Reviews for Magic Online
Alzo77 chapter 37 . 9/21
Foalan21 chapter 46 . 9/17
Each time I read this story it makes me laugh. Also is James's animagus form a dragon or wyvern?
Foalan21 chapter 25 . 9/16
Ch chi chi I still absolutely love James's nickname.
Icewrite chapter 44 . 8/28

Just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying reading your story.

era-romance chapter 46 . 8/16
interesting fic. hope u update soon
also hope ur Harry doesn't end up stuck in an 8 yr old body for the rest of his life cause tgat would just really suck for him
Guest chapter 46 . 7/25
Please come back to this story! I need more! I have been reading this non stop over the last few days since I found it. This story is great. I can’t wait till the next update. I’ll be checking daily
connormayor50 chapter 46 . 7/20
Awesome story to read can't wait for the next update hopefully soon
Tamha chapter 46 . 7/7
Hopefully Gil will be going on the first trip with him, since James will likely need him the most during the most intense period of mental health counseling. The other three could go whichever trip as necessary by request or schedule needs, though I'd lean towards having Kazuto on the education trip and Mayumi on either the second if he needs the parental support during the possible second step of counseling, or the fourth so he has that support for the last of his medical assessments and rehabilitation.

If he needs to do the second set of three trips, will they pull in Asuna and Rika for two of them to help protect the non-magicals from temporal issues, or will he have to do those three with only Sirius and Remus? Hopefully they won't need to do those trips right away, but I get the feeling they will anyway.
Tamha chapter 37 . 7/7
I've been eagerly waiting for this chapter since Harry woke up. I'm so happy that they're together once again!
ZeroQi chapter 21 . 6/30
I like how they let Dawlish get away with blaming everything on Harry after they all watched him, according to you, literally drag him and push him in front of the boggart.

Your stupidity continues to increase.
ZeroQi chapter 20 . 6/30
Not manipulative? He is. You're just an idiot.

You wrote it out yourself that he was going to hold Harry back a year for failing grades when Harry has the highest grades in his year. Now he's locked him in the castle, even though his guardian is there.

It must be hard living life being that stupid.
ZeroQi chapter 17 . 6/30
He would have won the bet through trickery? You're an idiot. How would he have done that? Hmm? All those memories still exist. You know, the ones the whole bet was over?

ZeroQi chapter 7 . 6/30
I like the part where you told us FOUR TIMES IN A ROW IN THE SAME PARAGRAPH that his magic was taking far longer to refill because his soul and magic were cut off from the Earth. Which means that his soul took far longer to regenerate the magic. (Because his soul was blocked by the blood ward, meaning it took a while because it had to do it itself)
SapphireJadeEmerald chapter 1 . 6/7
at first i was very sceptical about the couple pairing and how the story was going when Hogwarts came around. since the beginning was very good and drew me in i had to continue reading. now i can see James being with Hermione. this is a very good story
Fallow54 chapter 46 . 6/5
xxx Kudos xxx : )
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