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kat chapter 17 . 1h
Do it Alakazam. You're one of my favs, so I'm rooting for you to pop the question to lovely Gothitelle. Go for it!
MephisASDF chapter 17 . 7/29
That... was... AWESOME! I loved every aspect of this episode. The drama, the mega evolutions, everything. Keep up the good work!
ZLAXE chapter 17 . 7/29
Hello there! Once again great update. The wait was once again worth it. When I read the chapters title it made me excited what Cacturne has in mind for the challenge. Gardevoir's hints didn't helped making my excitement go down one bit.

So basically, Nightmare Isle Nightly will stop the chapter the merge occurs or the one before the merge? Oh yeah, I don't know if you are still doing the "Ask 3 questions" so I guess I'll just insert a question in a paragraph. And I feel really sad about Celebi's shows being over but if you are going through with what we "talked" in the previous PMs then I can't wait for it.

My number one was the first one out... But seeing it was Cacturne who she was dealing with I guess I can understand why. Cacturne though... he hasn't changed one bit.

It's good to see some of the other lesser known gets spotlight every now and then. To me it felt like, Krookodile, Honchkrow, Crobat, Bronzong, Alakazam, Bisharp, Toxicroak, Trevenant, Bannete, Weavile and Luxray get's spotlight more often. Well, maybe I just don't remember the other chapters and these guys are the ones I mostly remember after reading them.

Oh man, the battle between M Bane and M Mewtwo was short but epic! I don't why but I like Mewtwo X more than Y. Aside from their designs, of course. But I'd be lying if I said Y doesn't reminds of someone else. On topic with X and Y, which mega of Mewtwo and Charizard do you like best along with each game and two of the legendary?

I guess that's about it. Just one more question though before I end this. Now, I've been wanting to ask this before but always forget to put it in a review or too shy to include it but... Have you tried making a fic in the adventure genre? Because every time I read your updates makes me wonder what kind of adventure fic you'll make. Don't get wrong I love your TP series, and it's long chapters but I always wonder about reading different genre from you.

I don't want to sound like I want you to make a fic in that genre. I'm guessing you feel more comfortable and experience in writing fics like this, and I respect that... And I'm beginning to think I already ask this... Oh well.

Anyways, keep up the great work and as always can't wait for your next update. Byez!
The Desert Dancer chapter 17 . 7/21
You are an amazing writer. Thoroughly enjoyed this new chapter. I am also glad Banette showed Treveant who's boss.

I don't usually read stories that are unfinished. I lose interest after a while. Total Pokémon Redux is the lone exception. I have been enthralled since I first found you're stories and I hope you will continue to write for many years to come.
IceStrawberryFreeze chapter 17 . 7/20
I saw "Shut the fuck up" instead of "Suck the fun out"
Dark Punxysaur chapter 17 . 7/19
Can someone say OWNAGE! You got screwed so badly Trevenant!
Victory Paradox chapter 17 . 7/19
Wow. This was an intense chapter. I've got a lot to say, but first I want to congratulate you, because this chapter is a masterpiece, and in quite a different way from the last one.

I hope there's something new to replace Celebi's show after the merge...personally, I'd love to see Aftermaths come back, but I suspect that's not the direction you want to go. Kabutops and Krookodile...I can understand why they clash. And Krookodile totally enjoys baiting him, which isn't helping.

At this point, this is really the season of duos. Bisharp and Toxicroak, Alakazam and Gothitelle, Honchkrow and Crobat, Gliscor and Noivern, Banette and Weavile...that was one of the things I noticed most this chapter. Although, ironically, like Cacturne said, working in duos (or individually) really defeated the overall sense of teamwork that's necessary during the game. I was really excited to see Cacturne back, and this chapter made me feel glad that he's doing a lot better, because I had really been wondering about that.

As for how other characters developed this chapter...I've grown to like Toxicroak a lot more than I did at the beginning, he's much better developed and really a pretty decent guy. Bronzong, on the other hand, is playing a much dirtier game...similar to what Honchkrow tried to do to Alakazam, but he knows Alakazam's inner weaknesses and conflicts better. The sections with Gothitelle and Alakazam were really good-personally, I really like Gothitelle. She brings out the best in Alakazam, which is nice to see-he still has the desire to have strategic battles with his opponents, but it's less personal than before (In season 1, I would have called Weavile an enemy, not opponent, and same with Hypno last season).

