Reviews for Learning From Mistakes
ariescelestial chapter 1 . 7/18/2014
Well, as you noted, it is short. The scarceness of detail doesn't really help the "twist" because there isn't much to pique interest or curiosity; it sounds really similar to the fics that have been done before, and then... a twist with no set-up, and not much explanation of how Til realizes it was a mistake when he was considering doing the same himself. I would suggest trying to be more vivid with detail in what Til is feeling throughout both the dream (but in a subtle way so it doesn't immediately tip people off) and when he wakes up. Like something that he woke up because his stomach was twisting at the thought of his big brother hurting himself, and that makes him realize that Tiz would be upset if he did it too and prompts him to ask for help.

(Also, I really don't think you need to rate this M! I would personally rate it T myself, as it's not very explicit about the self-harm.)