Reviews for The Bitter Hug of Mortality
Hornbugv chapter 27 . 8/31
Thank you for such a thought provoking story. I love it. As for The Olde English, all I can say is Chaucer.
Gothic Rain chapter 22 . 8/26
go lily! mother magic, please watch over her. :)
Gothic Rain chapter 18 . 8/26
Let me guess, Marcus will be named Amatheon's champion for symbolism between life and death. If he completes the ritual that binds his soul towards life than he can interact with Harry and fall in love, yadayada. Saw the same happened in a 100 fic, wasn't impressed. Let's see what you got..

Romance criticism now out of the way, I love Barty and Harry's relationship. I don't care whether its as friends or lovers, because they're just so fluid with one another and you can see they both offer something for the other. They don't want something out of it and they both know what's already on the table.

Learning about the different gods are cool, too. It is nice to hear a history lesson that doesn't make you feel like an idiot, haha. Love seeing more of death and would like to see some interaction with Charlie and Harry soon. Most of all though, I can't wait for Harry to meet his little twin sisters!
Gothic Rain chapter 17 . 8/26
I don't care that this is slash. I was looking forward to it honestly, and at first believed it was with Voldemort. Upon finding out it was Marcus I was uneasy for this very reason seen now. I believe its because you pre-determined the ship and didn't allow it to happen naturally, instead using a vote. Sometimes it works and others it doesn't, but I feel that now if you force that ship you will make this story feel inauthentic - forced.

Nevertheless I do love this story and no matter where the romance side of this journey goes, I will be staying tune for the adventure all the way.
crankypants16 chapter 27 . 8/26
thanks for the update. happy for any additional updates when things turn better for you
16tonweight chapter 27 . 8/23
This fic is fantastic! I hope Harry finally develops his feelings towards one (or hopefully both ;]) of the trio.
Also, as a certified gay, I humbly request you show us some plantdick
Emporer Bloodfire chapter 2 . 8/21
in response to your author's note. so you write harry as a submissive/bottom that's ok I guess by have you ever tried to write him as the opposite? I understand that writing what you know/like is safe and comfortable but writing from different perspectives and what you don't know is how you grow as a writer it increases what you can do with a story by quite a bit. just saying that that's the way tour write him ,makes you sound sorta petulant,and stuck in your ways to the point that you wouldn't, couldn't or don't want to even try something new. now I'm not knocking your abilities as a writer, you have some good and some bad just like everyone else who writes what I am criticizing is your inability or lack of want to try to write something different to what you are already writing.
yaoishipsforlife chapter 27 . 8/18
this story is truly great and has most likely become one if not my #1 favorite story on here. keep up the good work. i'm very excited for the next update. hope harry meets dumbledore! :)
SkylerKeas chapter 1 . 8/18
I'm so glad you're back. This is one of my favorite stories and I was really disappointed when it seemed like it had been abandoned. It's good to hear that things are getting on track for you and I can't wait to see the full new chapter.
APridefulSin chapter 27 . 8/14
,it's amazing. take the time you need. I have reread this I don't know how many times. i love it and it's very entertaining. Please excuse the next part where I talk to the characters just to do it.

hey... Remus you know that you may be sick of Hogwarts, but it's a large stone structure with not many plants in it. Meaning you can walk around a lot and still do things. Go to Potter Manor means less space and more plants. personally I don't care, I would find it funny if you got trapped with grass.
LadyWallace chapter 27 . 8/12
I so glad your taking care of yourself! I happen on your story a year or so ago and fell in love with it. I find it to be the best fic.
DrLevoda chapter 2 . 8/10
Not bad, a bit, eh, fast with your sentences. I'll confess that I hate manipulative Dumbledores, but whatever.
Angelic Abomination chapter 27 . 8/5
Just finished reading this chapter and just wanted to say that I think this story is Bloody Brilliant! I Love everything about this story and I Adore your slightly crazy Harry. I have spent a few days, at every free moment even sneaking to the loo at work so I can read this. You are now one of my favorite fanfic authors. Thank you so much for bringing this to life for me.
setokayba2n chapter 27 . 8/2
While Harry can't have children biologically, what about artificial insemination?

Also, In the end we don't know what was James reaction to what happened to Lily (Even if I guess Dumbledore told him that it was a death eater)

Wonder what is happening to Harry siblings right now, maybe it could be good to alert them.

Somehow I imagine Cornelius saying that the 'old gods thing' is false and that Dumbledore is doing this to make himself look powerful

What is Gringotts doing and what happened with the plan to bomb Hogwarts or the Alley?

Good story, almost forgot to say that.
AzureSkyTower chapter 27 . 7/31
To be honest, this is my absolute favorite fic. Every time I reread it Im struck by how wonderful it is, especially because pantheons fascinate me and I have a Welsh friend.
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