Reviews for Twenty Eight
Nymphadoraholtzmann chapter 12 . 7/2
I loved One Hundred and Sixty Nine and I truly adore this as well. Even if you never finish it I just want you to know that I cherish both of these stories and how you've written everyone. Remus and Tonks in this especially, but I also love Severus. He is not usually a character I particularly enjoy but this last chapter with him and Lily is really lovely. Thank you for writing this and 169!
chefke chapter 11 . 6/29
hoisting the sails. hoisting! #tonksnremus
chefke chapter 10 . 6/29
ship made it off shore. the ropes are being pulled in and anchor is away. #tonksnremus
chefke chapter 9 . 6/29
ship is slowly moving away from the dock!
chefke chapter 7 . 6/29
eppppp! they're sharing a room!
chefke chapter 5 . 6/29
new Draco is making me sad
chefke chapter 4 . 6/29
I really love you portray Tonks! can't wait to see more of her!
chefke chapter 3 . 6/29
omg I loooooovvvveeee this
EvanescoVeritas chapter 12 . 6/29
Dear Mrs J,

If you’re still reading reviews, please consider finishing this story. I was up all night reading One Hundred Sixty Nine, and then launched right into this one. They are marvelous, and I’m dying to know how Twenty Eight ends.
Carrie Black chapter 1 . 5/27
TheLoud chapter 12 . 4/25
Fun, a Hogwarts whodunnit. Gimme updates!
arctic-kat chapter 11 . 4/11
it's amazing how delightful this story is! without so much Hermione or much of romance (very fun interactions between Remus & Tonks, is not yet romance lol) it's so much fun and very interesting, can't wait to see what's going on with Draco and all!
eccentricess chapter 12 . 3/27
You have a delightful writing style.
paigesbook chapter 12 . 2/21
Wow. I love this AU you've created and wish we'd get more of it...the characters are so well written and it is just fantastic. I hope real life hasn't interfered with your muse too much and you'll be back at it in 2018. This Hermione is just incredible!
starlington chapter 1 . 2/5
Hoping you update soon!
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