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Tundra of Hell chapter 23 . 8/6
Love the chapter as usual however ... I forget where but you use the word "buy" when you need the word "by". Keep up the good work!
Shuckle Master chapter 23 . 8/5
Uggggh sorry man, but I'm finally getting around to this.

Alakazam is finally complete as a character, and that letter felt so incredibly authentic and fatherly it brought a tear to my eye. I wonder what exactly happened between the two of them?

Bisharp and Toxicroak have an awesome dynamic, and in a way, they were the protagonists in this chapter. Toxicroak is totally in the right. I'm just worried what'd happen if Bisharp had to pick between winning and Toxicroak.

Speaking of good dynamics, I really like Luxray and Noivern's relationship. Noivern is one of the few that'd actually be affected by Luxray's electric signals, but because of her similar disposition and just generally being one of the most empathetic people ever seem to make them null and void. Very underrated dynamic duo.

Loved the chapter, as usual!
The Desert Dancer chapter 23 . 7/30
Glad to see you are back :)

Loved this Chapter, really felt Alakazam and Crobat shined here, and Toxicroak was the MVP. Luxray and Krookodile had a pretty awesome scene, and I just loved it from beginning to end. Awesome job, keep up the good work!


The Desert Dancer
xebla chapter 23 . 7/30
Hard to believe it’d been three years since this season had started. It was always satisfying to learn that the next chapter of this amazing story was up. I’m going to miss this when the story is finally over. And like I’ve said, if you just want to chat with someone, I’m here, okay?

I’m with Gengar on this; how the hell did Gardevoir manage to get Bronzong a DATE?! I so wanna hear details about this when we’d see him again!

Don’t worry, you were doing fine with Heatran. You just made it clear for everyone to know. And thanks for answering regarding the relationship between normal and Legendary Pokemon. I’ve been wondering how it would’ve worked had it happened. I also don’t blame the ladies for swooning over Swampert. I mean, he represented everything the ladies, and some guys, wanted for a dream guy. I know I do. (I let out a dreamy sigh)

Bless Mamoswine for wanting to help Krookodile despite being eliminated because of him. I hope he’ll do something to make Krookodile’s life a little better.

Charizard wanted to talk to Garchomp about something? I don’t share the same enthusiasm as Mamoswine, but we could be seeing a relationship reforming.

Man, Vileplume did an amazing job creating this challenge! Definitely one of the best challenges in the series! I could imagine seeing myself inside the Starter Pyramid and explore all four different mazes.

First off, Luxray and Noivern’s personalities and natures played off each other well and came so close to winning the challenge. Goodhearted comedy friendship was needed at this point. Until now, I don’t think these two had had a proper interaction with Kabutops. I can’t believed how much I enjoyed reading about them!

Luxray and Noivern’s hyperactive personalities and Kabutops’s wise, juvenile personality mixed so well! The one thing they had in common was a mutual dislike for Krookodile. So far that, they compromised and helped each other to reach the end of the challenge. I would love to see them together more often. With the cast down to only twelve players left, the chances are quite high.

I believed Luxray was followed Mamoswine’s path and wanted to understand Krookodile’s negative personality.

Krookodile lived in a world where he couldn’t afford to show weaknesses. He probably had so many bad experiences with other people, it wired his mind to believe that if your show any kindness, you’d be knocked down and lose everything you had. Perhaps that’s why he wouldn’t let up his sabotaging. Whether he decided to do that, it was too late. I’d bet as soon as he’s up for elimination, he’s gone. I couldn’t see him lasting much longer.

The last time Toxicroak had large screentime was Mewtwo’s cooking challenge. So I was pleased he received that again and making it his best episode by far! We’d get to see his inner thoughts regarding the game and his relationship with Bisharp and the alliance. He showed that he cared about Bisharp despite his sometimes harsh plans.

My favourite scene with him was when he was talking to Medicham about her conflict with Bisharp, and the game’s morality. This wasn’t Island nor World Tour where contestants can reach the finale by being nice. That had passed. The truth was, there was no right way to win. Every player in this series had their own ways of playing the game. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it doesn’t. The game tested your mental and physical skills. If you can’t overcome your adversities, the only destination you can reach was home. I was surprised Toxicroak was aware of that, but that just made me like him even more. And it threw off Medicham a bit, which was a bonus.

A reviewer raised a good point – how did Medicham did not know about Toxicroak’s alliance with Bisharp, Hypno, and Trevenant? If she had re-watched the whole season, wouldn’t she’d be aware of it as she rejoined the game? Or at least warned the other remaining competitors?

