Reviews for Magic Online
Pushi19 chapter 1 . 11/23
Update please
Teon chapter 45 . 11/9
this story is amazing its like a book that I just couldn't put down until I finished it, please continue to write more.
ADemonInATeacup chapter 45 . 11/6
Ah~ I love this book so much! I can barely find any Sao and Harry Potter crossovers, let alone one as good and long as this. Amazing!~
Guest chapter 45 . 10/30
Please update
Hasilith chapter 45 . 10/29
I have been enjoying both story and character development. I look forward to how the story continues.
Laxard chapter 5 . 10/28
Harry talking quite elaborate for 9 years old.
Darksnider05 chapter 41 . 10/18
James still hasn't grown and it's becoming a bit of a problem now, he literally is going to reach a point where he can't move forward with his life because of his lack of growth. Have a family have sex or in general just ever be seen as more then an eight year old in public.
Darksnider05 chapter 35 . 10/18
So he doesn't kill Death Eaters but he murderess the sphinx because he doesn't want to answer a riddle? I think this is actually the first clear cut case of him murdering someone in cold blood because it's convenient.
Darksnider05 chapter 17 . 10/18
Is Harry really going to never grow? Is that like a personal choice because you like anime characters with unrealistic body types for fighting? Or just a hand wave ignoring all the healing magic and the way you've described Harry's magic adapting to SOA where it should be healing his body as if it was an avatar in all ways.
Darksnider05 chapter 10 . 10/18
This part is always what put me off the whole Harry not being able to tell he's in the real world it was always made me stop reading, but I'm gonna power through this time.
OmegaKenichi chapter 11 . 10/10
He'd be able to realize this isn't a game a lot easier if they didn't talk to him like they were NPCs.
Shady-Trees chapter 45 . 10/9
Vry abrupt and disappointing ending which is very different from the beginning. But if you think it was for the best I shall agree.
Hallowtide chapter 45 . 10/7
I’ve adored this story so far! I only ever liked the first arc of SAO and I kinda wish you had written more of when everyone was trapped pre-Hogwarts but it’s been very interesting ! Can’t wait for more !
renextronex chapter 27 . 10/4
I think you sorta of trapped yourself in making it so Harry believe that reality is another game, basically it's impossible to prove that reality it's not simulated due to the fact that any evidence could be simulated and as Harry has reason to believe that he is in a simulation and his magic just helps to confirm that. I believe that when Harry accepts that he is experimenting reality I'll find it rather cheap
renextronex chapter 10 . 10/4
It would made sense if Snistra was surprised by the "wandless magic" of Harry taking the list
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