Reviews for Attachment Syndrome
Chacha chapter 39 . 7/29
I discovered you few days ago and start reading this great story which I have enjoyed so much. I like the way you write. How you describe the feeling of Castle and Kate. I felt like I was watching the series instead of reading.
Great story.
hug-me chapter 39 . 7/9
Okay so I lied and read this one instead of Of Finding Innocence! This was such an interesting storyline, but again the characters just came to life! Thank you for a great read:)
lauhall chapter 39 . 6/26
That was an amazing stories, I just couldn't stop reading, you did an amazing job. Congrats for doing su hijo a great job.
Lal chapter 39 . 6/22
This was such a great story. Rushed through to the end, and then went back for a slow re-read to enjoy the details. The storyline, the characters, and the writing itself are all just excellent. Thank you for creating something so wonderful!
Guest chapter 37 . 6/12
Espo is right, Johanne should have Beckett's name
Guest chapter 11 . 6/10
Castle was such a douche with Josh, it was uncalled for imo. Even Kate was kinda rude to him, you can't expect a guy with whom you're not totally invested in your relationship to just be okay with adopting a baby after a few weeks.
And with this nickname ? "Josie" is awful
AndieSav chapter 1 . 4/24
Re-reading an old fave. Might even go onto OFI next. I'm not sure if authors continue to get or read these reviews after so long, but thanks for the effort you put into these fics. They're really appreciated!
tazo5079 chapter 39 . 3/30
Loved it,
josiebell391 chapter 39 . 3/17
what amazing story
Guest chapter 12 . 3/3
God Castle is such a woman...
Finefinegoodgood chapter 39 . 3/2
I've read this multiple times. Just love it. Would love a follow up story!
fanka77 chapter 39 . 2/25
Sweet! Great story! I really enjoyed it. :)
Terry chapter 39 . 2/16
This is such a deep wonderful story. I made me smile so many times. Thank you for sharing your delightful fan fic. Looking forward to reading more.
Guest chapter 39 . 1/11
You are brilliant! Love this story so hard! I think we need Attachment the sequel - please and thank you with all the beautiful words! Have read this a million times and I am sure I will read it a million more. So perfect on so many levels - thank you for sharing!
ipreferwestside chapter 39 . 1/5
Omg this fic was wonderful, I would have reviewed more individual chapters but I couldn't stop reading long enough to form words. Beautiful, sweet, perfect!
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