Reviews for Arx Domus Nigrae
Capecodcanal chapter 24 . 6/12
After the great fun of rereading the entire story, I was thrilled to read this new chapter! I greatly enjoyed Pansy’s statements about Harry! And the way Theo’s mother’s plant was stroking Draco! And f course, the conversations with Orion. I wonder if Hermione’s already pregnant- the elves seemed even more over the top about her eating and what she craved! Hmm...
And, any moment with Luna is wonderful! Thank you for this!
Guest chapter 24 . 6/12
Thanks for another wonderful chapter! chapter 24 . 6/12
You have made my year! I hope all is going well with you. So happy you updated and very excited for your next! Thank youuuu
Snowflake Dazzle chapter 24 . 6/12
YAY! I was so excited to see an update and then realized I should probably re-read the whole story once again! It is such a joy to be able to delve back into your world here!

I love that Luna and Hermione are teaming up to use Rita again. I have a few guesses who could be impersonating Rita, but chances are I'm wrong. And the love Hermione gets from her men is amazing! I await your next chapter, whenever the muse strikes again!
Tilty.bbb chapter 24 . 6/12
Fantastic chapter well done
Monnbeam chapter 24 . 6/11
It is so good to see you back and another wonderful chapter to this brilliant story, thank you for sharing your work
MinervaMcGee chapter 24 . 6/11
Eeeeeeeeeee! Doing a happy dance for the new chapter. Thanks so much for sharing your work with us!
lilashannah chapter 24 . 6/11
you're back ! yeah.. happy dance around the livingroom..
ora1168 chapter 24 . 6/11
Me encanta tu historia, con todo el misterio del enemigo oculto y espero que pronto Hermione pueda tener bebes, para llenar la casa Black, seria hermoso saber de los retoños Black, que se concrete el noviazgo de Harry y Pansy, me encanta que Remus y Poppy sea una manada, en fin me gusta leer y espero que pronto puedas actualizarla.
A fan chapter 24 . 6/11
I adore this. This work drags me back to every time you update. I hope one day you'll push it across to AO3, so that it survives should ff go down (with all the adverts and lack of updates it seems to be heading in that direction). Your writing is incredible, although you credit the idea of a Keeper elsewhere, your worldbuilding is impeccable. It feels like harry potter, but nuanced in clever directions. The characterisation of the Black family is wonderful too, I adoreeeeee Narcissa and Andromeda in this, their relationship is perfection.
adelie23 chapter 24 . 6/11
hello! thank you so much for updating! I absolutely ADORE the take on house elves, it is a unique interpretation that I haven’t come across beforeit’s lovely to see Hermione characterised as having flaws (often Hermione fics forget those lol) and learning to overcome strongly held opinions!
but omg I love this story, and have been following it for at least two years now, it’s always such a lovely surprise to get an updateI hope you don’t feel pressure to update regularly, please take your time and enjoy the writing processanyway I hope you’re keeping safe, cherishing the happy moments and staying healthy! all the best
hule chapter 24 . 6/11
Thamk you for updating.
RunningManJunkie2015 chapter 24 . 6/10
So worth the wait! I'm so excited for what comes next and how the interview is received. Thank you for all your hard work its truly appreciated :) :) :)
bkerrmom1 chapter 24 . 6/10
Awesome new chapter! I love this story sooooo much ! I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next! I can't wait to see what they do to the false Rita!
Freya Ishtar chapter 4 . 6/10
I have no words. I loved everything about this chapter
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