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KO chapter 1 . 8/2/2014
Umbralight365378 chapter 2 . 7/29/2014
note: in my OC submission a part did not show up in my description in the Personality section it should say "During his time in Tokyo he attacked and is forced fed a red pill and becomes *1/4* demon" sorry for the mistake.
Umbralight365378 chapter 3 . 7/29/2014
I know that this submission is quite late but I’d like to make a submission before you close the (SYOC). Any way this is my OC for your Shin megami tensei 4 story so even if you don’t use my OC I had fun making him.
Lastly this opening chapter is well done and shows off all of your selected OC’s well and you show off the opening of the game well with all the characters fitting in nicely and I hope for more of this in the future.

Name: Blake

Likes: friendly demons, personal freedom, doing the right thing, learning about things from Tokyo and annoying any arrogant jerks.

Dislikes: inequality, corruption, senseless destruction, the Ashura-kai (once he finds out how the RED’s are made.) and the arc angels.

Personality: A jaded individual but is an idealist at heart who often snarky remarks around others and will tell others were they stand with him but often laid back most of the time.
Blake also will strongly dislike those who think too high of themselves but will give respect to those who can back-up their words with actions.
Gains his demon during the encounter with the black samurai as one of the Lilim in the horde is bullied by the others and is left behind by them and he defends her from the other samurai and befriends her.
In Tokyo Blake will gain interest into what Tokyo calls “video games” and will sneak back a handheld console back in to the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado.
During his time in Tokyo he attacked and is forced fed a red pill and becomes demon giving him demon like traits and some demon instincts as well but slowly learns to control them with Lilim’s help and stays in Tokyo as he no longer believes he will be welcomed in Mikado.
When he learns how the RED’s are made he labels every member of the Ashura-kai monsters and vows to destroy the whole organization for the atrocity.

Alignment: Neutral with a heavy Chaos lean

Backstory: despite growing up as a Luxuror he grew to hate those who exploit the common people of Mikado and sees most Luxuror’s as this. Also all the servants in his family household hold him in high esteem as he often helped them with their jobs even as a child or helped them in some way. But this left him isolated amongst the other Luxuror’s his age and spent most of his free time lounging around reading a book of some kind or earning the ire of his secretly purporting father.
By the time he’s joined the samurai Blake as already exposed another family blatantly exploiting the Casualry’s and some of the lower Luxuror’s of Mikado with the help of his father and many Luxuror’s label him as a trouble maker and a upstart.

Dies Believing in Cause: only in the law path were Blake will die believing his cause and after being defeated by Flynn turns full demon in hopes of killing him with the last of his humanity. In the Chaos path he shows his reluctance to destroy Mikado but believes that it is better choice than destroying all life in Tokyo and will try and convince Isabeau to join them but to no avail. In the Neutral path Blake will stand against Flynn but if told about their plan he will switch sides and join Flynn otherwise he will fight them but upon defeat will leave stating that Walters’s path is not worth dying for and hopes Flynn’s path will find the best way to end the conflict.

Demon Bonded With: Lilim

Appearance: Blake is ruggish looking young man with dark brown hair and blue eyes and wears a black version of the standard apparel and forgoes the scarf
after his demonization he gains a black scaled hide but still keeping his human face and his eyes turn red with silted pupils and has small horns growing out his forehead and attempts to hide most of the changes around the other human of Tokyo by adding a hood to his coat and having it up around other with exception of his foes and the other samurai following Flynn.

Romance: with his bonded demon Lilim

Anything Else I Need To Know: often acts independently of the other samurai preferring to act on his own and often shows up at important times in the story otherwise he’s helping any one he can both in Tokyo and Mikado when he can.
WorstOtakuEver chapter 3 . 7/20/2014
Crap, I think I forgot to mention the split and Neutral. She doesn't play that much of a role for Neutral, as she reunites with Flynn after Merkabah's defeat. After hearing the situation, she and Isabeau try to get everyone in Mikado into Tokyo while Flynn and whoever joined him (other OC's obviously) go to face Lucifer. She is later seen with Fujiwara, most likely asking the man for advice in regards of how to confess her feelings to Flynn (whether or not Flynn is aware and accepts them is completely up to you, I'm certainly not the author here!).

In regards to the split, she feels it is her duty to protect the citizens of Mikado, but she also wants to make a world where people aren't tied down. Beacuse of this, she is torn. No matter which path Flynn takes, she will join him. However, she is absent during the events of Blasted Tokyo and Infernal Tokyo, as the White have deemed her unimportant.

