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Guest chapter 1 . 7/31/2016
what the hell is going on
Cassandra30 chapter 4 . 6/27/2016
Good story
Cassandra30 chapter 3 . 6/27/2016
Cassandra30 chapter 1 . 6/27/2016
What an amazing idea for a story!
Tigris DivingHawk chapter 8 . 2/2/2013
Great story I really enjoyed it Keep up the good work chapter 8 . 6/2/2012
Wow! I freaking LOVED it! You have a gift is story telling. I think your work could use a little formatting, but water under the bridge compared to the story you told.

Thanks for the gift, I'll remember this one as on of my fav harmonys. D chapter 8 . 6/2/2012
Wow! I freaking LOVED it! You have a gift is story telling. I think your work could use a little formatting, but water under the bridge compared to the story you told.

Thanks for the gift, I'll remember this one as on of my fav harmonys. D
Scabbers1957 chapter 8 . 4/12/2012
This was a bloody awesome story..very well done.

I'll add it to my story favs.

Taly-chan chapter 1 . 11/6/2011
Oookeeyyy... This is really weird. And different. After hundreds of HP fics read, different is good. More than good. I'm intrigued.
notyou chapter 8 . 2/28/2011
brilliant story!
Drkjester chapter 8 . 9/23/2009
Good story but you through me for a loop with the epilogue. I am glad to have found this story.
AiSard chapter 8 . 11/6/2008
love the fic. i dont normally read such fics where a non-magic world is involved, with a single magic user or none, but hey, i liked this one P bit heavy on the allusions to religious texts but yea, t'was interesting.
Alorkin chapter 8 . 8/31/2008
I just came across this so I'll just jot down some notes as I read. Please forgive it's length.

Ch 1: A fascinating premise. Harry rescues someone who blows his mind with her first kiss, and by all accounts, is in deadly trouble.

You've made an interesting point here. Most authors don't know that fouling pieces are exempted from the firearms ownership laws.

The problem is, she knows more about him than he does and he thinks she''s a stalker. Or crazy...or both. Poor schmuck!

Harry's parallel universe theory does fit the situation. At least theoretically.

Hermione was wrong. In 'her' universe, Dumbledore was not taking care of Harry in any such fashion. He was the one responsible for Harry's unjust imprisonment at the Dursley house. (I really hate Dumbledore! He's been mixed up in every single bad thing that has happened to Harry, since before he was born!)

That there are no other identified witches in this universe...except of course, Lucius Malfoy, who is the sort of sleazy bastard who exists in every world. (See: President Dubya!)

Poor Harry! Petunia is screaming, Vernon is blustering and Dudders is drooling, and it's all over Hermione! Yup! I can just see Petunis. Missionary and with her eyes tightly shut, thinking about a field filled with wildflowers!

“Yes, I got the feeling there hasn’t been an awful lot of carnal lust going on around this place.” I almost fell put of my seat, especially with Petunia's assertion...and Vernon's regretful response.

Dudley summed it up perfectly. Mum! The servant has escaped!

Interesting metaphor Harry used on the daughter of dentists.

There is a universe where the Dursley's are loving guardians. I read a well written story, called 'A better man', here on ffn.

So! Our fair Hermione is not above a little larceny. Heh heh heh!

I think ID pictures are made that way on purpose.

Art student? Not many people would recognize her name.

That's great! Snape is a concierge! The twins being bellhops aren't as unexpected.

You have a gift for understated sarcasm. “I like it,” Harry quipped. “It’s showy, yet ostentatious.” Why is the honeymoon suite always so fancy. Give 'em a bed and they're happy!

“Well, if you need anything—oysters—vitamin pills—CPR—you just give us a shout!” Damn! I'm gonna have to stop drinking coffee when I read these things.

Ch 2: What a wonderful method of locating potential mages!

Somehow I have a hard time seeing David Copperfield or Lance Burton, (Whom I must admit, I have never heard of.) wearing cheesy disguises.

