Reviews for Total Drama Back To The Island
Solar Sunrise chapter 4 . 7/25/2014
The story really interests me, im waiting for the next chapter :)
Kirbyfan11 chapter 4 . 7/21/2014
A little bit of advice is to at least have each character say at least one line. Some characters were introduced in the first chapter and we haven't heard from them since.
Kirbyfan11 chapter 3 . 7/19/2014
Darn, looks like the Owls lost. Oh well, always next time! Hope you're doing better. Also I think you might have accidentally posted the chapter twice, just letting you know.
theTSUBASAgirl chapter 3 . 7/19/2014
I'm so sorry. May god take care of your kitten.:)
Clockwork Princesss chapter 2 . 7/19/2014
Sorry to hear about the death of your pet :'( Hats raised to you for being able to write this first chapter while having to deal with the loss. It was pretty smooth, I feel like Alec's gonna go out of his way to annoy Chris haha, and thanks for accepting Camille! Again sorry about your kitten :((
Kirbyfan11 chapter 2 . 7/19/2014
Sorry to hear about your kitten! Hope all is well, thank you for accepting Faith!
SideshowJazz1 chapter 1 . 7/18/2014
Okay, here's my character:
Full Name: Karen Michelle Ruby
Nicknames: Ren, which she hates due to the "Ren and Stimpy" implications
Family: Parents died when she was seven, was adopted by a single man, Joseph Gardner
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Past: Was an only child for all of her life, had a hard time adjusting after the deaths of her parents but had a generally regular lifestyle for most of her life, going to school, having a part-time job, etc.
Everyday Wear: Long-sleeved dark purple top, dark jeans, blue headband and black ballet flats, wears small rectangular glasses
Formal Wear: Strapless plain black dress with a full skirt
Sleepwear: Lilac nightdress patterned with clouds, completely different to anything else she wears
Swimwear: Deep pink onepiece
Hairstyle: Loose dark brown hair just past her shoulders.
Eye Colour: Dark blue.
Personality: Fun, carefree, a little bit weird, loves to make friends but her exuberance is usually a bit overwhelming, but if you can stand it she will be loyal to the point of getting injured for you. Blunt, always says exactly what she thinks and means. If pushed too far, she will turn ax-crazy on you. Fairly competitive.
Catchphrase: "Come on guys, let's break something!"
Friends: Will have some...I'll leave it to you to decide her best friend.
Enemies: Anyone like Heather and her alliance.
Romance: Isn't looking for it, but will no doubt fall for the craziest guy she can find.
What type: As I said, crazy!
Fears: Being normal, being hated, being alone and thunderstorms.
Weaknesses: Not taking things seriously enough, impulsive, too silly.
Strengths: Climbing, swinging, thinking strategically.
Likes: Socializing, messing with people's minds, winning.
Hobbies: Singing (much to the annoyance of those around her), making up stories and telling others they're true.
Dislikes: Mean people, losing, being made to look stupid.
Themes: Anything But Ordinary (Avril Lavigne), Reach (S Club 7), What If (Emilie Autumn)
Charm: 8
Strength: 6
Speed: 3
Endurance: 9
Temper: 5
Smartness: 8
Sneaky: 10
I hope you use Karen!
Velvet Cats chapter 2 . 7/18/2014
Thanks for accepting Blaire I'll make sure to review every chapter
PlaystationWarlord chapter 1 . 7/18/2014
here is my OC

Name- Nate Kid

Nickname- T.K.

Family- Terry Kid (Father) (63) Maria Kid (Mother) (47)

Age- 17

Gender- Male

Past/Bio- Like is father he became a wheel man at a young age. He would do street races, repo jobs, and Debt Collecting. He knows where anything is. He is like a human GPS

Everyday Wear- Black Bennie, black driving gloves, Grey jacket with a black t-shirt, blue pants and black shoes, and sunglasses

Formal Wear- Black Blazer, white dress shirt, black dress pants, and black dress shoes

Sleep Wear- Grey t-shirt, black pajama pants

Swim Wear- Black trunks

Hair Style- Likes Chris

Color of Hair- Brown

Eye Color- Blue

Personality- He is an awesome person, with a very nice side to a girl he likes. He likes to drive a lot and he is strong and smart

