Reviews for Life Lessons
FuN FiFi chapter 10 . 8/24
oOo...this fic was deliciously steamy! Sakura could totally learn a thing or two from her Kakashi-sensei in the art of seduction lol :-D

On a serious note, I'm not sure that I agree with Sasuke's idea of having multiple wives, but I guess that's mainly because I don't support polygamy. He definitely has a warped mentality after what he's been through in the past, hence he needs to learn more about stability and how he could implement it in his life. I'm glad that you didn't turn Sakura into a pushover in this fic (or in any of your other fics to be honest) regarding Sasuke because we all know that she tends to be too lenient with him in canon. Instead, you've made Sakura more assertive which I wholly appreciate, especially from a female-to-female perspective. Her attraction and subsequent romance with an older man like Kakashi makes complete sense in my book; both need the other to provide what is lacking in their part. You wrote a great KakaSaku story to explain how these two could become a couple even after the grand return of their old teammate, and you included him in their happiness too which was very sweet. I enjoyed reading this fic a lot! You get a big thumbs up from me for once again creating a wonderful Sakura-centered piece! :-)
Guest chapter 1 . 4/30
Love love love the story. The ending was perfect!
narusasuita uzuchiha chapter 10 . 4/16
me encanto mmmm lo malo es que a sasuke le gustarĂ­a tener varias esposas, bueno que hablo kakashi con el y elmadurar lo ayudo a cambiar de parecer
Hunter Nikki chapter 7 . 3/9
10/10 For that was romantic like I love it :) Hope you'll do more sakura X kakashi ;)
Guest chapter 10 . 1/22
Some were OOC that doesn't change the fact that I had fun reading your story. Thank you!
urworshipfulness chapter 10 . 1/2
I really like your Sasuke. Yeah, he's a dick and incredibly self centered, but I respect how you didn't just bash him and make him out to be the bad guy. Thanks for the awesome story.
jlawson chapter 10 . 11/19/2017
Cute. Thanks for the read.
Elwin Ailred chapter 1 . 9/14/2017
Great story!
Trixery chapter 10 . 8/13/2017
i love the story! so awesome and perfekt!
Guesttt chapter 2 . 7/5/2017
Well that escalated quickly
Alpha CAT 137 chapter 1 . 7/2/2017
Please do a sequel
Guest chapter 10 . 4/27/2017
Oh my god. This story was sweeter than ten million tons of sugar ;-;
Clorae chapter 6 . 12/10/2016
this chapter reminds me of this pin. sasuke's madness and kakashi's epic reaction I thought you'd like this Pin on Pinterest... /KPThotc
Clorae chapter 4 . 12/10/2016
i love this! I just saw a picture of kakasaku on pinterest and i imagined it to be their photograph here.I thought you'd like this Pin on Pinterest... /7s8cyIs
Snowkid chapter 6 . 11/28/2016
I love anko, didnt like how you wrote her in this story..
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