The pendant must be a locating charm of some sort for when harry and Hermione are ready to begin teaching.

How I wished when My Pauline was pregnant I could have seen our baby growing. Ultrasounds are one thing, but they're limited, at best.

“We planned to kidnap the girl and sell her into prestidigitation.”

I would have never figured Minerva, in any incarnation to be a bible thumping zealot. Her argument completely disregards all the advances mankind has made over the centuries. She should research immunizations, and medicines, none of which would even exist if the church had their way. Electricity and piped-in methane for cooking, refrigeration...all these would be anathema to her way of thinking. After all, God didn't provide them either.

To answer a possible question, I do not hate God. Nor do I hate the worship of God. I simply despise the use of God as a justification for any kind of crime the invoker wants to justify. "This war is just, because God is on our side." "Those people died of the plague because God wills it." and my favorite: "Thou shalt not suffer a wytch to live" (Exodus 22:18) You see my point, I hope. *steps off soapbox, blushing*

Where would Mrs Smith have met the Dursleys? I musta skipped that part.

As a cop, I used to really hate dealing with people like Higgens. As a man, I felt soiled being the same sex as a beater. I don't really have a problem hitting a long as the woman in question is trying to harm or kill me, but beating someone who can't defend themselves, reminds me far too much of growing up in the 'care' of a violent alcoholic.

Mr. Higgins seemed docile enough—in fact, he looked a little bit dazed. Can you say 'Imperius'? I knew you could!

Hermione s correct. Someone once said: There is no more dangerous a person than the converted."

Harry's a naughty little smurf! 'Sides, all those girls will be too old for his tastes, by the time 'junior' is old enough to play.

Why am I thinking the missing notebook is going to be more important to the story?

What kind of mischief can they do? Worse...what kind damage can they do! An untrained mage is a very dangerous thing.

At last! A husband that stands up for himself! Pauline used to say the very same thing to me, and my reply was usually almost exactly the one Harry used. She didn't like it either.

Hell, from personal experience alone, Molly could be considered a bloody expert!

Hey Vicky! The first ten days are the worst! (trust me on this!)

Molly's persona is so wonderfully earthy.

Ginny is a smart mouth, just like Gred and Forge.

It's too bad Hermione didn't have her wand. Drakey, (the only possible suspect) would have made a lovely ferret, and where he goes, there goeth the bookends. (Hey! There's an idea!)

Speak of the devil and in he walks. Draco is a skinhead. Well, one form of terrorist is much like another, I guess.

Poor Ginny is smitten by the platinum haired wonder. Boy! There's a set-up for major trouble!

There been some under-the-table dealings, because when I was a cop, a single witness to a person's presence, pastor or not, was not nearly enough to drop an investigation.

Why do I not feel sorry for Ron? Heh heh heh heh!

Ms. Information! Damn it! I snorted coffee again!

Yeah, Ron Real sensitive!

Oh God! Gilderoy Lockhart! Fraud extraordinare! Is it any wonder why people are so turned off by religion? I'm minded of that guy on 'Oh God!', Oral Roberts, Robert Schuller, Jimmy Swaggert, the Bakkers, Peter Popoff, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and all the other charlatains.

I wonder if Hermione can come up with some nasty wards around her home? Preferably some that barbecue the intruder. Or turn him into a drunken, clown-suit wearing pervert, with pockets full of incriminating photos, and transport him somewhere into South London.

Neville's a bodybuilder? Wow!

I think I'll have to go with Hermione and Ron on this one.

OK, Deuteronomy will serve as well. The King James version is so filled with mistranslations, it makes what's left, best. Ol' King Jimmy was really happy, 'cause he kept the church happy, an' when the church is happy, he gets more money. Neat scam, huh?

Ch 3: Yes that was really stupid of Hermione. As Harry indicated before, Breaking and entering, (or in this case burglary) is really not the appropriate action. What's worse, she went in without communications. Gah!

