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TheRedSin chapter 10 . 7/4
You know what line made the most impact to me in this chapter? It's this:

"Mamura was always there, but it was Shishio that had come after once the mess was gone. It was always Mamura, wasn't it?"

It is in this moment that Suzume realized it has always been Mamura who solves the actual problem only for her to see Shishio as the savior since he was the one who was there after Mamura cleans up the mess. That was the most heartbreaking part for me.

And the concluding paragraph of the chapter, it was never about when Mamura fell in love because he always has been ever since but about why Suzume never has once noticed or that she chose to not see. That too was like an arrow straight to the heart.

I can't wait to see how you're going to wrap this up. I just want a beautiful ending for Mamura, because he deserves it more than anyone, for everything he has done and endured just to be able to stay by her side. That he'd gladly be her best friend than her lover.

Such a great chapter. I look forward to your next.
HanaNoYume87 chapter 10 . 6/30
Bowl0f0ranges chapter 10 . 6/30
Thank you so much for this story - it was a really captivating read so far :) how you describe the characters is very fitting :)
According to your author's note i suppose you didn't update it very regularly? I still hope the next chapter will be there soon
xiashenghan chapter 10 . 6/30
Good thing I checked the site today and saw that you updated this story. I was expecting that this chapter would be the last one but I'm glad that it's not.

I was reading the manga and the feelings here and the feelings there are painful. Oh gosh. Why do I love angst scenes so much?

Seriously, Mamura is really selfless. His love for Suzume goes beyond what we can imagine. His reflection about themselves 10 years from that time shows his love for her and it made me tear up. Well actually this whole chapter made me tear up. If I was not out in public I might have cried buckets already.

I'm glad that she finally know the truth. She needs to breakup with sensei ASAP. He doesn't deserve her. She's just blinded.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
puripri chapter 10 . 6/29
Poor Mamura, but I want you to realize that Suzume loves it too.
xiashenghan chapter 9 . 6/26
OMG! I love this chapter even though heartbreaking. So in the end, Suzume didn't get to tell Mamura about her getting married.

I seriously love Mamura. I love how he does everything for her in the sideline. He does sweet things for Suzume without burdening her. Maybe that's why a lot of people are attracted to him.

So I guess the next chapter would be the last one? I was hoping for more.

Looking forward to the next chapter! Until then! I'll just review the other chapters. Didn't get to do it since I was so focused into reading the next one.

I love how you make the readers curious and excited for the next chapter and get to answer all the questions in our head on the next chapter.
xiashenghan chapter 1 . 6/25

So I guess in this one Mamura and Suzume didn't get together in high school? And Mamura doesn't have a weird habit of avoiding females?

Please continue on the story.

It's such a waste that I only discovered Hirunaka no Ryuusei just a few days ago.
puripri chapter 9 . 6/14
this chapter was very sad, Suzume should have told him about marriage before, Mamura only suffers (
puripri chapter 8 . 6/14
hi, a realy like this fic!
Raffie13035 chapter 9 . 6/14
I discovered this manga today and most of the times, I'm like "MORE MAZUME PLZ PLZ". I don't really hate Shishio but *meh*.
I can't wait for the next chapter of that amazing story !
echo-flowers chapter 9 . 6/13
Aiiisshhh I just want to cry! I love this so much!
HanaNoYume87 chapter 9 . 6/12
so heartbreaking. Definitely the top fanfiction I have read from this series! update soon! I hate and love it so much!
YuiSeoMugi chapter 9 . 6/11
I'm still reading! Teehee ;) This is getting so good. I want Suzume to at least a little bit suffer for the guy she chose and realise how important Daiki is to her Hope you can update soon
TheRedSin chapter 9 . 6/9
I feel like punching Suzume for being so selfish and stupid and for denying her true feelings. Go Mamura, go far away. That way she'll see your true worth.
Camelias17 chapter 9 . 6/8
I'm glad you updated! Poor Mamura, I could feel how terrible he was feeling. And Suzume going back to Shishio, arrg. But that is what makes the story interesting.
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