all of a sudden being a evil manic comparable to danzo and other bad people who is willing to kill his fellow Shinobi and start a war that will kill thousands of Shinobi and innocent people men women and children and destroy multiple small villages and even risk the destruction of his home just to make a name for himself like sasori it's weird and even tho I think the story is well written it's honestly ruined the story for me it just feels like you didn't know where to go after the exams and just started writing a different story
Guest chapter 13 . 4/26
Hinatas death was dumb when people like Gai and kakashi there a kakashi who definitely wouldn't let this happen after Sakura's death and a bunch of others like asuma and kirenai and even the instructor who all could have speed blitzed neji like in Canon
Cassiopaeia chapter 48 . 4/16
Damn. If that ain't one of the best fanfics I've ever read. I loved how you portrayed his character. Strong but not over-powered, he isn't good but he isn't evil either. He's standing the very fine line of both which can be a hard thing to do wile writing a grey character. And amn this is fun. How you wrote the fight scenes and the events... They make me feel more intrigued about Puppeteer!Naruto. I wanted more...

But overall, awesome job!
ChitChit chapter 14 . 4/3
I haven't read a fanfic as enjoyable as this one in forever.
ChitChit chapter 13 . 4/3
The way you wrote the fight scenes- i'm so impressed. i have never read a fight scene as interesting as this one. My attention span thanks you
Ricee chapter 18 . 4/4
re-reading this, maybe he should have killed hanabi. or just never woken her up. pretend to be Naruto and "henge" into alot of the main cast and instantly just be a rand ninja who can use henge
jamthacreator chapter 48 . 4/3
This story is amazing, I’ve reread it multiple times its one of the best fics out there, super creative I really enjoyed it. You are a phenomenal author, keep it up
WouldYouKidnapA chapter 13 . 3/30
Damn everyone's dying
Blanky-Chan chapter 49 . 2/27
Just reread the whole fic and damn... Its fucking amazing.
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