Reviews for The Line of Durin
Aliiixe chapter 40 . 10h
At the end of the BOFA movie, I was so mad and sad at the ending that I went straight on to see if alternative ending stories had been published! And, by some miracle I found yours and I could not have been more happy! This is the best Kili/Tauriel story I have read ever, and I really hope to read more of it soon!
Thank you very much :)
Et bon courage pour la suite !
kansa chapter 40 . 9/17
Pretty soon the entire company will know the boys are alive! Yeah! How far will you have this story go? Through Return of the King. Sounds long. I love it!
Guest chapter 40 . 9/14
Still visualizing the end and too comment on the rest of the chapter.

I love this and "Stolen Heir" and am glad you updated at least this story. Thanks
Nenithiel chapter 40 . 9/8
Love how she got him into bed. Cleaver elf. :-)

A good chapter all around. Nice way to free up Fili as well, even if he doesn't know.
spikerix chapter 40 . 9/8
Yes! Finally some loving... I missed it *grins* thanks so much, for keeping this story so interesting with every chapter. Kisses!
IttsyBitsyB chapter 40 . 9/7
Thank you! This is such a well crafted story. You really have a knack for weaving all of these different threads of the story and characters together. Its frankly addicting.
JoGregor chapter 40 . 9/7
Great story, really amazing, getting better in every new chapter... Can't wait to read more...
sorrellkaren chapter 40 . 9/6
Wasn't expecting the love making but it was a nice surprise. Poor Nori and Dori . I felt bad for them being left out of the secret. Dwalin however handled it well I guess. Dis will release Fili's intended from her bond and Fili will be free to choose for himself and that is always good. Have you thought of giving Dis a little more room in the story. She gets very little love these days and while I am a big Dwalis fan I know not all readers and authors are. A larger role of any kind would be nice. Just suggestion do not feel I am criticizing in anyway. I love the story and have followed it from the beginning to the now 40th chapter. I am patiently awaiting the plot to thicken and the war of the ring to approach, it seems to be on the horizon for the dwarrow. It will be most interesting to see how the next chapters play out and if and when the Durin heirs return to Erebor.
AwesomeBri666 chapter 40 . 9/6
I can't wait 'till this baby is born!
DoransDanceParty chapter 40 . 9/6
Fantastic! I'm loving all the scenes with Dis and the political intrigue, and cannot wait for more of the Company to join them! Ahh Tauriel, being told to wait around doesn't suit her very much haha. Love every single moment of your writing, please keep it up!
Margaritasc chapter 40 . 9/6
Well everyone seem to be getting their way , one way or another. Scared me with Tauriel getting dizzy, thought something was going to happen. This was a great chapter really hope to see another chapter soon.
Kaiya's Watergarden chapter 40 . 9/6
Love it keep it up
Ldysabella chapter 40 . 9/6
The secret is growing like embers under a belows. It will burst into flame if not guarded better. Dwalin is aa cunning dwarf. Dis could do worse, although it would mess with canon. Lucky Fili to be free to pursue hapiness without guilt. I love thetenderness and passion Kili and Tauriel have for one another. She has yet to understand he aches for her as she does for him, worries for her as 'sa very realistic portayal of a relationship. Thanks for sharing.
mfaerie32 chapter 40 . 9/6
There's no denying your pregnant, horny wife. Nope.
MiyonzMae chapter 40 . 9/6
Well alrighty then. Cudos to you.
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