Does this help any? If so, please let me know via chapter or review. My account is still getting a few touches, so I have no idea when it will be up. This is WorstOtakuEver, signing off!
WorstOtakuEver chapter 3 . 7/19/2014
Hm, this chapter was quite interesing. It was written from all viewpoints, well technically from the important characters. Soma seems to know Walter from somewhere, how will be quite interesting. The interaction in the dream was quite interesting as well. Hm, if the OC box is still open, I have one character I would like to imput in Fang's place. Their role isn't important, however. Something between Minor and Major, whichever that is.

Name: Cornelia
Likes: gentlemen, calligraphy, fencing, writing, reading, Flynn, Isabeau
Dislikes: Navarre, Hugo, Tayama, Demons
Personality: headstrong, impulsive, short-tempered, all of these things describe Cornelia both in and outside her duties as a Samurai. Though normally laid back, she takes her job serious and wishes to earn respect from others, hoping to become as powerful as the female samurai that saved her life in the past. She is something of a tsundere, though normally berating her allies of their mistakes and faults, she eventually warms up to them. It was apparent that she supported Flynn during his time in Tokyo, as the others noted he was like the leader of the group. However, overtime these feelings grew to a point where she fell in love with him, which leads her to fighting for his affection with Isabeau (let's be honest, she's got the hots for Flynn. I saw the video when they were reunited), though the two consider each other good friends and have each others backs. She also hates being looked down upon
Alignment: Complete Neutral
Backstory: Like Flynn and Walter, she was born in a Casualry village, but after the deaths of her parents in a fire that engulfed most of her village, a Luxuror (ironically Commander Hope), took her in mostly due to the fact that she was the mirror image of his fiance. Despite being raised by a Luxuror at this point in time, Hope and Cornelia were looked down upon, however because of his skills the Samurai was well-regarded. Cornelia swore that she would make them see that she could prove her worth by becoming a Samurai. She is close friends with Isabeau due to her upbringing. It was apparent that she met Navarre somewhere in the past, unfortunately every time they encounter each other, sparks are sure to fly. She seems almost happy that he was discharged.
Dies Believing in Cause: Yes. In Law, Cornelia encounters Flynn after Jonathan merges with the four Archangels. Because of her feelings for Flynn, she believes that Merkabah tricked him into trying to kill the citizens of Tokyo. Flynn tries to tell her that it was his decision, however she does not listen. She is killed by Merkabah, cursing Jonathan for his stupidity while trying to confess her feelings to Flynn, but is unable to her as her body is obliterated by Great Logos. In Chaos, she and Isabeau encounter him and Lucifer when they are about to leave Ichigiya. Unlike how she acted in Law, she asks if Flynn willingly chose this path, to which he answers yes. She says that if he did, then he should keep going this path and begins the battle. However, when Isabeau is about to deliver a killing blow to him, her feelings for Flynn get in the way and takes the blow for him. Screaming in anger, Flynn kills Isabeau before she has a chance to register what happened.
Demon Bonded With: Cornelia is bonded to Baldur, who is entranced by her beauty and swears absolute loyalty to her. This also goes for Yoshitsune, who was defeated in combat and recognizes her as his lord.
Anything Else I Need To Know: Cornelia prefers using rapiers over swords.
Appearance: She is of the same height as Navarre and has platinum blonde hair tied back into a braid, reaching down to her waist. Her scarf is colored violet red.

I hope this works, if you are still accepting OC's. Anyway, please update soon. This is WorstOtakuEver, signing off!
KO chapter 3 . 7/18/2014
Ah, I was hoping this would come in. Shame Syfer didn't come in, but what the heck, I'm just glad to see this story continuing. I always hate it when a good story starts up and never finishes. Please update soon!
Demons Anarchy chapter 3 . 7/18/2014
For a moment, I could swear that was Byakuya. He always was my favorite character in Bleach, along with Ulquiorra! Still, whatever gonna happen now is probably going to be absolutely crazy! I can't wait for the next chapter! You better update soon, otherwise I sic Ackmed on your ass!

cue the crickets

...Does no one know Jeff Dunham? ...Damn, tough crowd.
hades Revolution chapter 3 . 7/18/2014
Kawaii, you made Soma exactly how she should be! I especially liked how she acted when she met flynn in the dream! And by the way, dude, whichever made Alexander, why in the nine hells did you model him after that douche Byakuya?! Seriously!