But the big section at the I was just stunned. Mismagius made the right choice, standing up to Trevenant in front of other people. Banette was incredibly brave for fighting Trevenant as well; even if part of it was to prove to Weavile that he could do it, it was brave. But Mega Banette...that's probably the closest we'll ever see to what Banette was before. It seems like Mega Evolution brings out a lot of suppressed emotions for characters, and that holds true for Banette the most. It was strange seeing the fun, joking Banette turn into someone so evil. And he really knew how to hit Mewtwo in a sensitive area. I never expected a huge confrontation between Banette and Mewtwo to go like THIS. I feel awful for Banette...I think when he Mega Evolves, the pain he used to feel comes back and he wants to make others feel the same way. Trevenant being gone helps everyone, especially Mismagius and Banette.

Banette and Weavile are going out officially! Yay! Honestly, if you had told me back in season 1 that Banette and Weavile would ever get together, I'd have assumed you were kidding. But it makes sense. They've both overcome a lot to become better people, and I think they can both help support each other. I can understand how Mismagius might want Banette back now too, but I don't think there will be any hard feelings, since she probably knew how harsh breaking up with him was for him. I look forward to seeing them move forward as friends.

That's it for this chapter! Keep up the amazing work, and I'll continue reading! And thanks so much for being a great author, it's always exciting for me when I see you've posted something!
DeviouslyNormal chapter 17 . 7/19
Oh my goat... my favorite chapter since your start! Although my baby, Bronzong, didn't have much of a main plot this eppy, he did tick of Alakazam, and I don't know how smart that may or may not be. Cacturn returned, and that's amazing. I still remember when he was super down about that list, which happens to be my favorite Cacturn chapter. No, this is my favorite Banette chapter, along with Mismagius. Trevenant leaving had to happen. Toxicroak's a real friend, he not only saved Missy, but the scene where he threw away Bisharp's file almost made me cry, because he's so unaware. Trevenant definitely deserves what happened to him. Missy grtting the last hit was her way of standing up. Mewtwo seems a bit more interesting than I initially assumed. The scene with Weavile and Banette on the beach... god damn, it got me real good. I almost cried (and I only cried once in the last... 4? years. Try coming home beaten and bruised only to see your younger sister flood tears and NOT cry). Banette is definitely #3 now, and honestly the only things holding him back before were his secrets and the fact that he's a plot device. This... was just too perfect.

Top 5:
2. Weavile
3. Banette
4. Toxicroak (I like him now...)
5. Gliscor

I don't know how intentional it was, but I literally see no way Medicham's not coming back. Not only are you still exploring her a bit, but you also never answered my Medi-related question that one time. I hope Froslass comes back, because I love her o3o.
jsun25 chapter 17 . 7/18
And this chapter is the reason I keep a Banette with Banettite on my team.
xebla chapter 17 . 7/17
This chapter is WORTH a wait!

It was good to see both champions again. Mew's cutting off a lot of footages? What kind of footages were it?

"He's like a toddler building with blocks." I agree with Celebi; I don't imagine Cacturne of all Pokemon to be silly. XD

Great to know Bellsprout was coming around. At least HE learnt his lesson.

Somehow... I wasn't surprised Kabutops and Krookodile would fight against each other. If Kabutops knew about the fake idols... Forget Rock Throwing, it'll be more like Ocean and Earth Throwing! They'll make Kyorge and Groudon pale!

I was wondering when someone read Alakazam's file. I don't know WHAT Alakazam would be like if he Mega Evolve, but it's must be important if he doesn't want to. He'll be sticking around until he does. And I don't mind! :)

Speaking of Alakazam, the scene between him and Gothitelle was rather sweet. He admit he was pleased to have tough competitions but it reminded him about his experience in Island. He knew what was it like to be hated by everyone. How he used to manipulated several contestants off the island. He had come a long way since Kadabra, but still sustain few struggles.

Gothitelle was indeed a marvelous person. I admit I had a tiny doubt in my mind that could be portraying as manipulating bitch. SO glad I was wrong! She represented everything a lot of guys want! I know Alakazam want to propose to her. That was why he asked Cacturne about something. (I wish there was a scene just between him and Cacturne. I don't think both of them have interact with each other before)

Great to see Cacturne was been more smiling than usual. That was the one evidence to prove that his problem was truly behind! :)

This challenge had to be one of the most complex, well-written challenges in the series. Having the teams split up to gain rewards, but still having to work together to succeed. Massive prop, DA and Cacturne, massive prop. :)

It would've been cool if someone received one of the special flags. I don't mind if no one receive it. Plus, I'd find it quite unfair for the special flags to be used in the finale. Talk about anticlimaxes.