Back on topic. Toxicroak had proven that Team Night was another force to be reckoned with. He had moments where it allowed him and Bisharp to excel in this challenge. He even scarified himself so Bisharp would claim immunity. The fact that Bisharp called him a friend in the end was a good subtle development. I don’t know who were the true stars in this episode, but I have a feeling Toxicroak was one of them.

I still believe he could be Mister B, but I’m kinda hoping he isn’t. Same with Bisharp since it’d be too obvious. If it is one of them, I wonder how would they react to the revelation. I definitely like those two more this time.

Right now, I have another person who I believe to be Mister B – Crobat.

He could fly, so he could place a note somewhere and fly away before anyone would notice. With his curse had ended, he could test his luck by risking his life in the game twice. It would also be a good way to remove suspicions from him. Team Storm knew they were targeted, and Crobat knew about Team Storm. He did mentioned them with Honchkrow at one point.

He could’ve kept it a secret from Honchkrow so her reaction would be real whenever Mister B make their move. And who figured out their name? That’s right, Crobat.

I don’t know if it really is Crobat or not, but I’m hoping to be right because that would make him a more powerful player. He’s one of the contestants who I wanted to win the most. I have a question, this whole notes thing, was that inspired by Noah from Total Shuffled Series?

Another brilliant episode for the Flying Mafia! With tensions risen from the previous episode, they had a rough start. Honchkrow had been smoking more cigars to the point where Crobat had CONSIDERED doing the same. Good thing his girlfriend had stopped him before he picked up a nasty habit. Did my suggestion of drawing a picture of him smoking Honchkrow’s cigar had an influence in this?

The scenes between Honchkrow and Alakazam were one of my favourite moments. They finally had a showdown, only for Honchkrow to discover that all the taunting and battling had been nothing more than Alakazam’s idea of hobby. I don’t blame her for being dumbfounded about it. The idea that your rival was doing all that for fun can be bizarre.

Once they’d calm down, they shared a conversation regarding many things. How they can be lonely due to their skills made others feel inferior. How they were lucky to have important people in their life.

And in the end, they became friends. I wish they were real so I’d become their friend. All in all, it was pleasant reading two of my favourite characters chatting to each other. I can relate to both of them regarding their lack of friends. :)

With the right words, Crobat single-handedly saved his girlfriend from elimination and persuade the others to vote off Alakazam instead. Not happy about it, but I think the Flying Mafia deserves to stay a little longer. With their battle with Alakazam had finally come to a close, I’m worried that they could be going home soon. If this series had taught me anything, was that sometimes, when one plot had finished, you could receive an automatic ticket to elimination. It happened with the Fire Dogs Love Triangles, and Mightyena and Arcanine.

I was pleased to see the Flying Mafia were back on good term again! Not to mention, it was the first time since last season we got to see them kissing on lips. Well, lips to beaks really.

Alakazam: First season, his overall edgic was CPN. World Tour was CPM. This season? CPP. That’s developments. That’s developments right there. But you know the sad thing about eliminating someone? You’d see less of them during the rest of the story. Anyway, during the beginning, I can understand why you sometimes regret evolving him. It made him felt like a Gary-Sue character. He was a leader. An attractive girlfriend alongside him. Other characters liking him. And his arch nemesis was defeated twice. He seemed to have it all. That was, until another enemy came in and knocked down his smugness.

During the dating challenge, he revealed he didn’t have any idea desire for money. Only victory. That was when I realized he wasn’t going to win. So at the time, I thought he was going to be eliminated soon. SO glad I was wrong! As he reached all the way to merge for the third times, he had a feud with the Flying Mafia and Bronzong. Both conflicts had been satisfying to read. He had his ups and downs, especially with his Mega Evolution. All that times, it showed us the real Alakazam. It made me loved him more than ever.

In the end, he left with no money, but managed to win everything no amount of money could buy. He proposed to the love of his life. The other characters accepted him as their friend. And to the most surprising, and yet best of all; he received a letter from his father, saying that he loved him, apologizing for his lack of love, and willing to open his door for him anytime. This surprised him so much, he started crying; something I’d NEVER thought it would happen. To me, that was the best way to end his series arc. He finally earned his happy ending.

He’s now the first eliminated contestant to have at least two paragraphs about him. Given how he was one of my favourite characters, and how far he had come, he earned it. Thank you for creating this incredible character.

