Reviews for The YinYang Cycle 1: Play Your Part
Salazar Marvolo chapter 9 . 19h
Fackeltr├Ąger...ohh a common enemy! Thats so cool! I really like that, also loved how Voldemort Insults himself and how Harry tricked his Horcurx into telling him Information, why Harry youu...almost Slytherin in that aspect, my I'm so proud of you.
Ohh the last chapter is coming sooon, I'm excited!
Salazar Marvolo chapter 8 . 19h
Wow, loved the beginning with Voldemort, it almost felt like a character study when reading it, really amazing. I'd love to see the whole series written out of Voldemorts perspective. In Canon it just feels like he is the mandatory evil character, even though we are given some Background to him...he still feels hollow. I wished they'd mad him...deeper...more conflicted. That would have been really interesting.
Salazar Marvolo chapter 7 . 19h
Mister Weasley nooooo! Okay fuck that sucks...good god Voldemort you smug bastard...not necessary? Your fear was not necessary? Like HOW? ohh well, it does explain his over the top ego.
What you are surprised that a bunch of Slytherins would flee to save their own skin? Ohh please, order or not, Slytherins are always about survival. Really, Dolohov, I thought you knew that.
Salazar Marvolo chapter 6 . 19h
Harry is the only Person in the world that would be happy about breaking into the minsitry, ever. Ahaha that was just brilliant. Riddle being...embarrassed at something? Well I guess it is a part of his Soul he wished to get rid of.
Damn you Riddle walking around killing People with more knowledge than you'd ever possess, smug bastard.
Another Minister dead huh? Guess they have a pretty bad track record so far.
Salazar Marvolo chapter 5 . 19h
Ohh dear, hitting the Minister is a Sentiment I can get behind. He's just...*cough* I'm not going to say that PG13 an all that.
Anyways, the ministry falling, that just went don't the drain FAST. But I can't say I'm sad at the Ministers death, I just feel satisfaction! Jayy for the Death eaters.
And jayy for Horcrux hunting, enjoy the ride and hold on tight.
Salazar Marvolo chapter 4 . 19h
A-a-a h-human V-Voldemort? Ohh good he does know what Sentiment used to be. Then why the disgust at the feeling of 'being licked by a dog' hmm Riddle? Ohh well guess he changed over time.
Poor Riddle, I have to to be him.
Voldy being unhappy at Harrys exsitence...isn't that the normal state of affairs? XD
Ahh much a mother hen as always, I'll never understand how you could bare with her presence in the first place...poor Harry.
Salazar Marvolo chapter 3 . 19h
I totally forgot to mention Kraxil in the Review to chapter 2! Ahaha, he's so cool. I wonder if their bond will turn out to be as strong as Voldemort and Naginis...Hmmm...something to look Forward to.
And dayum...poor stupid Ratel. That Scene was pretty gruesome. I loved it!
Voldemort seems so in character, with his disdain for the yound death eaters 'weakness'; I had always assumed that Voldemort doesn't hold any respect for Muggle or Death eater alike. To him it's all the same.
Poor stupid Boy mourning for him friend...The dark Lord doesn't appreciate sentiment.
Salazar Marvolo chapter 2 . 20h
Jup, Dumbledore so had his hands in this...I wonder if him being the actual bad guy will be the reason for Harry going Grey...I also wonder how his friends will react and how in the hell is it possible for them not to contact him after his almost grandfather dies at the Hand of his childhood enemy? Good going Ron &Hermione, not like you aren't Aware that Harry's relatives are assholes and that Harry didn't appreciate you NOT CONTACTING him in fifth year on Dumbledores orders...Wonder who told them not to contact him this time? Couldn't have been Dumbledore obviously.
Hmm Staffs huh? I always loved those in fanfic...they just have that Gandalf Vibe to them, which is amazing.
Also, good god, Voldemort sleeping? That must have creeped you the hell out, Harry.
Salazar Marvolo chapter 1 . 20h
Oh my god, a Grey!Harry fanfic I haven't read before?!
Damn, and here I thought I had turned over every Stone to find Slytherin!Harry, Dark!Harry, Grey!Harry, Idependent!Harry, Powerful!Harry or something the like on FFN.
I really like it so far, both of them seem in character, I'm curious to see how Voldemort will bring Harry to his side, Harry is just to good to turn over to the dark side or agree to stand by and do nothing without a good reason. He'd also never condone the killing of innocent Muggles or Wizards...So I'm really itching to see how all of this works out. Also Harry telling himself to be selfish for once was very very fitting, that idoit has a serious hero complex that needs to be adressed.
Also: Lord Voldemort injured? How did that happen if not by the hand of Albus Dumbledore himself, who is very very dead by dear Dracos Hand by now.
Noslash hmm? Will it be more of a studen/mentor relationship? Friends maybe? Father/son? Or simply two People agreeing to keep out of each others Business?...Ohh the possibilities.
Loki God of Evil chapter 3 . 11/15/2017
Ugh, that whole scene with Ratel was gut wrenching. I felt for the poor young death eater, no-one deserved that treatment, and, especially not at the hands of Fenrir Greyback.
Then it moved onto what I could only assume was an initial initiation to gauge and gather the best, most loyal subjects/followers into Voldemorts cause. It seemed a shame to end the other students, considering they had arrived there in the first place, but I guess he needs followers who will be willing to follow his orders to the tee.
Weakness can not and will not be tolerated.
Loki God of Evil chapter 2 . 11/8/2017
Why a garter snake? I guess it must have been someone's escaped pet because we don't have that type of snake in the UK, only Adders and grass snakes, neither of which I have seen yet.
It must be awfully tiring and boresome of Harry to wind up being in Voldemort's quarters night after night. But I imagine that after all this liaising with the dark lord, it'll be beneficial in the long run.

See, he's already learnt what staves are and the difference between wands and staves too.
Loki God of Evil chapter 1 . 11/8/2017
I have to say here, that you have written Voldemort exceptionally well. In the movies and books he is a very lonesome person who dwells of his followers but doesn't necessarily need them. More he needs them as willing servants and slaves to do his bidding.
You also wrote and depicted Fenrir Greyback better than I have seen (save for Rowling herself).
His very feral and animalistic manner must have been a shock to the majority of assembled death eaters let alone poor Ratel. Who's now going to be turned because of his arrogance.

Is Harry Potter dreamscaping, that would certainly explain the failings of his spells, but then...Voldemort did cast a shield charm
ijskonijntje chapter 10 . 11/27/2016
So, is someone doing something with this fic?
Guest chapter 10 . 9/28/2016
dam you
Lexisfightingrobots chapter 7 . 6/1/2015
Ooh Voldemort is exhausted and finally sleeping. What if je pops up with Harry instead. Outside of that, i just finished binge reading this, and im glad i chose to, it was great. Can't wait for the next chapter.
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