Reviews for Tainted Love
VampWolf92 chapter 11 . 7/20/2015
awwww plz update
Guest chapter 11 . 1/2/2015
Keep updating pleaseeeee !11!1!1
xsnowwhite chapter 11 . 11/24/2014
Hiya! Just discovered your story and am really enjoying it. I think you're doing really well! Just wanted to tell you though that it was kindof hard to find your story, so maybe you're missing out on potential fans/followers. I'm not sure why this is, but it might have something to do with that there are no characters indicated when you search for your story, if that makes sense? Like at the little summary thing normally at the bottomright it shows the main characters the story is going to revolve around. Like for instance in your case it could be Tate Langdon, OC, Ben Harmon, Vivien, something like that. Cause those are usually also the words I look for in the search function, so maybe somehow that got caught out or something?
Anyway, really enjoying your story though am a little sad to see your last update was such a long time ago. Hope everything is going well with you and that you are doing great ! :)
EEK chapter 11 . 9/12/2014
Keep updating; don't leave us hanging! I'm enthralled to hear what happens next, Takota is possibly the best ship name in my life right now, btw. Anyways, you're a great author and I can't wait to see how this fanfiction will finish up. I REALLY love this. LIKE REALLY. This is the best AHS fanfic I have ever come across.
Z.Zonkky chapter 11 . 8/23/2014
I am so, so sorry I haven't gotten to review sooner, I had no access to FF and the moment I did, I read your story and was enthralled. Cameron is an absolute pig, to be perfectly honest, I'm quite glad Tate hit him! Poor Dakota, she never gets a break! Which, even if it sounds cruel, is exactly what the Murder House does - hence why I enjoy your story so much, it's intense and emotional, like every episode of the show. I'm so glad I got to read more! :)
Elimina chapter 11 . 8/8/2014
This is so great! Gawd I love theesss!
Keep updating it, please!
i am cloud chapter 11 . 8/2/2014
Such an intense and dark chapter. So much angst! And the one scene where Dakota begs Tate not to die on her. . . . Talk about being slapped in the face. I love how this chapter turned out. Such a perfect blend of fluff and drama. Keep up the good work :)
Guest chapter 2 . 7/26/2014
I love your writing! It is truly amazing, keep going!
i am cloud chapter 10 . 7/28/2014
I take back what I said about Cameron (what a DICK!). I loved the nightmare scene. I mean, it was pretty depressing, but I still enjoyed it. I'm glad Dakota and Tate made up. I like how Dakota knows Tate has a darkness, and that his darkness is dangerous and can, will, and has hurt her. Keep up the good work :)
Of Wrath and Angels chapter 10 . 7/28/2014
Definitely include the rubber man. Great chapter!
Guest chapter 7 . 7/23/2014
Oh my goodness. Update soon
i am cloud chapter 9 . 7/25/2014
Gasp! Such an intense chapter. Poor Dakota. Poor Tate :( I just want to slap Constance in the face. One thing that I think you should have done for this chapter is separate the final scene whenever there was a new POV. It makes the chapter look cleaner as well as helps your readers keep track of who's POV they're reading. Other than that, great chapter :) Oh! And I love Cameron, for some reason.
Z.Zonkky chapter 8 . 7/24/2014
Oh, poor Dakota! She just suffers so much!

That was a really lovely chapter, an emotional roller-coaster! I'm glad she found at least some sort of solace in Tate! I like that we see what he does at home too, when she's not there, and that Constance made an appearance (poison is exactly what she is). As for whether I would personally like to see more drama or arguments, I'm not sure! It's your story and you can take it whichever way you like, I'm still enjoying it either way! Whatever you decide to do, I'm looking forward to it - like seriously, whenever I see you've updated, I'm like "Yesss!"
i am cloud chapter 8 . 7/23/2014
Oh, snap. Does Grandma somehow know about Tate? What is this life?! Moving on. I really liked this chapter. It wasn't overflowing with drama, so it's given your story a nice balance. The way Cameron and Dakota handled their outing and what would happen to them was perfect. I love how there wasn't any pained looks or 'fine, yeah, whatever's. To be honest, it was refreshing and realistic. The Takota (my little ship name for our lovelies) scene was beautiful and amazing and. . . gah, just great and sweet. The scene with Constance and Tate was well written. I love how we were able to delve deeper into Tate and his feelings about everything. I just loved, loved, loved it and hope for many more like it. The Grandma scene made me feel closer, connected - in a sense - to Dakota. I lost a grandparent, too, a little over a year ago. The love she has for her grandmother made me think about my last moments with my grandfather. Thank you for writing it. It means a lot to me, even though that wasn't your intension. Keep up the good work :) I can't wait to see what else you have in store.
Z.Zonkky chapter 7 . 7/23/2014
I'll admit it, I totally gasped when Dakota said "You shot me!", I was like "oooh, shit!" hahaha

I keep reusing the word intense with your story and I hate being so repetitive (I should broaden my vocabulary) but that's exactly what it is, and I love it! Your story has really blossomed from the beginning and it just gets better! Tate's POV was brilliant too, it was a nice touch. That last fight between Tate and Dakota was so freaking good, talk about stunning dialogue! "I always seem to cut myself on your shattered pieces" - that is, quite simply, a very beautiful line and probably one of my favourites from any story I've ever read, both on FF and in books! So lyrical! Anyway, enough babbling, I'm so glad you wrote this story. It's gorgeous!
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