Lucius. Now why am I not surprised?

Not so secretly. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together, knew he was a Death Eater...oh, waitaminute! This is the wizarding population here.

And so, it turns out Lockart is a bit more intelligent than suspected. I have to say, Hermione made it easy for him.

I loved the show. Hell, I'd pay to see that!

I'm showing my age here. I doubt anybody else would even recognize 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks'.

Lockhart is not only a fraud, he's not even a decent one. (See my above rant on televangelists) A sweet con! Malfoy stirs the flames against the mages, and Lockhart 'provides them a sanctuary'...I'm assuming as long as they can pay. He's right though. I'd think that if Christ returned today, the evangelists would have him arrested in a second and chucked into a loony bin.

Trust is a delicate thing. Unfortunately, having seen so many abuses of trust in the past fourty years, I no longer believe in anything at first glance.

CH 4: Mrs. Smith comes in knowing Malfoy is untrustworthy and yet she falls for the lies that slip as naturally from his lips as his own breath. She addresses her concern over the missing Susan, and Malfoy ever so slickly brushes her off, then convinces her she must continue in her 'sacred' work.

Well, well, well! A Lucius who knows how to conduct a proper investigation! Still, he's a manipulator. I cannot see him as wanting anything but total domination. Even without Voldemort, he is still a Death Eater at heart.

Oh my God! A Godless Communist! Whatever shall we do? While the expression is hilarious, your alternate world does seem a bit retrograde. The environment seems more 1950's than '90's. The Brits have always been more understanding of the communist manifesto that the Americans. If it weren't for 'Joe McCarthy, who was neither a tail-gunner nor a legally elected senator, so many people would have been spared. His spread of hatred against pretty much anybody he didn't like, did more damage to the US, than the Soviets ever could have.

"When Minerva Smith left Reverend Lockhart’s room, she was still plagued by doubts." Probably because her highly developed BS detector went off!

Lockhart's simile is an apt one. While Hermione might not be quite at Lee's figurative level, none of the others are anywhere near ready to take her on. In addition, I think Lockhart is underestimating Harry's capability. He has both his natural affinity to magic and he's had a more than a year under her close expert tutelage. He's also fiercely protective of his mate.

Oops! Found her! I suppose she's under some sort of experimental control spell, as you haven't mentioned any potions work just yet. If Riddle figured Imperius and Cruciatus on his own, I'm certain Lockhart could find something similar. After all, it's the desire and the power, not the words.

A sweet attempt to return something precious to Minerva. Ah. she knew the Dursleys through church. I'd wondered.

Lucky! If Minerva had gone to the fraud, and his friend, the trouble already headed Harry's way would have stomped on the throttle.

"Snake, or Snade'? Is Hermione forgetting?

Well! There's a new twist! It looks like Junior is going to come out reading! The child is already aware! And in communications with his mother. (Shades of Anne McAffrey, Bat-man!)

Oh! I guessed right! Harry is more dangerous than Malfoy expected.

And their child is more than aware. He is cognitive as well. Perhaps not at the level of an adult, but I fear Harry and Hermione are going to have to accept that the sum of the both is greater than either part.

A very sweet chapter ending.

Ch 5: Hm! It looks like Lockhart isn't as good at obliviation as his counterpart! The problem here is reputation. People still want to believe in him. There are so many evangelists who have managed to bribe their way out of trouble and come up smelling like roses.

Ah, at least Harry is paying attention. Good. The first thread of Lockhart's respectability has come undone.

Simply put, but true. Home is where the heart is.

"We do not condone these attacks...but witchcraft and sorcery are tools of the devil and no good can ever come from their use!" Well! There's an off handed invitation if I ever heard one!"

I agree with Hermione. Magic is only a gift, much like being a painter or sculptor. Few can do it, fewer still can do it well!

Crap! Lockhart's got the perfect alibi! "Gee! I was over at the Potter's place trying to convince them to join my congregation."