Congratulation for Noivern, Bronzong, Weavile and Toxicroak for winning immunites! They deserved it! :)

By the way, what the HELL happened inside that scary mansion?

Another point for Alakazam! It was about time Team Psychic was getting even with Team Flying.

I have no idea how did Honchkrow managed to get dollar signs in her eyes. She reminded me of Mr. Krab! Quite funny, though.

Mismagius had had enough with Trevenant and finally kicked his ass! There as that Mismagius we all loved! :)

I enjoyed the scene between Alakazam and Bronzong. I liked how apathy Bronzong grinded Alakazam to the ground. He appeared to enjoyed taking down a somewhat Gary Sue, and I loved it!

What could possibly Luxray's file contained to make Bisharp freaked out? I demand you to show me that file! XD

Bisharp then started reading Medicham's file and noticed something intriguing. Yeah, I'd be shocked if she isn't coming back. Toxicroak could be the first person find out secret informations about mysterious Bisharp.

Talk about intense in TENSIONS! First Bisharp vs. Cacturne, then Trevenant vs. Cacturne. Then Mismagius vs. Trevenant, Banette vs. Trevenant and Mega Banette vs. Mega Mewtwo! Fantastic! :)

So THAT the evil Banette I've been hearing about for ages! Man, he was a PSYCHO! I liked how he was giving Trevenant his own medicine but that doesn't mean I want Barkface to die!

You made the right decision to have Mega Mewtwo fought against Mega Banette. In a physical fight, there was mental fight about their previous life with the humans. The said species had created Mewtwo and tugged Banette hard enough until he had enough. I don't know what happened to the human race. Whether you explain this or not, it's up to you.

Very satisfying Trevenant was eliminated! He was ruthless and abusive. He joined Team Night but always put himself first and nothing else! He formed an abusive relationship with Mismagius and used her to gain control over her and the game. He proven to be smart in game, but doesn't have much common sense. He had a intense rivalry with Banette because of him not wanting to fight. And even AFTER he received injuries against Mega Banette and wanted to escape from him, he STILL tried to take out a fan favourite! Did I ever thought he would win? Absolutely not! He was a scumbag and an asshole, but he was a good secondary antigonist. I won't miss him one bit.
Leaffeather chapter 17 . 7/16
lightningmatt chapter 17 . 7/16
...but the YES! isn't just for that.
...and krookodile.
Digi-Tiger chapter 17 . 7/16
Once again, worth the wait! The way you've written each character makes it actually difficult to have favorites, but I do. God, I love it. This tops every other chapter from every other story you've written and then some. Trevenant was a great villain, sort of like a more psychotic Duncan, which I love. While my fav, Luxray was out first, it gave me to the chance to appreciate other characters. Krookodile is starting grow on me, just as a comic relief villain who'd plans never seem to work. While I enjoy the villains left, Alakazam, Bronzong, Honchkrow and Bisharp included, I think that Bisharp is gonna be the most ruthless.

We don't know much about him, and that scares me. Also, I am making a prediction now, that Medicham is gonna come back along with either Hypno or Mamoswine coming in. Luxray needs her man or some sort of companion ship! THOSE CLOWNS ARE EVIL AND SHE NEEDS SOMEONE TO VENT AND RANT ABOUT THEM TO!

Anyways, Weavile and Banetter, along with Noivern and Gliscor and Mamoswine and Luxray have become another OTP that I have for your universe. Congrats, you created something that I feel needs to be animated and uploaded to the public. God I want more, and if three months is what it takes to make this kind of chapter, please take a whole year off so that the next is even better. (Actually don't, because the sooner the better!)

And a question, did Alakazam ask Cacturne advice on how to propose to Gothitelle? Hmm, I bet and I want to see him do it!
TheItchyCocoon chapter 17 . 7/15
This is by far my favorite chapter, glad to see Cacturne back, and his best friend not putting up with the thugs crap anymore. Question time!
With Trevenant being as brutal as he was, ( I fully believe by the end of this he was trying to kill Banette), is he going to juvie or possibly even jail?
Also, with Banette being older than most pokemon, having known humans in his time, how powerful is he? Is he on par with legendary pokemon? Or was Mewtwo going mega just to prove a point to Banette?

Again, an excellent chapter, can't wait for the next one! Take your time with it though, we can all be patient.
kat chapter 17 . 7/15
Down with the evil tree of darkness! Yikes I have been spending too much time focusing on what Luxray says.
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