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Guest chapter 16 . 11/29
Good chapter! It was pretty revealing for Banette, and I hope everything goes better with Bellsprout! Bisharp is really growing into his villain role, isn't he?
Also this bit made me laugh really hard for some reason (just the way I imagine Mew's voice I guess):

"That barren piece of shit?" snapped Krookodile. "Joy. So, what is there for us to find there?"

"Absolutely nothing! It's really the worst!"
Guest chapter 15 . 11/29
Such a great chapter! There was tons of stuff I liked (it's my favourite chapter so far), but some highlights for me were Gliscor and Noivern becoming a couple, Banette and Bronzong's discussions, more insight into your universe, and Kabutops about his Tyrunt.
Also, holy crap Bisharp! He's really developing as a character and I'm quite interested in his backstory. But damn that was a cold move at the end of the chapter
Really great!
Guest chapter 12 . 11/27
Really liked these lyrics from Weavile

Happiness is just a ghost to me...

The Sheer Cold is Bold
But I know inside it's my heart
That's icy cold...

Also Banette's song was really dark but I defi it Ely liked it.
Mamoswine and Luxray are so cute!
Good to see Gliscor healing a bit, I really feel for the guy
Guest chapter 7 . 11/26
I liked seeing the differences between Bisharp and Hypno in their alliances. Also Scizor and Kabutops kicking butt! And look at Bronzong... being helpful for a change. .. he really has developed as a character
lightningmatt chapter 21 . 11/22
also i got this great idea for this... story thing.

I'm obsessed with ninja warrior. in a nutshell, four-stage obstacle course, from japan, made by nbc, really difficult, SASUKE 33 COMING SOOOOOOON!

link for some info for it:

Anyways, i would need your permission for characters to make it a reality.
any update on charizard and garchomp? they are officially my favorite pairing.

and yeah, thats all
-MD (yes that's my initials. sorry for rambling, made this at night.)
Sun Demigod chapter 21 . 11/15
Plz make the next chapter soon!
Sun Demigod chapter 20 . 11/15
Can't wait for the next chap!
Zlaxe chapter 21 . 11/8
Hello there! Just to give you a heads up, I'm sorry if I may sounded rude, a jerk, and/or disorganized in this review. It's been awhile since I reviewed on this site, but I'm already getting back on how I do it. Also, I may go back and forth between the last update and this one. So onto the review!

Great updates as always. The Poke-Olympics was very entertaining. Yeah it was long but I like long chapters. Although, Bronzong gave me mixed emotions during his match against Hunchcrow. I hate what he did to her but felt it was justified to what he did... somehow, I don't know.

Speaking of the gangster bird. I can't wait to see what she and Crobat will do to Alakazam in the future. Will she win against him by her methods or his? Speaking of vendettas, Krookodile and Bisharp. I'll go with the latter first.

It was nice to see emotions during the date scene. AND his "slight" temptation, if any, to buy that laptop. I was so sure he bought that thing anyway after Medicham tricked him. Eh, it won't matter now judging by his anger here, writing won't help with that... I think...

Now onto Medicham, real quick. Okay, did she somehow forget that truce between her and Bisharp? Because if she thinks their truce is still valid, hoo boy... She's into a nasty shock, and guilt may come into factor next elimination.

Okay, to Krookodile... I both hate him and like him. Seriously, knowing his history kinda show he can still change his attitude but the way he directs it to Mamo was unjustified and a tiny bit suspicious. Is his family the reason he was like that or just one of his parents? That question came to mind everytime he glares at Mamo. Although, maybe he was being blunt and he hates EVERY rich and abled pokemon.

I really love Luxy, she's still number on my list. A few got close to her, but still lacking something to knock her down. Although, I do have mixed feelings about her "sponsorship" with Noivern's Band. Mamo said she likes switching jobs, so yeah... Speaking of which...

I was surprised he got eliminated. I should have paid attention more to see that coming. Oh well, at least one more member and sorta the unofficial leader of Team Vent is still in the game... I really, REALLY hope Luxy gets to at least top ten before getting eliminated... Or at least AFTER Krookdile is gone, with or without her influence. Although, I would like the latter more. Hey, she redesigned a whole plane to become her equivalent to, I think, an atomic bomb or nuke. Her plan to get Krookodile eliminated or severely injured and/or traumatized? *happy sigh*

And finally, Dragonites party... Wow, that place get's unnecessary drama from the show. Some were entertaining, while some were good. Most of them were kinda like an epilogue or closure from past seasons and this one. I mean, their personal story is still going, even though we don't see it. At least that's how I see it...

Well, I think that's about it. Again, great updates, keep up the great work and as always, can't wait for the next updates! Byez!
Sai Og Sus chapter 14 . 10/31
Aw, I like Swampert. But that's kind of true. If he made it to the final and his opponent isn't Grass-Type, he wrecked it all.
Ah, that was very exciting. I really love pirate theme. Mega Gengar stole it though. I guess you also inspired him from Max (TD Pahkitew Island)?
Still like Bisharp.
Sai Og Sus chapter 13 . 10/18
Had to admit, the Total Pokemon Lawsuit Team are very good avoiding the sues after breaking into their privacy. Hell, I'm surprised there are no parody of some popular movies yet.
(Speaking of which, what are the odd of Total Pokemon Action happening?)
Gengar's secret was... awesome.
Brawl! Face-offs! Woohoo!
That Guy chapter 21 . 10/15
Always loved you fics and the twists.
So Electrode is the host and Krookodile is Mr Blanc are my two enjoy this fic. Thank for writing.
xebla chapter 21 . 10/15
If you're reading this, you should know that I created a logo for TPWT. It's on the DA's FanFiction Wikia. I hope you like it.
Gardevoir was trying to get Bronzong a date? That's an impossible goal, but I wish her good luck! They had some great interactions. Their one-sided friendship was the best I've ever seen! :D

Wow. Never thought I'd see Lapras impatient. Did she hear about Mismagius and Ninetales's relationship issues a lot?