By the way, is anyone else will evolve before this season would end? Just wondering. Goodness me, this is the longest review I've ever written. I hope you like it! :)
DreamWings231 chapter 23 . 7/28
I love all the character development and ITS SO GOOD AND WELL WRITTEN and I love it all.
R. Recollect chapter 23 . 7/28
Once again, we're hit with a massive challenge! I can't help but wonder if the former contestants have some kind of pool going over who can make the most daunting challenge? I daresay Cacturne and Vileplume are top contenders in that regard.

I'm happy to see that the old villains from Season 1 have reached the top of the Hierarchy of Needs; Self Actualization. If not, then at the very least they're on the verge of it. Alakazam's got nothing but happiness to look forward to in life; and nothing from the previous seasons or outside the show is holding him back anymore. Weavile's made more tentative steps towards that goal, but I'll be damned if her progress isn't monumental. If there were a Villains' Anonymous like I mentioned in an earlier review, I'd say those two are the closest to graduating.

Also, how the hell did Gothitelle stay in the dark about Alakazam's proposal when everyone was still watching the show from the Total Pokemon Party area? Just curious.

Meanwhile, the tension between Krookodile and practically everyone else is inching ever closer to its flashpoint. The immunity has run out, and we're seeing the crafty croc's remorseless facade begin to crack. Is it regret? Doubt? I don't know, but I sincerely doubt that he can withstand doing this forever. Same goes for Bisharp. We're inching ever closer to his motives. I'm dying to find out what they are. Also, Toxicroak is a subordinate with class. Loyalty to the very end is something I admire, but on the other hand, I'm way too much of an individualist to fully empathize with him.

Finally, the biggest question I have is: Why the living Konami hasn't Banette told Mew about his deal with Giratina? Is he waiting for some big moment, or is he avoiding unfair retribution ala evil-pink-host? Either way, I can just imagine the look on Mew's face when he finds out that he's officially the newest top of Banette's Shit List, and when Banette starts to go all-out like he did with Mewtwo.

Thanks for the chapter, and I'm sorry to hear about all this crap you've gone through! I just went through a gauntlet of medical shit myself, (for the love of god, don't ask) so I can kinda relate! I hope you keep up the good work!

Without Wax,

The Jack of Broken Hearts chapter 23 . 7/28
Ok I've been following this series for a while, and here are my thoughts:
I think this has been implied, but you will never let the antagonist win the show. For that reason, from a reader's POV, its rather predictable (e.g. like an Avengers movie where you know the "good guys" will win, no matter how bad the circumstances are.) Following that chain of logic, I do not expect Bisharp nor Krookodile to win.
With regards to Mister B and the character's true identity, it is the case whereby there are several circumstances where I would be disappointed in you as an author. These include Krookodile, Bisharp, Gliscor, Noivern, Luxray and Banette.
Let me explain why: Krookodile is too obvious and I predict that he will be scapegoated. I also know that he isn't Mister B. Bronzong knows what his handwriting is like and wouldn't miss the similarity in the handwriting of the notes. I reckon he would have revealed him to Banette. Even so, I doubt Krookodile would have slipped up in this fashion but I could be wrong.
Bisharp; probably the most obvious character. It is his style, and prior to this chapter, he didn't consider Toxicroak a friend, which makes me believe that he wouldn't mind sacrificing him. Another detail revealed this chapter is that Mister B is apparently targeting Team Storm. It was revealed in the trivia challenge that he had watched the first 2 seasons, so he would likely know of them. As a result, I would be disappointed with you for making him the culprit. But you could throw a plot twist like in Unova Mansion...
Gliscor/Noivern/Luxray: no motive, and if they are the culprit, it seems to be done just for the sake of having a plot twist.
Banette: I personally don't like the character and whilst him being Mister B would cause drama, I highly doubt he's stupid enough to call the character Mister B. Moreover, its not really his style and my reasons for being disappointed would be similar to if it was Gliscor/Luxray.
But other than that, I'll say this was a good chapter and keep up the good work.
maycontestdrew chapter 23 . 7/28
My dude, what is there to say?

Okay, so I've preeetty much binge-read almost every story in this crossover community (TPI, TPA, TPWT and Redux), and whew. The journey so far has been breathtaking! I'm sorry for never being able to post a review earlier - it would just be so much easier for you if I did one.

So, regarding your other stories, I feel very lucky to actually have binge-read all your series in a short period of time - because it really highlighted how much your writing has grown over time, as well as the maturity of your themes and the complexion of your characters. Honestly, Total Pokemon Island was a little difficult for me to read because of the several grammar errors that were scattered here and there, but the plot was intriguing and all the characters were fabulous.

