Reviews for Stubborn Shadow
daniel210298 chapter 31 . 11/11
This is an amazing story that I wish you would continue. The storyline is very promising and I feel that this could be turn into a beautiful narrative on your take on how Naruto would grow as a person, should he suddenly find himself with the responsibility of raising and nurturing a child. As is, we have seen tremendous growth in Naruto's maturity and rationality, while simultaneously we also see Harry's growth from a mute child that does not even understand the spoken language, to a growing boy with an admittedly stunted vocabulary for a six year old, which is understandable as he didn't learn the language untill he was four. Again, great potential in this story and I sincerely hope that you will one day pick it back up and once again let this world continue.
Awita De Coco1 chapter 31 . 10/29
Por favor continúe, esta historia es de lo mejor que leí en mi vida
Inuclaw chapter 17 . 9/27
finally! as much as everybody lives sasuke I cant... he is too much of a selfish cow... tbh

naruto could have very well taken that side and he having more reason too... but he didn't
Aeris.Sin chapter 21 . 9/19
Yay, a growing Naruto!
A Naruto that is GRADUALLY changing! into a mentally mature one!
Nemhain2009 chapter 31 . 8/18
I enjoyed reading your story!
Guest chapter 1 . 8/11
So an weak OC named harry, you should've just not included the crossover tag
DreamSlytherin17710 chapter 31 . 8/3
I really love this story. I know it’s been years but I would love it if you would continue it.
Guest chapter 31 . 8/1
Guestinator chapter 5 . 7/25
So not in fact Harry at all, because Harry would have memories. Memories make the person after all. This so far is seemingly the second lie you have told in your summary, can we hit 3?
Guestinator chapter 1 . 7/25
"Strong Harry!"

"Oh, but Harry is 4 years old and gets his shit pushed in my a stray starving dog. lol, strong"
lilyemma chapter 23 . 7/22
I love it!
lilyemma chapter 22 . 7/20
lilyemma chapter 21 . 7/20
It was brilliant!
lilyemma chapter 20 . 7/20
lilyemma chapter 19 . 7/20
I love it!
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