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phosphophillite49 chapter 14 . 7/23/2023
Poor fluffy
Mr.Fluppy chapter 5 . 6/5/2023
Bruh this is to much angst and depression this early on chapter
Mr.Fluppy chapter 4 . 6/5/2023
So what will happen to him ounce the game is finished? Is he going to be an NPC with consciousness
and imortality inside the game or does his soul returns to his body plus all of the bodily change that happens inside the game will happened to his outside body? Also what will happen when Hogwarts letter arrived?
Mr.Fluppy chapter 2 . 6/5/2023
Uhhh so how does Harry's body will be preserved? I mean it still needs to eat or else it will die before harry dies
sagarkmr108 chapter 33 . 5/11/2023
make Hermione and other play in the new SAO. I know it will make lot of difference when fully get to experience the world where Harry had spend 2 years and it may help change to use magic with same perspective. Hermione will love flying and dancing with Harry in Alfheim.
svenijsselsteijn chapter 46 . 4/26/2023
Love the fic can you continue
Guest chapter 4 . 3/12/2023
You made Harry’s hp incalculable so you don’t have to calculate it, didn’t you?
YungTurd chapter 16 . 3/9/2023
not worth reading save yourself the effort. if the author didn't find it worth coming back to neither should you.
Kairan1979 chapter 9 . 2/14/2023
Harry getting the scars from the last battle in Aincrad? Interesting.
Kairan1979 chapter 7 . 2/14/2023
It's ironic that Harry ended up killing a huge snake creature single-handely.
Child of Dreams chapter 46 . 1/7/2023
Child of Dreams chapter 6 . 1/6/2023
Please, please, please don't kill off Agil...
Anitaxp chapter 46 . 12/1/2022
What a marvelous piece of work I just discovered! I am so so glad I got the chance to read this!
What a most love about your story is how detailed oriented it is. Everything happens for a reason and is well planned in advance. the amount of fanfictions I have read that don't have proper planning is enormous! So I truly appreciate your work. Also, you have a way with words that just simple rubs me the right way. With the amount of explaining that it goes on your story I could have gotten bored but I never did at all, it was very interesting and well-written.
I feel like I learned a lot from your work so I appreciate it.
I can't wait to see what's next on the story! I hope you get to return soon to continue.
I originally started reading it because it was HarryxHermione and had SAO which I love so in my mind was a win win. I was a bit worry at first because I felt like the I was never going to get to the before I run out of chapters to read. And to be honest, it kinda happen, but at least I can see it coming soon.
Anyway this review is already too long and you probably won't even see it, but I just felt like I needed to tell you how much I loved this! Thank you so much for sharing this masterpiece!
kristinamanga chapter 5 . 11/17/2022
j'aimerais savoir, même s'il a volé le jeu à son cousin, son cousin a le même âge que lui... donc la logique sur la limite d'âge est invalide.. "
kristinamanga chapter 3 . 11/17/2022
je me posais la question, mais est-ce qu'il grandisse dans le jeu ou pas ?
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