Catchphrase- Life and love is like one big windey road

Friends- Nice and awesome and yes

Enemies- Jerks and Spoiled Brats

Romance- Yes

If yes what kind a person- Likes Sky's personality nice and awesome

Fears- Losing the one he loves

Weaknesses- Losing a women

Strengths- Fast, Strong, Smart, knowing wear to find stuff and locate

Likes- Driving, Women who are sweet and awesome, and working on cars

Hobbies- Driving, shooting, working on cars

Dislikes- Jerks

Charm- 8

Strength- 9

Speed- 10

Endurance- 9

Temper- 6

Smartness- 9

Sneaky- 10

Hope you like my OC PM me if im in
Guest chapter 1 . 7/18/2014
Hi, it's Skylar Dani's creator. :) I forgot to add her stereotype and her sexuality.
Stereotype: The Boyish Nerd or The Bookworm, your choice :D
Sexuality: She likes guys ONLY. No girls. So she's straight XD
Guest chapter 1 . 7/18/2014
Hi! I know I'm a guest, but I still really want you to at least look at my OC, Skylar. :) Im going by DrRobot, but I don't have an account.
Full Name:(Middle name can be included if wanted) Skylar Anderson

Nicknames: Sky and Skylark.

Family: (I guess they can be related to the TD cast but only if they are not a complete version like if Heather is the queen of mean then Heather could have a family member that is (enter royal title here) of niceness or something :P) Cody (brother); a mom; a dad; a cat.

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Past/Bio: She is 2 months younger than her brother, Cody. He rubs it in her face all the time XD Anyways, she gets her love for technology and get dorky-ness from him. She has a mom, him, a dad, and her cat, Buster, whom she brings in the show. (black little kitten) She plays bass and loves music along with reading.

Every day Wear: White T-shirt with blue stripes; blue skinny jeans; black combat boots; white fedora; black fingerless gloves.

Formal Wear: Strapless white dress that goes to the knees; golden sandals; golden brackets; no fedora.
Sleep Wear: White tank top with black shorts.

Swim Wear: White swimsuit with blue stripes
Hair style/Color: Short blonde bob.
Eye Color: Blue. :D

Personality: Shy and quiet around new people, bookworm, nerdy (in a good way XD) and very nice. BUT, she is competitive and can be a jerk when she's mad... Actually she IS a jerk when she's mad XD

Catchphrase/Quote: (Ah my favorite saying/Catchphrase from TD is in TDWT with Noah's 'Life why do you hate me so?' I love Noah my favorite Character) He's my FAV too! :D Anyways... My FAV quote would have to be "I've always dreamed of this moment, except you weren't wearing a shirt." Even though she's one of my least favorite characters, that part was hilarious XD

Friends: Cody, Gwen, anyone chilled or laid-back but still funny.

Enemies: Heather, Harold, anyone extremely boring or bratty.

Romance?: Sure. :D

If yes what type of person?: I really want it to be someone from the original show, and not an OC. (I wanted to see who you would match her with XD) Someone who's friends with her brother and likes the things she does, her personality, and her in general.

Fears: Falling from any height. (I accidentally put it at the bottom too XD)
Weaknesses: Cannot see anything WITHOUT her glasses, can get carried away easily.
Strengths: Athletic, pretty good with technology, good at singing/anything musical, sees great WITH her glasses.

Likes: Books, anything that has to do with technology, the grey scale, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons.

Hobbies: Singing, playing her bass (which she brings along with her cat, Buster, a black small kitten) and playing video games.
Dislikes: The color pink, girly-girls, anything classy or fancy, anyone bratty or boring.

Themes: (I wanna know what song(s) suit them the most) Stupid Girls by P!nk
Anything missing?: (If anything from the form is missing or you want to add something to this part of the form feel free to I want your characters to be well developed even if they kicked off early I still want them to have a great chapter) Her biggest fear is falling from any height.

1-10 part if anything is missing add it please

Charm: (I mean come on how cute is the character) 5

Strength: (How strong is the person) 6

Speed: 7

Endurance: (Is that the same thing as speed if so please don't throw things at me!) 6

Temper: (If this is very low I shall go crap my pants -Trembles-) 5

Smartness: (Come on how smart are they?) 8

Sneaky?: (How good are they at being sneaky) 7

Anything in the scales missing?: Nope. :D At least I don't think so... XD
Jax chapter 1 . 7/18/2014
Full Name: Jacqueline Rose Taylor

Nicknames: Jax

Family: James Taylor (Father)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Past/Bio: Jax was abused by her biological family and ran away. James Taylor found her, beaten and close to death. He saved her and adopted her but she still has scars on her back, which is why she never takes her shirt off in front of anyone other then James.

