Reviews for The Token
artemisgirl chapter 21 . 11/19/2022
This was lovely! I really enjoyed this. Well done you for your first fanfiction, too!
EndlessRdr2022 chapter 21 . 8/22/2022
A lovely little story. Thanks!
KayeHillson chapter 21 . 8/3/2022
Such a wonderful story! Thank you so much for writing it 3
Fawkes in sox chapter 17 . 8/2/2022
Really enjoying the story so far! just wondering if this chapter is really supposed to start with 3 weeks later? seems like it's picking up just hours later
Triniti Shadow chapter 21 . 6/24/2022
A truly heartbreaking story. I almost didn't read it because of the long period of time Hermione suffered. I am too compassionate for such dramatic stories and just skimmed the rest of the story until the end. Thanks anyway !
alisha8705 chapter 21 . 5/16/2022
This was a fantastic story. I laughed. I cried. I remembered my mom as well. Thank you for a lovely story and a week of fond memories of watching Harry Potter with my mom and trying to explain what actually happened in the books because she wasn’t a reader and didn’t understand why the movies frustrated me so much.
BasilDuvaaal chapter 21 . 5/11/2022
What a truly lovey story. Well, I mean, other than the stealing women's free will, beating, raping and killing parts. lol. Seriously though, I really enjoyed this and think posting it to honor the memory of your Mom was a beautiful tribute to her. Thanks for sharing this with us.
erm31323 chapter 21 . 5/7/2022
I loved this. The mystery of it all and the development of Hermione and Draco's relationship. I'm so glad that Lucius came around in the end. Adored the ending!
erm31323 chapter 10 . 5/6/2022
Heartbreaking what has been happening to Hermione. I had a feeling she was still in the house somewhere. Nervous to find what kind of shape she is in but I'm so glad that Ron will be gone. And love that Lucius showed up in the courtroom.
erm31323 chapter 4 . 5/6/2022
I love the mystery of all this! Also enjoying Harry and Draco's relationship.
Amayita01 chapter 10 . 4/18/2022
I see no chapter it says retry!
Inevitable385 chapter 21 . 4/13/2022
That was a beautiful story, sorry for your loss.
Guest chapter 21 . 2/28/2022
Holy. Mother of Merlin. How in the world am I just discovering this story of yours?! Sweetie, omg this story was perfect. Just absolutely perfect from start to finish. Like I opened it thinking I was gonna skim and put it on pause until next weekend.
dadada0203 chapter 21 . 2/10/2022
This story was amazing and so well done!
Guest chapter 21 . 12/17/2021
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