Reviews for Brick Red Blood
klytaimnestra chapter 1 . 3/19/2003
"Buffy woke up crying".

And so she might!

The image of his beating heart ripped out of his chest, crumbling to dust in her hands; very powerful.
mjaw chapter 1 . 11/27/2002
That was horrific in the absolutely tearing-me-up-and-ripping-out-my-heart kind of way! I mean...Ergh, wait a minute here. That WAS exactly what it was. ;) Sorry, don't mean to be joking about such an incredible w.o.f!

No, I mean, seriously, this was so very good I can't really describe it! And you liked New Horizons? I'M honored! You're an excellent writer and I THINK you don't need me to tell you, I'm SURE you already know that! :)

This was gut-wrenching, though. So emotional and a good start for a FIC not a ficLET and you should just make this into the beginning of something and not THINK about it getting looong, just think "write a little here, write a little there" and it'll write itself!

It's just so very good it deserves to be part of something...elaborated. So you get to SEE Buffy and Spike...y'know. Sorry, I'm into that. ;)

Alright, bottom line, before I make this into an essay: I loved it.

The language is skillfull and strong and very coherrent and describing. Very, very good story-line, a real hooker - eh, not in that sense.

Just so desperately sad, really, and gruesome, but not horrific. Made me wanna cry right with her! God, gives me inspiration for In the Dead of the Night.

GREAT, now I'll be writing on it the rest of the night, won't get to bed when I should, will wake up late tomorrow and still be tired at work, will not be able to fall asleep tomorrow night due to the oversleeping AND it will be a chain of events which I will be blaming on you so you'd BETTER be writing me more! ;)


Am I done?

Well, almost.

*applauds you*

For a job exquisitely mastered. Can't wait for the next installment.

Again, a bit nicer, plz, do NOT take too long!


Karyn chapter 1 . 11/6/2002
Ooooooh. That was really quite freaky. You have me all intrigued now. I can't wait to read the next ficlet.


"He can't be replaced, you know. I chose him because there was no other in the world with all he had to give."


And I *loved* that line!