Reviews for Love Like Crazy
NanaWillbur chapter 12 . 9/1
All I can say is I love your writing and I am so grateful to have finally found you and I did not have to wait until forever! 3
NanaWillbur chapter 11 . 9/1
She didn't turn him down and you can understand her hesitancy, but she has more will power than me, for sure. I love that Edward loves her like he does and I love his proposal, especially when he says she is the perfect amount of crazy for slay me!
NanaWillbur chapter 10 . 9/1
NanaWillbur chapter 9 . 9/1
Bravo! Another hysterically funny, wellplayed, chapter. From Rosalie's surprising potty mouth (I laughed right out loud so hard), Renee telling Bella that it will be her turn soon (SMILE), and then Bella's revelation to Jessica by patting her baby bump while Jessica's eyes bugged crazy good! Love the visual of squeezing a coconut through a pea hold, could not have explained it better! HaHa
NanaWillbur chapter 8 . 9/1
Did I mention that I absofreakin'lutely LOVE this Edward? He is amazing!
NanaWillbur chapter 7 . 9/1
JiffyKate, I love your writing and you can leave me hangin' any which way you choose. It is always an awesome story when you don't know what to expect and when you are overjoyed or surprised because you did not see that comin'...keep doin' what you do, you both do it so well! :D
NanaWillbur chapter 6 . 9/1
Surprise, "I'm pregnant"...I love it! Nothing like gettin' it right out there. Bravo!
NanaWillbur chapter 5 . 9/1
I am intrigued know what Bella has to tell Edward, but wondering what Edward has to share? Great chapter, as always!
NanaWillbur chapter 4 . 9/1
Great chapter and Karma IS definitely a BEAST! HaHa!
NanaWillbur chapter 3 . 9/1
OMGosh, I am crying broken-hearted for her and Edward, and then I am laughing hysterically (what's behind door # 2?)...this is so Crazy Good, I cannot stand it! I am so glad I found you ladies, I soooooooo LOVE your writing...keep it going, please!
NanaWillbur chapter 2 . 9/1
I already love you like crazy...beautiful beginning, JiffyKate! 9/1/2016
Iersseltje chapter 12 . 7/13
Loved your crazy Bella and hot cop Cullen. Thank you for sharing.
Scattycow chapter 4 . 7/8
So why is Jake hanging around if he knows the baby isn't his?
Scattycow chapter 1 . 7/8
Would be hilarious if Jessica's baby came out a little too tanned to be Jakes!
Maplestyle chapter 12 . 7/3
OMG *sobs* You MUST love her more *gasping sobs* You named one of their kids after her and not me *pouts and stomps foot* *goes into the corner to cry and plot her revenge*
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