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GetTheeToBed chapter 57 . 4/18
I read this, having skimmed the first few chapters, because I was in the mood for something light-hearted...big mistake! This ripped out and wrung out my heart, and had me sobbing proper tears for Theo. It was such a beautiful story with real, flawed characters, and so diffferent to anything else I’ve read. Thank you!
theonethatgotway chapter 57 . 4/11
Usually I'm quite reluctant to read hermione/nott/draco triangle, but I gotta admit, this fic is a masterpiece. it's amazingly written and the characters are dimensional, one thing that lots of fanfics can't accomplish. feels very realistic, hermione feels like a real person, one that has qualities and flaws, that sometimes don't know what she wants or what she's supposed to do! I identified a lot with her.
for the first time, I was rooting for theo instead of draco haha. When I read the chapter where draco has sex without Hermione's explicit consent, at first I don't notice that was non con, but then I saw your commentary on the reviews about that chapter and I felt anguished, because I was likeit was rape" but draco loves her, and when hermione said that she didn't feel raped, I was thinking is she in denial? and if I was in her place, what would I think? and when she had sex with him again, I imagined if she would flinch away from him, because I would!
it made me torn, even though they're together now, I'm still wary about them, like there's a bitter aftertaste. but at the same time I wanted to see them together, her having scorpius, and others things!
this fic is now definitely one of my favourite fics!
kisses from Brazil
Ebelleebelle chapter 7 . 2/24
Woooooo... holly god oh man
Forgive-Me-Severus chapter 7 . 2/23
**giggle snort** Oh, no!
Underlined chapter 30 . 2/23
Chapter 30 tugs at my heartstrings.
Guest chapter 56 . 2/22
Beautiful story. It made my cry. Theo and Granger's relationship was so natural. When I started reading the story, I was a bit miffed as I felt that Hermione, Draco, Ron were out of character. However it didn't take long to get pulled into this world and admire their characterization in this world.
dracoxwillow chapter 53 . 2/19
I HAVE READ SO MANY FFs AND NEVER CRIED EVER IM SERIOUS... i’m crying rn like actually crying, IN TEARS.
yeohmeishi chapter 56 . 2/15
This is so heartbreakingly heartbreaking. I have no words. Can’t love this enough.
christig687 chapter 56 . 1/21
At this point I feel like it's really hard to find amazing fanfiction that I've never read before because I've been reading them since 2008. This story was an amazing surprise to find yesterday and I'm not sure how I've missed it. It was a little chaotic at times but so worth the read. I dont often find my self shedding a few tears while reading but this story did it to me. For any reader looking at reviews thinking about reading this... do it. It isnt all sunshine and roses and there may be parts you dont like especially if you want everything wrapped up in a pretty ribbon, but its worth the read.
Saveourskinship chapter 22 . 1/20
Oh lordy I heart them so much. Why is there not (Nott) more Theomione in the world. I love this story so much.
elelujah chapter 56 . 11/23/2020
I've read this fic months ago but I still think about it from time to time. No other fic has made me cry as much lol. Love love love your work 3
Guest chapter 11 . 9/17/2020
Tbh dramione is my otp
Guest chapter 5 . 9/17/2020
I l love this
Guest chapter 3 . 9/17/2020
I did lol
Rangersalad chapter 3 . 8/21/2020
I'm loving your/Hermione's voice in this. The cheeky comments and asides are making me giggle. Love it!
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