Took?...or was fed? It's interesting how my previous experiences have come into focus. Lockhart is very carefully controlling the conversation, directing questions away and providing platitudes. Hermione is quite right to be suspicious.

And of course, Draco and the bookends would have to be there! I really hate that phrase: "In God's hands"!

Lockhart is STILL in possession of Hermione's handbook. He may have given the original back, (although that is still up in the air) but it would have been the purest of stupidity for him to not make copies.

One of them dropped his stick! Fingerprints!

Hermione's spell was a good idea, but was it the right thing to do?

Well! That was a hell of a surprise! The Penseive would have been shocking enough, but too find a memory speaking to him would just be to much!

A blessing is all well and good, but not much help,really. But what about Fawkes? A phoenix is said to live outside of time. Perhaps he can lend a wing?

Painful or not, Harry should have stayed. If for no other reason, than to provide a second memory.

It appears that was wrong on one of two counts. The scumbag here isn't Lockhart. On the other hand Goyle isn't as good at the memory spells as he thought. Especially as it was written down wrong.

Draco is still the familiar bastard he's always been. It's nice too know that some things never change. *sigh!*

Good compromise. It's too bad neither Harry or Hermione have the necessary steel within to carry out such a plan...yet. And no straight man liked 'Steel Magnolias'

Wiretaps? Is this Lucius Malfoy, Or George W. Bush?

Oh! I stand corrected! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Harry. A wise man once said: "Don't underestimate your enemies."

I feel for the officer. (Constable) Practicing Witchcraft? Let me guess, England has returned to the fourteenth century.

Ch 6: 22:18.

It's quite possible that child's talisman will protect Harry. After all, Dumbledore insists the most powerful magic is love.

“Apparently, by their reckoning, it’s only a quarter past the Spanish Inquisition.” Was Brilliant!

Well, that's how thee scumbags in Congress manage too pass through all their pork, here!

It looks like Lucky Lucy has been busy! I'd also agree. He has something on Featherstone, or he wouldn't have pressed the issue this far.

Hermione's job would be much easier if she contacted 'the Tonight Show'.

Rumpole is right. Those are some of the reasons I like her character as well. I long ago, introduced Hermione's character to my daughter as a role model. (Excepting that morass called Book Sux , and Book Sux, episode two.)e) She has begun to develop the same kind of quiet, but steadfast courage Hermione has always shown. (See previous note.)

Carl Sagan once said: The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen ad Stupidity. I guess Vernon supports that theory.

If Hermione goes into labor during the trial, the prosecution is finished!

You know, I hate being right all the time! Malfoy was way out of line giving that order! I'm surprised he wasn't arrested. I loved the 'Wonder Woman' phrase!

And of course some jerk *Cough!Malfoy!Cough!* Hadda go an' screw it up!

The guard is correct. The replicant is too calm. They should have made it pacing or something! I was lucky. My daughter was born C-section, but I was there in surgery, with her.

I can easily understand how Harry feels. My daughter is the very center of my life. That became even more true after her mother died. It's been twelve years and she's just grown more beautiful every day.

Rumpole's taste in wine is appalling! He ought to move up...maybe to Thunderbird, or Mad-Dog 20/20.

Ch 7: "So, you see, Mr Rumpole, magic does exist and, well, we can use it. Heh?"

“I assure you, Mr. Rumpole,” Harry concluded, “that we don’t worship Satan, we don’t kidnap children off the streets, we don’t make blood sacrifices, and we don’t dance naked about stone circles in the dark of night.” (Although that last one does give me some ideas!)

I really, REALLY hate being right alla time!

If it can be demonstrated that Harry is in jail while he's seen in the hospital, Lucius ends up looking like an ass.(OK, Arse!)

Somehow I think that when Lucius goes down, ol' Guthrie is taking the trip with him.

An interesting interpretation of Ballard's motivations. All too plausible. I really loved the ventriloquist's dummy comparison.

