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Pervvy Sage chapter 7 . 2/7
It's good to see you're back. I've missed you and these great stories. I think this story is coming along nicely. Your writing keeps improving, and character interactions are always so entertaining. Red X is,easily, starting to become one of my favorite characters
ZawanZ77 chapter 7 . 1/26
"just a little filler... unfortunately" "not that exiting" ... You could write out all of the plot of Friday the 13th and this and just the characters talking to each other without boring me, probably. Raven and jinx just talking about stuff is something you do so well. Really liked the convo with BB and Cy, i just don't know any more to say really except thank you for writing.
Fencer22 chapter 7 . 1/18
nice update took me a bit to remember what was going on. Or the mahority of it at any rate. Still great story and a good update. Always apreciate when the joker shows that hidden depth.
Jacksonangelo105 chapter 7 . 1/18
Nice job
Spikesagitta chapter 7 . 1/18
Wow. Robin is still such an ass. Somehow, i think that demonic presense thing will be blamed on her.
deathgundam006 chapter 7 . 1/18
this is shapeing up to be a good arc of your story. Keep up the good work my friend.
Moving Mountains chapter 7 . 1/18
The interaction in this chapter - particularly at the end with the male members - is spot on. I love Beast Boy's wise take on the whole situation and Robin's protectiveness.
nada129 chapter 7 . 1/18
Hey welcome back and it's safe to say i have missed you and your work. This chapter wasn't boring at all it i really liked this chapter but then i love all your stories so again welcome back.

Silverwolf1115 chapter 7 . 1/18
I think this is probably one of my favorite storys of all time...I love how you write the characters n just in general..plz keep this story alive(:
Meaningless Us3rname chapter 7 . 1/18
The story is moving along very well...Although soon a true fight between robin and raven is going occur. He is already unhappy with her relationship with Jinx, if he ever finds our about Jason than he may never forgive her
Elemental Hybrid chapter 7 . 1/18
Once again, I find myself hooked by this story, and I can't wait for what comes next.
mastersam chapter 6 . 1/15
Bow howdy, has it been awhile! Sorry that I've been so quiet, I finally decided to get off my arse- or on it, depending on how literally you take my situation- and give this story another look, now that I remembered that I used to frequent this place.

Gotta love the new element of Raven's demoniac half being a wrench thrown into Nevermore's delicate gears. When she finally embraces the fiendish side (not if, when), what I'm expecting is a steep drop in terms of her level of control... at first. Currently, with how she's so fragmented, everything teeters back and forth between sterile rigidity and dangerous unruliness, having a bunch of highs and lows that can be quite hazardous. I'm predicting that, although her situation is going to be a very deep low indeed, it's going to be a stable one, since her power and mind will no longer be an elaborate balancing act, and from there she can rise when the more negative aspects of her hellish heritage can be reined in; in this case, it's finding an alternate 'food' source. Given that she's basically a demon lord herself at this point, it could be either much easier for her than lesser fiends (she's crazy powerful, something so mundane as a psychic diet should be cake, pun entirely intended), or much more difficult (she's crazy powerful, which could lead to some emphasis on the 'crazy' part because that's a lot of power to redirect).

Speaking of demon lords, your mention of Lucifer in Chapter 5 kinda makes me want to see him and Raven chatting over a couple of martinis (perhaps asking for some advice or insight) with Jinx on the sidelines being incredibly uncomfortable about the fact that she's sitting with a guy who is basically second only to The Man Upstairs; Lucifer's depiction in The Sandman and his own DC comic is indeed quite glorious, and sounds like it would be fun to toy with, even if for little more than a mere cameo.

Next comes the relationship of Raven and Jinx. One thing I'm impressed with is the level of tolerance and acceptance Jinx has for Raven's... family history, and her willingness to deal with the menagerie of problems such a thing brings. Yeah, it's not like her lot in life would really allow her to be very picky about a lot of things, but still, I can hardly imagine not being freaked out enough to bail upon finding out that the girl you date is the hellspawn child of a planetbuster. That Jinx has not only decided to stick around after that, but is also genuinely supportive towards Raven and her goals, is a feat that I can't see many others having the willpower to accomplish. I'm eager to see how further developments in Raven's power and character affect the two lovers.

Seeing as this story is inevitably going to make its way to Gotham, I'm curious as to who will show up. The four that were mentioned to have escaped earlier (Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn- perhaps a reignition of their own romance being a plot point!- and the Joker), undoubtedly, will make appearances, but a few others could definitely play a part in the upcoming fiasco. One I'm seeing as a potential player is Deathstroke himself, considering that not only is he a nemesis to the Titans, but he's also a very serious entry in Batman's rogues gallery, and in the comics, Gotham is nearly a second home by this point.

Not to rush you, but I'm very excited to see what your next chapter brings. I'll tell you as I have pretty much anyone and everyone whose works I've followed, patience is a virtue, and I would rather wait months- I've gone so far as to wait years- for a truly good piece of story than see you churn out hastily written drivel every week. Despite the issues a lack of editing may bring (seeing Starfire be referred to as Stafford, presumably by some kind of autocorrect malfunction, made me unreasonably giggly for a few seconds), I'm still verily impressed with your writing, and love the feeling when I am graced with more of it. Keep up the good work!
BB chapter 2 . 10/30/2016
(Fixing an error on previous review) Sorry, I meant it only had 1 chapter up, not 2. My memory isn't that great to begin with and it's late XP
Guest chapter 1 . 10/30/2016
I don't often leave reviews, but I feel like I need to for this.

I read your remastered version of Friday the 13th just about two years, maybe a year and a half ago. Jinx/Raven isn't something I regularly ship, but Friday the 13th was amazing. It was more than just a ship fic like I'd been expecting: it had a real plot and storyline, and a damn good one at that. After I finished I skimmed your original version of the fic and the improvement in the remastered fic left me stunned - I almost couldn't believe it was written by the same person!

When I finished Friday the 13th this story only had 2 chapters up. College work and graduation took up most of my time and I didn't come on this site so often (hence why I'm not logged in - I have an account here, but I'll have to dig around in my computer to find the password for it). A few days ago I got to thinking about Friday the 13th and how I'd like to reread it. I found the story and out of curiosity as to whether or not you were still active I clicked on your username. I couldn't believe you were still updating this. You first published this over two years ago. Most fics that go on this long, the authors kind of let them die. I get that: people move on, they get busy with other things, that kind of stuff. That you're still writing this is incredible!

I sincerely hope you'll continue updating. I can't promise I'll always leave reviews, but I'll definitely be reading. Kudos to you for sticking with this idea for so long and executing it so well.
mttmercado chapter 6 . 10/26/2016
oh lord be safe jynx damn
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