Reviews for Dangerous Love
Sinha 28 chapter 2 . 11/14
Awesome fic... Ash is always Misty's hero
nick chapter 1 . 6/19/2014
I like to ask about this fanfic as well. 1. When did it take place? Be specific. 2. What locations were used in it? 3. What Pokémon were owned by the characters in the fanfic? 4. How did they get those Pokémon? 5. How long have they had them for? Be sure to wire me the answers.

Nick Johnson
Deadspaceman616 chapter 2 . 6/1/2014
Wow is all i have to say about this story just moving and great writing, you may never see this may is an understatement more like one and a million chance you'll see so i'm going for it anyway your story was kick ass very moving like i said just awesome how one person can do that am i right? your a great writer i hope you have become a writer anyways enough rambling i hope you finish this not because of the little cliff hanger there anyways for the hundredth time great story leaving it at that so no more rambling.
cutetwist chapter 2 . 1/4/2014
Love this story!
Anthony1l chapter 2 . 8/28/2011
This story is hilarious, interesting, original, touching, and unique.
jott 4evs chapter 1 . 4/14/2010
aww this story is awsome cnt wait to hear the ending!
AshandMistyLove chapter 2 . 4/3/2010

Anyways good story. but when people use derek in their stories, do they all mean the same person?
draco122 chapter 2 . 11/25/2009
so cool. I loved it. What is the sqeual to this story if you worte it yet. I am going to like thsi story. Your three or foru storeis i read i loved all of them. I think this was a good one. Draco
draco122 chapter 1 . 11/25/2009
nice real nice. I am impressed. Your writing skilles are good.

StrawberryStoleYourCookie chapter 2 . 8/2/2009
I did like it! Your stories are all so awesome and I love them! My favorite was 12 roses. Good job with your writing, I can't wait to read the Sequels!
Kiba91 chapter 2 . 1/18/2009
you need to add at least one more chapter to properly end the story. i REALLY wanna see ash and misty officially get together.
Owl Emporium chapter 2 . 12/28/2008
Aw, of course he won't be back. Right? RIGHT? Anyways, great job. (:

pokemon-princess chapter 2 . 12/22/2007
omg this is an extremly remarkable story . im such a sap! :P i started crying! haha lol .
Tiny Ginger chapter 1 . 12/11/2007
That was a great chapter! Poor Misty. I can't wait to read the next chapter. I also saw you made a sequel. I'll read that too.

MoltresFeather chapter 2 . 7/10/2007


I'm speechless. Without speech.

Without a doubt the best one I've read.

(Btw, this is my first review, I became a member today.)

I noticed it was written back in 02, so I'll look for the sequel. Amazing work!
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