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Ninja Master chapter 2 . 3/15/2018
Great chapter
Ninja Master chapter 1 . 3/13/2018
Great so far
Ann Eye chapter 46 . 3/11/2018
Can't wait for next chapter!
Trace Reading chapter 13 . 3/9/2018
Missed a perfect opportunity to shove Harry back into the real world. Firenze would ask "why do your enemies shatter?" and Harry'd be like "becuase this is just a game" and then Firenze would kill something and it would leave a corpse...maybe too visceral for Harry, though. Or he'd just handwave it as being a quirk of the game world he thinks he's in.
MindForged chapter 5 . 3/9/2018
Yea, I think I'm done for now. All the touching, the repeated use of random Japanese wordsgaki", etc) and overemphasis on Harry’s wounds is just too grating.
MindForged chapter 4 . 3/9/2018
This chapter is just pissing me off because it makes no sense. Why, if he's a type of immortal object, is he being hurt? And for that matter, why aren't the bond of blood wards protecting him from harm if the game has become his home? I know it's going to be given some bullshit explanation later and that's just irritating since it was obviously done for drama. I'm not sure I'll continue this one.
RauthrMystic chapter 46 . 3/6/2018
interesting chapter, I liked the blood magic twist. it will give you a chance to show us some without it becoming bogged down. a couple of random notes: on a second (or third lol) read through the Hogwarts years are very "telly" as in telling vs showing. also information got repeated a lot. so sometimes we got the same or similar conversations but with different characters. I'm told those are good "tell" moments.

regardless I love your story and where it's going. do we get to find out Hermione's affinities? does her "new" magic allow her to be better around electronics? also could Harry even use a new nerve gear or the 2.0 version? it would be interesting to see father son bonding time in aelfheim. what race would Harry be? ahhh so many random questions! thanks for sharing your creativity, it's awesome.
Merlenyn chapter 46 . 3/5/2018
Iiiinteresting... So the Japanese at least have some fancy time travel setup and a rather elaborate one at that to allow them to time travel without overlapping their own trails and screwing stuff up. XD Cool. And Harry isn't just suffering some prolonged after effects of stasis and malnutrition keeping his body from catching up, his body is STILL sorta stuck in stasis. And it's no wonder he never though about going to the restroom at all if he still thought he was in a game and thus food was consumed and then just "gone" later. But yikes, that's scary! I hope that they can find the answers they need to help Harry within the time period they have outlined with 4 separate jumps right now. Though I do wonder how going back in time would allow HIM more time unless it sorta sets his body back 4 months while leaving his mind intact somehow because I'd have thought that if his physical body was going back in time, it'd still be at the same "age/state" it was in before the jump... but I have no idea how you have the temporal magics set up. I'd imagine that magicals might sync up sorta with their past states to a minor degree no matter where their past selves are in the world, simply because of their magic which is why it's safer for them to do this without side effects like they mentioned was a problem for non-magicals and why each of the non-magicals going with him will only go for one jump each as that's the safest for them?

Also I like the whole magical affinity thing and the idea with Britain being all "those magics are dark and evil!" all because they're close-minded and think they're better than the other countries and their magical or non-magical societies... heh Also how poor Harry/James and the others were in shock at the casual mention of his soul magic affinity and the sadly now shattered blood magic affinity - I'm assuming Dumbledore is responsible for that because he twisted the blood magic protection Lily cast and anchored to Harry's latent affinity to make the location locked blood wards... and then his whole trip into SAO probably didn't help at all either because the already twisted blood magics twisted further to protect his body as his soul magic rose up to save his soul and magic... Makes me wonder if the man had any idea of what would happen to Harry's potential ability to use blood magic after he'd twisted the protections like he did, or if he did it on purpose to make it impossible for him to safely awaken it and survive? He might've just warned Lily to be careful of when and where she did her little rituals, but maybe he was secretly disapproving? I know you said he's not the "evil" guy, just misguided and not thinking or whatever sometimes... but who knows?

Also interesting that his soul magic is why it's all twisted up with the game code stuff... I do wonder if he'll ever be able to figure it out so that he doesn't see ALL people other than his listed friends as NPC's... Though I'm not sure if I missed it or not but are the NPC diamonds only show up over magicals and magical creatures? So the non-magicals would look normal without the glowing diamonds and the only confusion he had was the fact that he believed at first that Asuna and Kirito were dead so he thought he really was in a game and being tricked until Agil helped convince him otherwise? Hmmm...