Quite fascinating to learn more about the Legendary Pokemon. What else is there to know? By the way, was Zapdos's a boy or a girl?

Trapinch STILL haven't moved on from Diglett? I thought that happened last season! Poor Diglett. Actually, poor Cacturne. Having to deal with three drunken men.

There weren't many contestants left for any potential bandmate. If Luxray wasn't joining them, who left to fill the spots? And how many does Noivern need to form a band? I liked the idea of Noivern was trying to form a band during the game. Not something you'd see often. As for potential bandmates, I can see Toxicroak's joining them. If he was a human, he'd looked the part. Similar case with Gengar since he loved to party.

Speaking of Gengar, I felt for that guy. He got teased for not taking a step further with his relationship with Froslass. New flash, Kabutops, not everyone had sex and not as much as you and Scizor did! each relationship had their own speed. If they want to take it slow, then let them. I wonder how Froslass will react to all this.

You know, I'm actually hoping Gengar is a virgin. That would be a huge surprise to everyone and break the party guy's stereotype. There are people like him out there has their own speed. Froslass might've loved him more for that.

Gengar had a close shaved and would've been eliminated had not for Mamoswine. He may have had lost his lucky coin, he received a lucky break.

Once again, Alakazam and the Mafia gang, (If you can call them that) had faced off in a good showdown. Alakazam may be alone, but he was right about one thing, though Crobat and Honchkrow were each other's only ally. Team stage was one thing, but the merge was a whole different story. Now that they've gotten to the final fourteen, Crobat realized that he and Honchkrow need new allies soon. I have a good feeling they're getting a bigger role in the next episode.

The fun-fair challenge was well, fun! It was different and provided interactions amongst the remaining contestants. I loved the idea of the contestants buying immunity tickets. The best part was the tickets provided how many episodes to be immune.

It was nice seeing familiar faces during the challenges. At least Gliscor didn't have to see Pidgeot. Speaking of her, (Damn you, Kabutops!) how far did both of them gets? I assume they didn't since you've already had several contestants losing their virginities. That's right. I still have the list, DA!

I enjoyed that moment between Mamoswine and Krookodile. While the latter can be a nasty piece of work, he had his reasons for it. Sometimes, we take life for granted, not knowing how others were far off worse. That was the main reason why I never envy other people's life - because you don't know their full story. I don't think he had a family...

So Alakazam and Luxray are in the final thirteen whereas Krookodile's final twelve. Even without the immunities, I can see them lasting a bit longer than that.

By the way, did Garchomp reverted into Gabite? You had her name wrong.

When Gengar told his friends he needed immunity, I was confused. But then I thought back to the flash and the malevolent laughter and the rule-breaking. That's when I realized that Gengar had Mega-Evolved. From that moment on, I really thought he would be eliminated.

Mamoswine: A second double positive edit on his exit elimination? A new record! He singlehandedly saved Gengar by exploiting loopholes! He had studied! But unfortunately, by saving him, he got eliminated instead. I wasn't expecting him to return since at the time, I thought Charizard would return. I was fine with this nevertheless because he provided conflict with Krookodile. That moment at the hot dog eating contest was my favorite because he became guilty after hearing Krookodile's backstory. They both had a completely different life. As I said before, I knew he wouldn't win since he was a previous runner-up. At the very least, he had more double positive edits than anybody in the competition.

So Bisharp and Medicham had ended their short truce and Banette and Weavile had sex. This had been a good episode. I looks forward to seeing how the next episode will fare.

Keep up the great work, my friend! :D
Sai Og Sus chapter 12 . 10/14
Ah, I had a lot of fun singing along to the songs you write. Some were easy, some were tough but definitely one of my favorite challenge.
Damn, Gliscor reminded me of my old self a little. Pair him up with a bitch and it's a surprise he did not commit suicide.
Luxray. It's like she is my soul animal (or Soul Pokemon in this case). Nutty and misunderstood most of the time. So glad to see he rational sides.
Mamoswine FTW!
Definitely my favorite chapter.
dragonrush chapter 6 . 10/14
Alakazam would be extremely shocked if he found out that Luxray made the carvings XD
My hands are numb with cold (seriously, you call this Spring?!) so I'm not gonna type an overly long review XD
pokemonking0924 chapter 21 . 10/11
A fun chapter with less fighting and more characterization
Alakazam has made his comeback against the mafia couple and they realized that the other competitors are out to get them just like the genius psychic

Gengar certainly dodged a bullet this time thanks to Mamoswine, hopefully he'll find his good luck charm too and soon, although I wonder what Froslass's reaction to him losing that charm
I bet she'll be touched that he care about it so much, although I can't wait to see her reaction during the next TPP (Total Pokemon Party) about the whole couple bedroom manner conversation team storm has had this episode

part of Krookodile's backstory has been revealed
He's also safe for two more challenges, makes you wonder what he plans to do next
not to mention what Bisharp has planned to do about a certain fighting/psychic type
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