Every day Wear: She wears just a plain, blue cotton t-shirt, acid washed, high waisted jean shorts and black combat boots

Formal Wear: Jax doesn't attend anything formal. She isn't really a social person. (But if you forced her she'd probably wear sweatpants and a tank top just to show some defiance)

Sleep Wear: A grey long sleeve shirt that has the college of her choice, Cambridge, written in red on the front, also just some red/grey plaid sleep shorts

Swim Wear: Blue bikini bottoms and white wet suit top

Hair style/Color: She has long platinum blonde hair. Usually she wears it down (Where it reaches her waist) but when doing anything physical, she puts it in a mermaid braid

Eye Color: Hard grey

Personality: She's a very closed off person and doesn't trust easily. The only person she truly likes is her father and she doesn't let anyone get to know her. She's actually a really gentle and loyal person but because of being abused she has thick skin and a harsh exterior

Catchphrase/Quote: Go away

Friends: nope

Enemies: nope, again. She'd pretty neutral but if some one really bugs her, they'll pay

Romance: Oh yeah, if someone can get close to her that is

If yes what type of person: Someone that's persistent (They have to be to get past her shell) and cares

Fears: Being abandoned, the dark, being restrained

Weaknesses: Her past, having to work in groups (she'll do it, and she'll work hard but she won't be happy)

Strengths: Insults and threats roll off her back, she physically very fit and is smart

Likes: Books and her Father, the orphanage down the street (She wants to use the money to help them so they don't end up like her)

Hobbies: Reading, track, playing Violin

Dislikes: any social gatherings, people in general

Themes: Warrior- Demi Lavato

Anything missing: You might want to include any other physical attributes that would distinguish the characters from another, also: why are they there? What do they want to use the money for?

1-10 part if anything is missing add it please

Charm: 7.5

Strength: 5

Speed: 9

Endurance: 6.5 (Endurance isn't the same as speed by the way. It's like stamina, how long they can keep going. It'd be like running for distance instead of speed. Instead of how fast can you get from A to B, it's how long can you run for)

Temper: 4

Smartness: 8.5

Sneaky: 8 (She won't cheat but she is very sly)
Kirbyfan11 chapter 1 . 7/18/2014
Full Name: Faith Steele
Nicknames: N/A
Family: Just her mother and father
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Past/Bio: She was born in a middle-class family, she was the only child of her parents. They both owned a small business together, a floral shop. It's a cute little shop, but they never made quite a large amount of money, however it was her parents dream to open the shop so they were content. Faith didn't mind it, but she didn't like staying bound in the same place for too long. She always yearned to travel to different parts of the world, so she got a job at an early age, moving up from working in her own parents store to all sorts of other odd jobs. She's saved some money up, but she needs more if she actually wants to accomplish her dream. She has an attitude simply because she doesn't take the time to deal with people.
Every day Wear: Her everyday outfit consists of high waist jean shorts, a white tank top that has a small v-neck and black flip flops, she always wears a dark shade of red lipstick.
Formal Wear: A form fitting black dress that ends at her knees. It shows off her curvy body.
Sleep Wear: A big light grey T-shirt and black booty shorts
Swim Wear: A black one-piece
Hair style/color: Her hair is a auburn color, got a wave to it and is roughly a little past shoulder length. She curls it almost everyday.
Eye Color: Light grey, roundish-almond shaped eyes
Personality: Generally speaking, Faith doesn't open up to people too often, she's coated in several layers of irony, cynicism and sarcasm and prefers to poke fun at people then try to form decent relationships. She is a big fan of puns and plays on words and is incredibly snarky. Even when she is being particularly emotional to someone, it rarely lasts for long. View her as a Jerkass with a Heart of Gold, she does genuinely care about people, but isn't about to let them get the idea that they do. She also is very proud, especially of her bust size.
Catchphrase/Quote: "You shouldn't worry about that, I sold half my soul and I'm just fine."
Friends: While she still retains her snarkiness, she is notably a little more lax with it around them. She generally tries to be funny around them and get them to laugh.
Enemies: A verbal beatdown is gonna take place is all I can say. Though it will usually involve snark, it can quickly evolve into a bitch out
Romance?: Open to the idea, I wouldn't mind if it was one sided
If yes what type of person?: They would have to be a girl, maybe someone more opposite to her, but still likes her humor.
Fears: The Dark, cobwebs, letting people get too close to her
Weaknesses: Awful at Arts and Crafts and her rude comments get in her in more trouble than they're worth
Strengths: She's good a cooking and relatively intelligent
Likes: Flirting, gummy candies, history and traveling, she pretends to ironically like bad movies, but she actually secretly enjoys most of them (again more guilty pleasures) and she loves birds
Hobbies: Making snide remarks whenever possible, making sarcastic remarks, looking up things on her phone, they could be about anything...ANYTHING. She has a habit of quoting movies as well.
Dislikes: Squash, science and theories, butterflies, pottery, lamb (the meat, not the animal)
Themes: You're Standing on My Neck (Splendora)
Anything missing: Stereotypes? She's The Snark Knight and Sexuality: She's a homosexual
Charm: 7
Strength: 4
Speed: 5
Endurance: 4
Temper: 6
Smartness: 8
Sneaky: 7
Anything in the scales missing?: Overall attractiveness? She's pretty hot not gonna lie.