Then, as you progressed, those grammar errors slowly started to die and my life was happy. Very happy!

Like, seriously, dude, I can totally see why everyone aspires to write like you. You totally deserve all the respect you have - you've created your own legacy on FanFiction and you should be very proud of yourself. You've inspired so many people, so seriously, thank you!

Now, onto this chapter!

It really is nice to see Weavile and Alakazam get along these days, isn't it? XD But ooooh, I'm worried for Alakazam - if things are getting good, it's never a good sign. Because, on a roller coaster, once you hit the top, the only thing left is for you to come crashing dooown. 'He's just a bit prickly' - I laughed at that, mainly because that entire scene started out with 'Jeez, Bisharp was in one of his moods' - XD Great juxtaposition there!

And Crobat is, no joke, one of the most relatable contestants here. He has basically broken down the biggest issue that is prevalent in lots of relationships - the clinginesss. AND AHHHH VILEPLUME! I'm getting so nostalgic! This reminds me of lil baby Oddish! So much has changed! I feel so randomly old right now. Argh, stop making me feelsy, Amphi. It's so fun seeing this newer cast react to Vileplume though, but I don't blame them for being so sceptical - it's not every day you see an adorable and chirpy person win against the army of anti-heroes.

Also, mini suggestion! I'm being really nitpicky because your story is already 11/10, but you use 'said' a lot. Perhaps you could do a bit of variation and use words that would reinforce more emotion to the quotation being said? I know it's sooo hard finding the perfect word, but that's just a mini suggestion.

I really loved that moment where the contestants had to choose which type they would go up against first. It's so interesting to see their contrasting personalities solely based on what they chose - some like to be strategic, some are determined and bold, and some are absolutely beautifully interesting. Such as my dear Luxray. XD Oh Lord Magikarp, Luxray makes me happy. Also, whenever someone ends their speech on 'yo' (I'm looking at you, Noivern), I always think of Team Skull. And HAHAHA! Poor Kabutops and the Bellsprout. You? Scared? Noo... XD And honestly, Luxray and Noivern's interactions always make me so happy. Luxray is officially my spirit animal. Batshit insane, but still my aspiration.

HAHAHAH Poor Weavile! 'THERE IS LAVA IN THE FIRE MAZE!' - Struggles of being an ice-type, hey? And whoops, I forgot to keep reviewing because I was swept away by the intensity of the rest of the chapter. Sorry! But hey, that was an excellent challenge! So intense, and it had tred that fine line between action and humour, which was lovely.

And aww, poor Alakazamee. Wow, Crobat - wow. And goodness, a mystery without his help. RIP. That was kind of inspiring but sad and melancholic as well. AND HOLY LORD MAGIKARP, THE END! SO MANY FEELS! Looks like Papa Zammie doesn't hate you, Alakazameeee! Aww, that's so sweet. So so sweet. Whew, my feels - I cant' handle it!

Well done~
dragonrush chapter 23 . 7/27
Dark Punxysaur chapter 23 . 7/27
What a happy ending for Alakazam there.
LA Wolf chapter 23 . 7/27
Omigod a new chapter yaaaaay!

Alakazam leaves, to be honest I didn't expect him to get very far after the merge, but I definitely wasn't expecting him to make a truce with Honchcrow.

The last scene was so cute! Good for Alakazam :D

No new info about Mr. B though :( I could see it being Toxicroak to try and help Bisharp (I always picture Toxicroak as a Greninja for some reason...)

I would really like for Weavile to win, she's my second favourite character this season. Luxray's my favourite but I don't think she'll win, she's too spontaneous.

Looking forward to the next chapter, good luck!
TheMasterKat chapter 23 . 7/27
That was...that was beautiful *tearing up a little*.

I have to tip my hat off to Alakazam. When I looked at the note from the last chapter, I kinda knew it would be either him, Honchcrow, or both being eliminated this time. Guess I was right. Still, he really made me smile. He somehow made a truce with Honchcrow, he may finally have more than just Gothitelle and Weavile as people to talk to, things may actually be okay between him and his father, and now he and Gothitelle are getting married! Congratulations to the happy couple!

As for his old feud with Honchcrow, I think it ended better than if you had gone with my idea. I'm glad you didn't, to be honest. I don't know if they will always agree, but it's a start. And hey, everything leading up to it was fun.

You know how there are love triangles? I now see a rivalry triangle. Luxray, Kabutops, and Krookodile. I love both Luxray and Kabutops, and I have no idea who will triumph over the sneaky crocodile. Can't wait to find out. Despite that, I feel a little pity for Krookodile now. His life must have been even more hell than Honchcrow's, and she had to have become a gang leader somehow.