While the scene between them is funny, I do hope you remembered that the first three months after giving birth is absolutely a woman's most fertile time!

Some principles, Lockhart has. Hm. I suppose he considers the bible he's been thumping, to be merely a guideline.

Now, I may be a bit harsh, but having been in many firefights as a soldier in Lebanon, I honestly agree with Sun-Tzu. "Never leave a living enemy behind you. I'd think it was time for mister Malfoy to have a little heart attack...but that's just me.

Ooh! Ginny has always been the weak link, but this was brutal! I have no problem at all with Hermione's removing Draco's ability...and desire, to reproduce. I only hope she did some lasting damage.

I wonder how they managed to work up the electronics to mimic the 'magical' effects?

Featherstone is already trying to cover his arse. It wasn't the Home Secretary, it was himself, whether because of bribes or blackmail is immaterial. He's sold his position, and nothing's worse than a dirty cop.

Somehow, I suspect Malfoy Sr. is going to be a problem in the future.

A perfect celebration for getting out of the hoosegow. Elvis would be proud!

I feel for Rumpole, still, he died doing precisely what he loved doing...and he made a serious splash doing it. "My Lord, the defense rests." was the perfect epitaph.

Minerva has finally seen for herself, that magic is real. She has finally admitted to her self, that the teachings of her youth were flawed and that all magic is not bad It is a gift like that of artistic ability, nothing else.

Ch 8: An excellent ending. Snape is relegated to the dungeon, at the his master's behest, and Draco is still the arrogant twat he's always been. Snape's explanation makes sense. Checks and balances exist in every other aspect of nature...why not here.

Voldemort Wins the war only to find a new one starting. The saddest thing about this, is that magic will continue to appear throughout the world and with the muggle governments' involvement, those few will immediately be snapped up in order to create weapons with which to kill others. Sad, but true.

Like a rat deserting a burning ship, he flees his own judgement, sacrificing others in his wake, only to end up in a mental institution. (Wasn't Nurse Ratchett the nurse in one flew over the cuckoo's nest? Really showing my age here!)

Like most of your readers, I was fooled by the Bobby. I'd thought Harry was dead, but I realized Hermione wouldn't have been quite so calm. Instead, she'd be ready to murder!

The scene in the hospital was absolutely perfect! That Voldemort's downfall was brought about by a baby, is the purest form of poetic justice! The frontal lobotomy didn't hurt either. While there will be more enemies in the coming years, (See: Lucius and Co.) but the main one is gone through the efforts of one meddling old man and the love between two people.

Oh, I see. The cat. Yup. The Bobby is right. He ain't gonna live it down. At his retirement ceremony in twenty years, some clown will stand up and say: "Yeah, he's a fine constable, but then, there was a time as a rookie, when he said: "I'm sorry for your loss!" and "I'm sure he didn't suffer"...And it was a ruddy cat!"

I have to say, this was one of the absolute best Harry Potter fanfictions I have ever read. Especially as it was completed before OotP, which in itself shows that you must have a touch of seer yourself. I would have to place you in the same talent range as Kinsfiire and BobMin. It's well laid out and well presented with the odd funny comment or bad joke thrown in for flavor. (God I wish I could write humor!) . It follows a logical pattern and sticks with a well defined plot and plan. Though it was a bit long, (I'd recommend using smaller chapters) it was an enjoyable read.

Now for the bad news...

My one and only one complaint, it the abrupt shift between scenes. It's rather jarring to be reading one scene and suddenly find yourself in an entirely new place miles away.

I am honestly shocked at how few reviews this has gotten. I will alert all my friends and strongly recommend they read this extraordinary story!

My most sincere congratulations on an excellent fic, and I have placed you on my very short Author's alerts list.

SomeGuyFawkes chapter 8 . 8/30/2008
"Make merry on pain of death" - LOL, it never gets old!

You must've been at one of my company picnics. :-)

Great story, thanks!
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