Bah, oh well! I am so looking forward to the next chapter! Please update soon! And don't screw up, Soma-chan! WE'RE ROOTING FOR YOU!
Sierra9807 chapter 3 . 7/18/2014
Well now, very pleased to be chosen and I'm happy with how you've portrayed Anna so far. Let's hope this story works out for the better!
Hades Revolution chapter 2 . 7/12/2014
Crap, forgot about the split! Soma will actually join Flynn, no matter what path he takes unless he chooses Chaos, where he will be forced to kill her alongside Lucifer. However, if he follows the path of Law, Merkabah shall instruct Soma to remain in Mikado and inform the citizens about their goal. Initially heartbroken at first that Flynn will have to fight and even possibly kill Walter, she tells him to be careful before heading to Mikado Castle. She will not appear in the expanse, and additionally will not appear during the encounters with the White, mostly due to the fact that the White deem her to dangerous and possibly influence Flynn's decision to return the world to nothingness, so before he makes the Alignment Lock decision, she'll be brought back to Mikado.
Sierra9807 chapter 2 . 7/11/2014
Hmm, I don't want to be overlooked simply because I left some things out sooo:

In case she's chosen, Anna would actually attempt to keep Walter away from the Reactor with Tayama. In her mind, demons overtaking Tokyo is a detriment to her goal. In the Chaos route, Anna would fight against Flynn and Lucifer. However, in the event they overpower her, Anna would decide to help them. She would change her goals to become strong enough to change this new world. In the Law path, Anna would gather anyone in Tokyo willing to follow her. She would then attempt to take down Flynn and Merkabah.

A couple things I forgot is that her eyes are a dark green and that she is generally willing to fight so long as she feels it is required.
KO chapter 2 . 7/11/2014
Damn! Oh well, so long as the story goes on, I don't really care. However... IT STILL NEEDS REVIEWS! I SHAL UNDERTAKE A JOURNEY TO INFORM THE WORLD OF THIS, REST ASSURED STARNIGHKING!
Demons Anarchy chapter 2 . 7/11/2014
Damn, only three? Well, better than nothing I suppose. I already added in what Alex looks like, and survives in Chaos and Neutral. In Law, he decides to aide Flynn, stating that he wants to 'repay the favor', and thus killed when the Yamato Reactor swallows all of Tokyo. He leaves the party before the split like Isabeau, hoping to become strong enough to create his own Lawful world. In Neutral, after finding him with Isabeau, he aides him in his goal to unite the two, while slightly aggravated that Tokyo and Mikado will be united (as he hates Tokyo and even says he'd rather live in Naraku). He and Flynn also go to defeat Walter while Isabeau remains in Mikado. Chaos, however, he appears after demons have already escaped Naraku and into Mikado. He and Flynn have an exchange of words, and says that if he wants to create a world of Hell, then he will have to kill him. This results in the two waging war in the Chaos ending, with the angels and a few Mikado Samurai on his side. Also, he doesn't have a love interest.

I hope this helps!
Hades Revolution chapter 2 . 7/11/2014
Ah finally, more reviews! Anyway, yes, Soma is indeed her first name. Soma's an albino, has red eyes and white hair, which is cut at the chin and has a red hairclip along the right side of her bangs. She's also the same height as Isabeau. Achylote is her last name, by the way! ...actually, do any characters have last names? Soma survives during Law and Neutral, however she dies at the hands of Lucifer in Chaos. Does this help any?

Sierra9807 chapter 1 . 7/11/2014
Huh... I actually made an OC for an SMT IV story. Seeing as how I might put the story on hiatus before it's even up, why not see if I can get my own OC in here. With a few tweaks.

Name: Anna


Likes: Climbing, Drawing maps, Farming, Running, Red, Peace, Flynn, Isabeau, Walter.

Dislikes: Weapons, War, Control, Copycats, Liars, Navarre, Jonathan

Personality: A girl of ambition, easily spooked, Naive. Anna absolutely hates War above all else. She has a desire to create a world where everyone has the chance to forfeit war by their own free will. She absolutely will not stand for anyone having control over another person, unless it's a form of Government. An even then, only if the people have an amount of free will, like a kingdom. She is willing to do anything in order to achieve these goals. She is rather kind but will betray you immediately if it will further her own goals. Has a rather self-harmful tendency to charge in without thinking. Is strangely oblivious to how hungry she is.

Physical Appearance: A little taller than Navarre. Short and dark brown hair down to her shoulders . Rather skinny due to much running and lack of eating. Wears a red glove on her right hand.

Alignment: Borderline Neutral and Chaos

Backstory: Growing up in a family of farmers near the Mikado borders, Anna has witnessed many a corpse in her life, as well as had her family's field of crops burnt down an uncountable amount of times. She has even been kidnapped by an old casualry who was starving to death. Due to these events, she has grown a large amount of hatred towards war and control over others.

Romance: Up to you.

Demon Bond: Napaea.

Dies believing in their cause: Yes. If Flynn chooses the Law path, Anna will fight him to her last breath.

Anything else you need to know: Anna is rather... inept at demon negotiation. Unless she has someone helping her, she will rarely succeed.
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