Crobat and Honchcrow? I am super happy they were able to work things out in the end. And I am super proud of Crobat, able to rescue his lady from elimination on his own. True, he eliminated my favorite male competitor in the process, but that's water under the bridge.

As for Bisharp and Toxicroak, I like how they got to shine as a team this episode, but it worries me. Bisharp has already eliminated his own teammates pre-merge. I fear Toxicroak may end up betrayed, despite what happened in the maze.

In Total Pokemon Party, I see things may be okay between Garchomp and Charizard, though they may not be ready to get back together. And Trapinch still needs to get over it.

Mr. B kept low this time, but several more options can now be removed. Not Medicham, she came back after the first note. Crobat has been taken off my suspicion list, and so has Honchcrow. No way they would risk Crobat twice. Kabutops can't hold a pencil. That leaves Bisharp, Banette, Luxray, Toxicroak, Noivern, Krookodile, Gliscor, and Weavile. I used to think it wasn't Banette, but then I remember his Mega Evolution. What if a bit of that evil stayed after he turned back to normal? Alakazam had valid reasons not to believe the rest, but you never know. Luxray is also a prime target. Why? Do I have to ask?

As for next episode, I have no idea what's going to happen just from the teaser, but I can tell Honchcrow will not last much longer in the game. "Strongest contestant". Warning sign.

That's pretty much it from me. Noivern for the win!
Kiue Jin chapter 23 . 7/27
I'm glad that things are working out for Alakazam. Seeing him legit happy like this makes me smile.

I... can't really hate Krookodile's viewpoint even through I know how wrong it is. Changing as a person is very difficult... even more so when you have no opportunity to do so or even know where to start. It's a vicious and tragic spiral that few if anyone can ever break free of. Him winning that prize money might actually be his only chance to get out of such a wretched existence... Sad as it is through, he's made his bed, now he has to deal with what comes next win or lose and I think deep down he knows that. The only chance he has now is to double down and do everything in his power to win immunity because the moment he loses it, he's gone. He's made to many enemies by this point not to.

As for Bisharp and Toxicroak... I'm reminded of a quote from Terry Pratchet's discworld series about the relationship between a ruler and their kingdom. "A kingdom is like a dog. A dog doesn't care if its master is good or evil, just so long as they care about the dog." That being said, I see Bisharp and Toxicroak having a wonderfully healthy friendship with each other that's no doubt going to last beyond the show itself...

I think I've said it before that when it reaches the point where only one of them will be able to keep going in the game, its not going to be a backstab drama like the rest of Team Night; It seems very much in their characters to accept that this moment had finally come and make it a proper respectful duel between each other so that there is no hard feels win or lose rather then end it with a backstab or a sucker punch. Bisharp is many things, but I can't help but feel that he would at least reward Toxicroak's loyalty and friendship by giving him the chance to fight for the spot rather then just throwing him aside like the rest of the trash that they allied with in the past.
Fallenstreet01 chapter 23 . 7/27
Oh man, welcome back!
No matter how many time passes, your chapters are always well received!
This time's challenge was really impressive, no wonder why it took so long. The numbers are thinning more and more, but the writting never seems to do the same.
That choice between Honchcrow and Alakazam was hard, but honestly I had to choose between both of them, I'd go for her as well.
Still everything turned out well for everyone, Crobat and her gangster girl cleared up everything and now they're better than ever, and Alakazam... what can I say about him? He got the girl, he got the friends, he got a chance with his father, it feels as if he actually won the big prize in the end. By the way, I loved the enterity of that scene, it was so touching right from beginning til the end.
And Krookodile's inmunity is finally over! No matter how much you try to redeem him, at this point you'll never make me like him, I stand with Garchomp there!
Anyway, it was good to see some action from you, I'm looking forward for next chapter which I hope it doesn't take too long to be up here.
TheItchyCocoon chapter 23 . 7/26
Man, it is so refreshing to have a new chapter to read!I hope life is treating you better at this point!

This chapter was very much worth the wait, with so many twists and turns, this is certainly one of your best chapters to date. The ending though...Damn, that was a good ending, and im glad to see those two finally got around to it. I keep picturing Bronzong getting a nervous twitch everytime someone said lava in this chapter as well lol.

No Mister B this chapter...Hmm...And you've kind of taken my latest theory of whom he is and trashed it, Toxicroak was my newest prime suspect. Welp, back to the drawing board!
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