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SirMandokarla chapter 40 . 11/22
Sometimes I have to put this story down because the cognitive dissonance is so strong. The protagonists are clearly evil, yet constantly bombarding is with the reasoning behind their ruthless and sometimes horrific actions. Even John Shepard, generally famous as an empathic and caring person, comes off inhuman and off-putting. This makes it impossible to get invested in the protagonists.

Not that the protagonists need any investment, for two reasons. The first is that they don't feel like the important part of the story, the second is that they are never in danger.

Generally, tension is given to a fight scene by endangering the protagonist. This is never the case in Psi Effect. No human is ever in significant danger in this story. Instead, fight scenes generally exist to show off the prowess of humanity's war machine and demonstrate the terrifying nature of their nationalistic narcissism. John Shepard's current predicament adds another dimension to this by being a vehicle for effectively introducing and developing the character.

I can only describe my general state when reading this story as horrified. Humanity is invading a peaceful galaxy using deception. It has half a dozen slave races and is currently nonchalantly carrying on two wars while preparing for a third. Entire planets in there Empire exist for little more than to serve their war machine and children - who are referred to as young men and women at the age of 13 - are made to act as soldiers. This is in spite of individuals from the XCOM war still being combat-ready, so humanity clearly isn't hurting for soldiers. This in addition to humanity's losses in any Citadel-space conflict being countable on one hand.

This is incredible. There is no story I've ever heard of, willing to cast humanity as the unmitigated villain, or even to so effectively set up the protagonist as the overpowering villain. It's not perfect - Ican safely say that the only time I've been worried for a character was when Wrex fought Annabelle, and it wasn't worry for Annabelle - but it's unique.

What fanfiction are like this?
Damn few. And they're all dead.
Morbious20 chapter 40 . 11/17
Great chapter . It was great to see an update after so long.
WarFlower chapter 25 . 11/13
I love the story but really wish John had Jane as a younger sister or as an Aunt or something. I just always play as a paragade Jane Sheppard with Garrus as the #1 Boo. So saaaaddd. I love this story so much, absolutely hooked
2Xenos chapter 40 . 11/10
Another great chapter.
2Xenos chapter 38 . 11/10
Great chapter and my favorite right now.
Archontruth chapter 40 . 11/8
The first half of this story was right up there with OSABC, Glorious Shotgun Princess and Spirit of Redemption as one of my favorite Mass Effect fics. This second half, with the split storylines (none of which feature Idiot and Buckethead!) is, I feel, far weaker than what Psi Effect started with. First Contact also caught me by surprise; I felt a bit cheated that there was no buildup to such an event.

I'm a lot more interested in finding out what happened to Eclipse than I am by what Fala, John or the Council are up to.

The branching stories are all quality, don't get me wrong, and standing alone would still be in the top 1% of ME fanfics, but they're a let-down after the story of Annabel, Ilena and Xen that you started off with.
TheIronSnake chapter 40 . 11/5
What a very welcome surprise to check in on this story to see that it had FINALLY updated... only to realise I could have just been reading along at the space battle forum. Fuck. Anyway, glad you've compiled it all here again. I really like the John chapters this time around, usually I found the character to be so irritating or lackluster, which being a child character may well be the point, but this was good, we see the whole "Martian" identity assert itself in a situation that makes it more than just chest beating and gas bagging. Looking forward to more of the Asari and Trident and the SC interacting with the Citadel.
DovahCheese chapter 1 . 11/4
Now that War of the Chosen is out, will you be featuring them?
Lovin it chapter 40 . 11/2
A smiling chryssalid would be such a cute mascot. Especially if it was superdeformed chibi form. Who could resist?
misha197 chapter 40 . 11/2
Thanks! I love this story! Can only follow you on FF, so the updates came as a very welcome surprise! Looking forward to more
Lovin it chapter 39 . 11/2
So a day in the life of the latest of the Shepard clan. Will be very interesting to see where things go with Tali and Liara so different. Actually, but the Citadel and Humanity will be very different too. It's beautiful.
Lovin it chapter 38 . 11/2
History. From far in the past and then the present Trident considering the future. Love it. And the Rachni to be offered a place elsewhere. Should be no problem. They are psionic and the Sys-Con obviously have no problems with genetic modification or assimilating former terror weapons into society.
Lovin it chapter 37 . 11/2
Trident military and of course shenanigans. And the Rachni attempt diplomacy. Poorly, but enough to investigate more.
Lovin it chapter 36 . 11/2
Well, some Trident history and the Sys-Con goes into battle. Great use of psionics and servitors.
Lovin it chapter 35 . 11/2
Aethyta the author. And writing a book on Asari military history.

And Shepard teasing Ilena with the Rachni is just too delicious. Ah, don't worry Ilena, not matter the airtime others may get, you'll still be Best Maiden!
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