Reviews for Caught in the Flames
hawkeye1958 chapter 176 . 6/15
great story
hawkeye1958 chapter 80 . 6/9
hawkeye1958 chapter 37 . 6/4
great story
Patriciadiane chapter 175 . 4/9
Another baby yeah. A boy, please. Leah needs to find her true love
Patriciadiane chapter 174 . 4/9
I'm thinking that Harold's present will be priceless one day and pay for Marie's college.
Patriciadiane chapter 173 . 4/9
Love the wedding chapter
Patriciadiane chapter 172 . 4/9
I want both Em and Leah to find love.
This chapter had so much love and fun. Baby Marie is much loved and cared for by all.
Patriciadiane chapter 171 . 4/9
Charlie has always been one of my favorites and in his own way his mistakes were made out of love.
Patriciadiane chapter 170 . 4/9
The accolades for Edward made me tear up

Leave it to Bella the Queen of Timing
Patriciadiane chapter 169 . 4/9
I like that moving on and moving up. Am I correct in thinking that Em doesn't realize that Edwar is okay financially?
Patriciadiane chapter 168 . 4/9
Emmett is upset. Did I miss something? Aside from Edward and the remarks he took offense to earlier.
Patriciadiane chapter 167 . 4/9
His life and the lives of others were dependent on his strength. His ability to move as well as his identity his sensitivity and lack of patience with himself are understandable.
Bella is so supportive and loves him - - - all of him
Patriciadiane chapter 166 . 4/9
So glad that they get to enjoy their baby blessing and Edward the Wiz is in medical school. Will Bella go back to work?
Patriciadiane chapter 165 . 4/9
love the baby love the whole farting cracked me up
Patriciadiane chapter 164 . 4/9
I hope that baby is okay regardless of her nicu experience
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