Reviews for The First Word
ficks chapter 4 . 7/15/2014
Okay I have a few things to point out, first didn't Lil say she stopped eating bugs in Rugrats Go Wild, so why did she eat bugs, and I understand if you didn't see the movie. Second, what does "leaving" mean, did the theatrical time end. Third, who is Puppy? Lastly, to help you understand the "leaving" thing, he is the part it appears in.
"A little while later, everyone was in line at the Octaplex, only this time, Peter, the Beast, Jefar (I think it's Jafar), Zack, and Tommy all headed to the Reptar movie, while everyone else headed in to see one of the last showings of the Goober movie, as according to an add (ad) on the wall that read the movie titles and showings, there was a note by the Goober film stating it would be leaving as of the following Friday. And this time, everybody saw the movies they wanted to see, and their entirely as well."
This was typed by you and I give you full credit. This is owned by Celrock and Zack is owned by Celrock.