Reviews for Rose of Mideel
Larsa Solidor chapter 5 . 12/3/2006
Humorous Vincent! So hard to pull off yet you managed. good one! I love where this is going. All the other Aerith/Seph fics I've read has had the both of them running from Cloud and the others so far.
Hoffy chapter 21 . 11/15/2006
damn nice! but stil are you gonna let cloud get away?

For gods sake lets sephiroth kill him it will give you an even better ending but still this fic was really good!:D
the Dah chapter 21 . 6/22/2006
You know.. I think I will be quite angry if you don't upate. :P This story is just so god. :P
Tishannia chapter 21 . 2/25/2006
Ee, I love this story. *squees*

I am going to sit RIGHT here and camp out waiting for an update of some sort. heheh, you'll never be rid of me... **hugz**

Please update soon!
SmithKendon chapter 21 . 12/6/2005
Chapter 21... Yeah, i dno actually, it ties in with why Vincent was there to save Sephiroth, great idea there coz that seems realistic, what with the history they have and the...yeah, dno exactly what im sayin but i think th Tifcent or whatever that would be called seems random...but then again, im a CloTi fan... Great chapter, amazingly written like the rest but me not like Tifcent...(sowwy), Tailen xx
avecmerci chapter 21 . 11/6/2005
If you want to writer AeriSeph and Vincent/Tifa, that's fine. I *like* AeriSeph, and though Vincent/Tifa isn't my cup of tea, well, to each his own.

But do you have to totally bash and mutilate Cloud's character to do it?
EbonyWinds chapter 1 . 11/5/2005
i beg of you to update soon... PLEASE!
miko nurse chapter 21 . 10/21/2005
omg! i love this fanfiction but i nust see more! I HUNGER MORE! call me wierd but that's my way of life but this fanfiction is well good but i really need to see more!
thegr8sephiroth chapter 21 . 9/25/2005
hehe...I guess vincent decided that 32 years was long enough. I like the way you've been gradually regressing him to what he may have been like before Hojo got to him.
thegr8sephiroth chapter 19 . 9/25/2005
wonderful, simply wonderful. I'm glad I decided to reread this. 'shadows and ice, ... blood and fire' nice.
Ranea chapter 21 . 9/9/2005
Ha ha I am review number 300! So I hope you will update to celebrate such a high achievement (really, 300 reviews! That's insane!). I'm hoping for's been two years since you updated? No...Please please please update soon!
Juzu chapter 21 . 8/21/2005
YAY! This was a good chapter...especially considering how long it's been since i was on to read anything! _ But when are you going to do the next chapter? I can't wait to read it!
Loki chapter 8 . 7/8/2005
awesome fanfic.
Shikaku Zetsumei chapter 21 . 6/24/2005
YESS! I love these stories where Cloud is a bastard! HAHAHAHA! KILL CLOUD! KILL CLOUD! KILL CLOUD! KILL CLOUD! KILL CLOUD! AH HAHAHAHAHAA! It's a wonderful story so far... why haven't you updated in so long?

~Shikaku Zetsumei
Lady Psychic chapter 21 . 4/19/2005
This is a really good story. You should update it.
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