Anywho, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next, not just with their plans to try and help Harry, but when he goes back for 5th year and if Umbridge will be a teacher again and how he'll deal with that and her detentions with the blood quill since he KNOWS what it is and does thanks to using one to sign the contract and saw the note about the scarring from prolonged use. And with Sirius as his Magical Guardian now and an actual family backing him despite being non-magical, I wonder if they'd be able to stop her sooner? Or all together? Also looking forward to that trial... lol And all the other stuff! :D
LunaDragAngel chapter 46 . 3/3/2018
Thank you for the new chapter i am enjoying both of your hp/sao stories & am glad Archer has branched off because i was worried that one would duplicate this one close enough to where i could loose interest. Really love the detail built into the changes in his magic with his magic adapting to the game & its continued mutation. Eager to read more of both stories!
Guest chapter 37 . 2/25/2018
That fight with Dumbledore made absolutely no sense. It took Harry hours to beat Crouch, yet five minutes to beat Fumblesmore? The fuck are you smoking?
Guest chapter 4 . 2/19/2018
So... I'm pretty sure that Harry is technically a Lich now? A Lich is a being(usually a mage) that through some fashion manages to make their soul independent from their body and sometimes, even death. Afterwards a Lich will posess their own body, another's, or form a new vessel.
Harry's soul separated from his body and he didn't die and there's no Horcrux shenanigans cause it's gone so I'm preeeetty sure it counts.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/19/2018
Good first chapter. I'd have preferred for it to have not worked at first causing him to be momentary despondent before surging with frustration and anger, kickstarting the magic part. Harry's most stand out magic always happens in moments of great emotion.
perfectshade chapter 46 . 2/16/2018
I can see how this chapter gave you a lot of trouble in trying to reconcile some parts of the plot.(written into a corner)

Other reviewers already brought up concerns in regards to the time travel device so i‘ll just mention a point or two about it, but first let me say that the general scene with Harry doing everyday stuff and the others then arriving, interacting with him and then havaing that talk, worked out great. As usual you got character interaction down nicely.

This time there was a bit of an info dump in the middle but i can live with that because sometimes real life conversations just require that much „boring“ explanation to give people listening the needed context. The matters being discussed here certainly require a lot of information best delivered like that.

While i want to note that i had some trouble swallowing that apparently the rest of the world is so much better(looking down?) than Britain that was only a minor point overall.

The actual trouble is around how exactly the time travel is supposed to solve things. Disregarding that such a device is always asking for trouble(see canon…) and at such scale almost gamebreaking in of itself.

In this case particular that unless i missed something Harry‘s time is limited internally and sending him back in time will not reset that clock just as cryo freezing him would not change post thawing life expectancy.(though buying time via time freeze for researchers to do their job would have been a simple mechanic to give everyone time to figure out things. Unless they didn‘t want to risk such considering Harry is already subject to wonky time freeze mechanics. Unless sending someone back in time somehow resets inner magical clock to an earlier state and buy time through this. Synchronicity with his other existance at that point in time so to say)

The only advantage i can see would be that instead of needing months from this point to aquire test results, which would see R&D waiting, they could start developing counter measures straight away. Eliminating some of the zero productivity times by getting a bunch of results simultaneously.
But yeah, the entire thing is quite confusing(damn time plots) and i‘ll wait for the follow up to hopefully clear up things.

Something i think you can pull off, but will require some world building to explain overall.
Quite eager to find out what you have in store in that regard and if it can(hopefully) live up to expectations.

Thanks for the update again. Regardless of some difficulty.
Wingzero512 chapter 46 . 2/14/2018
You are an amazing writer very few have the talent that you show in developing your characters, understanding that those who have suffered injuries and traumas must take time to heal, just like how it feels to have your heartbreak and it feels like your soul has been torn apart. You capture that so well that it helped me through a dark chapter in my life and I thank you for that, please keep on writing and don't let anyone who speaks to you negatively as long as you are happy don't let those who don't appreciate what you do rule over you, you are you and let nobody else tell you any different. P.S. Have you ever thought of writing an undertale fic, although the fanbase can be rather toxic, even though the game is about helping other's, seeing the world from another's point of view, not to judge someone whether it be their past actions or their apperance, but try to under stand them instead, and dealing with individuals with traumas that some might not be aware of like abandoning duty and love just for one irrational spare of the moment decision and locking yourself away from the world hurting you and others. Undertale is a great game and it seems up your alley along with the various au and comics that came about through this game like siblingtale, underfell, glicthtale, endertale, and more. Their are few good writers such as Ben10extreme who takes undertale to the next level. And hopefully you can also be one of them.
starboy454 chapter 46 . 2/14/2018
another excellent update so would Hermione to make the time trip Harry if she did it in her 3dr year
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