Reviews for Designated Hitter
Guest chapter 1 . 1/19
This story walked so Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez could run.
Paliia chapter 33 . 12/24/2023
Enjoyed the story. Thanks for sharing :3
RingTheBella chapter 22 . 9/8/2023
wow, Carlisle is being quite the asshole.
before turning down the Baylor job, a smart person would have confirmed the other job was still available first... Bella should know better. hope that doesn't come back to bite her.
RingTheBella chapter 13 . 9/5/2023
several characters seem concerned about how Bella hurt Edward. and how if she had cared, she would have tried to get in touch with him after he had a few days to calm down. the way I see it, not only did he break up with her, but he did so at her place of employment by shouting at her. she had no reason to think that he wouldn't ignore her if she called or shut the door in her face if she showed up where he lived. I think if he calmed down and decided he wanted to talk about things, it should have been up to him to make contact.
RingTheBella chapter 9 . 9/5/2023
I just finished reading a story where the author alternated between past and present every other chapter. I found that rather frustrating as a reader because you just get in the flow of one of them and then you have to switch and you can't remember where the other left off. I am glad that you are giving us all of the past chapters in a row before switching back to the future
kitkat3051 chapter 32 . 8/3/2023
absolutely loved this story!
kneon chapter 33 . 4/30/2023
loved the story. thanks for sharing.
PCCTwiFF23 chapter 32 . 3/30/2023
So, while I loved the entire story, including Edward's chapters, I never got over the fact that Edward's closest friends are assholes... not only to Bella, but to Edward himself. They're all judgemental, and even after they attempted to make ammends with Bella, especially Alice, I never got over their attitudes towards these lovebirds. Don't get me wrong, Edward and Bella had their definitive issues but to me, they loved their control over Edward's life decisions. I know Bella never really warmed back up to Kate (deservedly so) but I think Alice deserved way more ire than Bella had dished towards her. I really found Alice to be entirely too controlling and judgemental of Bella since the beginning-a dialed-down version of her sister Cynthia's attitude toward Bella. Anyway, just my two cents worth. I really am appreciative of your sharing your imagination and creativity with us even with a doctor's schedule, after all these years!
PCCTwiFF23 chapter 27 . 3/30/2023
In relation to your AN about revisiting the story based on the reviewer who told you that we're still here... yes, we are! I'm rereading this even after a couple of years after your mention of covid. I work in a hospital and exactly 3 years after the masking regulations and shut downs began, my hospital just relaxed the masking criterion for only direct patient care on the units. Meaning, we're free to walk along the non-patient care floors, maskless. I honestly felt weird walking around without one. So much so that when I arrived for work, I DID walk in with a mask but did leave it off the rest of the day.

And to this day, I have yet to read Midnight Sun, even though I've had a borrowed copy on my bedside table for months now. I just can't bring myself to get into Edward's head because of some things that I heard about regarding Edward's intentions. And I normally love angst in fanfiction. Maybe I'm afraid of what the source material will do to change my views. I don't know. I'll just have to buck up. Anyway, despite your insistence in your ANs that each update was the last, you still have about 6 left for me to read. Thank you for finding your live for them again!
ugh chapter 1 . 3/26/2023
everyone in this story was supremely unlikable. i could tell this was a self-insert story from the first paragraph.
Senorfrogs chapter 33 . 1/30/2023
Super Nice story ️
Senorfrogs chapter 24 . 1/29/2023
Super sweet
Jillgrab chapter 33 . 6/24/2022
I love this story! I’d love to see what happens later in their lives and careers.
Jillgrab chapter 21 . 6/24/2022
Uh oh. I have so many thoughts and questions but j hate leaving reviews that give away the story. I’m just going to say this is a really good plot and not at all how I thought things would come about.
Jillgrab chapter 20 . 6/24/2022
Jaw drop, eyes huge. What a cliff hanger!
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