Reviews for The Observer Effect
Russetwolf1618 chapter 11 . 21h
Love this story! I really like the personalities of both Laurel and Tony. I hope you're still writing this, though I see it's been some time since the last update. I'll follow your story in the hopes that you willbe writing more of it.
rkusum1920 chapter 1 . 4/7
This is an amazing piece of work...please continue it...great plots with amazing details
Dedicated Reader chapter 11 . 3/31
Still sticking with your story. Do we get an ending to this tale?
FinalCyberNet chapter 11 . 3/20
great story
PrincessMagic chapter 11 . 3/14
wow I loved reading this so so much! A perfect blend on fandoms!
PrincessMagic chapter 9 . 3/14
SO AMAZING and im literally smiliing through all their interactions!
PrincessMagic chapter 6 . 3/14
ha! this is brillaint and i love it!
IAmOutOfIdeas chapter 11 . 3/11
I loathe you for abandoning this. This is an unmatched work of art and you just left it to rot. Shame on you.
Willow4576 chapter 11 . 3/7
are you still active? I loved this story! such a treat jerker! I love how not everything is straight forward between them but at the same time I hated it! I want to see them together so badly! I wish this was longer and I want a sequel too, I want to know what happens next! what Laurel and Tony go through before they get together for real! how Tony confesses to her about the palladium! this was a wonderful story and I will love to reread this later! thank you so much for posting this! ️
OlicityxSkyeWard chapter 1 . 2/27
Sorry to sound ungrateful, I was just wondering if this work has been abandoned or is just on hiatus? It is an amazing read that I would sincerely love for you to continue. Thank you for posting, anyway.
Warga chapter 11 . 2/22
Did you die?
JellyJess chapter 11 . 2/19
This is absolutely epic! Can't wait to read more!
Please don't drop thisssss. Pleaseeee.
TheHandOfTheDarkness chapter 11 . 2/19
Ironic that I criticize slow updates... But that my favourite fanfic of the year has been updated in fec**** 2014 grates on me fiercely c':
Stratre chapter 11 . 2/17
I have absolutly loved this fic. i really wish it wasn't abandoned D:
StoneTheLoner chapter 11 . 2/15
It's such a shame this was left abandoned. It's a great story and it's about to send me on a binge reading journey to scratch the itch of an unfinished, but memorable story.

Thanks for the read, and if you're ever wondering if you should pick it up again the answer is definitely a yes :)
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