Reviews for Hit Us With Your Best Shot
Linneagb chapter 3 . 5/22/2015
Sorry it took me a while to read.
I really enjoy reading about Carly’s clothes. She seems to have a nice style. Kennedy seems interesting too with her designs and everything. I really hope Kennedy gets to live her own dream instead of her parents’ I also really like Kennedy and Carly’s relationship. This Jonah seems to have an interesting relationship along with Kennedy as well… or was it with Carly? Oh that was Kennedy and YAY Carly and Eli!
Call your girlfriend by Robyn, I’m not a fan of her music but YAY SWEDEN! This Chuck- boy seems kind of sweet. And he and Carly seems so cute together. And Shay seem like a great character too and that’s Carly’s pov.
Ginny seems real interesting too. I really like her style too. And it seems interesting the part with her writing stories. That opposite Cinderella… hmm… Couldn’t see why not! I hope that she too gets to follow her dream and let everybody see it. This Jenna girl seems interesting too. I hope to see her some time. I hope Ginny can make some more friends.
Poor Shannon, eating disorders are some terrible stuff. The kind of relationship where you can just sit around doing your own thing is just too sweet. The way that someone that have got the kind of eating disorder as Shannon starts seeing themselves is just… wow! There really ain’t nothing else like it is there?
The part with Jenna’s mum and her kidneys and that sounds good. I hope they find a new kidney for her soon. And I hope they can help Shannon. That sexuality also seems… well, interesting. I hope she can sort of come out about it without way too much trouble. I hope Jenna will get the implants as well and that that goes all well.
I’m not so sure about how to feel about that ‘happy little pill- song’ but well… Haha, in Sweden we say ‘the taste is like the butt, split’ (wow that sounds better in Swedish!) it means pretty much that, we think different about things. Anyway… I’ll stop babbling like this. I really liked this point of view. Mmmm, milkshake. And that’s Ginny’s point of view.
Poor Shannon, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like with parents treating a child like that. No, scratch that about parents. I couldn’t imagine one human being talking to another human being like that. Oh, that poor thing. I think I said it before but, eating disorders are such terrible things. If only she could see how beautiful she is and… Gah! Poor thing.
Oh my… God…. Oboyuryntoim it’s amazing how a made- up scenario can make you so frustrated. I wish Shannon would let someone help her. But that would be easier said than done. I just want to hug her. Oh… that too?! Oh dear. She’s gotten into some big mess. I’m happy that at least she’s got her dad, it seems that he is a great support.
It’s kind of weird that if Shannon is adopted by Quinn and Puck (?) she doesn’t know who Beth is. I hope she’ll know soon enough. And it feels like I’m the only one who haven’t read hunger games yet. And God, I’ve never been through it myself and I guess it’s hard to imagine, but as far as I can imagine, I think you write the parts with how you think around eating just perfectly.
I hope she agrees to therapy, she doesn’t feel like someone who would but if she gives it a chance it might help her. Maybe it would help her to turn somewhere else with her problems than to put it all on food. This Sammy seems interesting. She’s funny at least. At least she’s kind too, and it feels like she’s just the friend that Shannon needs.
Haha, it would be great if someone’s first word actually was book. It’s so sad how some parents travel so much the children don’t even keep up with where they are. But it says Sammy’s mum calls her Sammy when she’s angry, and earlier it said Samantha. Maybe it’s a mistake… Sammy’s home situation just seems… sad and tragic if you ask me. But all of her family members have such nice names- at least it’s one thing haha.
Oh, Shannon’s gay? I didn’t really see that one coming. Quinn seems to have changed so much since high school, for the better. It’s very brave of her to sing such an emotional song for her audition. I still hope she’ll be able to come out. And I hope the glee club will be able to help her with all of her problems. Wow, her mu must have been such a terrible person. And that is Shannon’s point of view.
So… onto Brant’s point of view. If you couldn’t tell, I am writing this review in word document as I read and make notes about all the time. So I hope you’ve got nothing against a very long review. Aw, the name Skip is just adorable and funny. I’ve got a bad feeling about how this trip will go. Should I have? Well I’ll know in just a minute.
Rain in the winter? ‘yawn’ it never fails to amaze me how weathers can be in different parts of the world. Not everyone’s got thirty degrease below freezing (Yes, it happens) and blizzard. And oh, forgive me if I’m babbling a lot in the review. I hope Brant will be able to accept his true self. Haha, apparently Mara is sneaky and smart. She seems interesting. Brant’s dare with kissing Seth was interesting, I hope Brant opens up about his feelings.
This whole gang just seems interesting and like everyone are very good friends. AH. This part is scary. Oh no, Mason is so terrible. How could anyone do something like that at all? Poor Brant. Poor isn’t even enough. I couldn’t imagine… Oh, it wasn’t Brant’s fault. And I hope that he’ll be able to talk about it, maybe it’ll help. Poor Lexi as well, how could they just lie to their children?
Kurt is Lexi’s dad. Oh, that’s interesting. I hope Lexi’s current boyfriend is a good guy. I hope that Morgan will be able to get herself a car and a job later. And for some reason I found that storyline very interesting. Oh wait, it was Brant who needed it. Maybe it’ll be good for him to have something else to think about.
‘Tell me it’s not really real’ Oh wow… My heart! This Jensen seems interesting and I hope Brant will be able to come out and also work with his feelings around everything. And now that was Brant’s point of view and onto Sierra’s.
Aw, poor thing. Now here’s another terrible guy. Poor Freya, I really hope everyone in this will be able to work out some of their problems in a good way. Aw, I’m so happy that song means a lot to her in that way. She must be such an amazing dancer though ‘I am not jealous. I am not jealous. I am not jealous….’ Haha. Couldn’t cycle in high heeled boots? I wouldn’t know how people could stand in high heeled boots… sorry… zoned away again. You wouldn’t care about that.
Well, I guess Sierra has some confidence. You know, it’s really amazing how just the smallest things can be so fascinating between this part of the world and mine. I really love the relationship the sisters seem to have. But I guess there’s not really a way to tell who has have the hardest and who has had the easiest time growing up before they were adopted. Poor thing, I couldn’t imagine.
It’s cool that Sydney is from London. Oh Josh. Kayleigh’s little brother right? Aw. But some other boys can just be jerks haha. I love this thing they say about being bi gives you 100% of the population. I really like how they call the other glee club members than their parents’ aunt and uncle. It’s sweet how they all seem to have stayed friends.
Oh, when a Mason was mentioned I first thought about that murderer. Then I remembered the one from season six. (I haven’t seen season six yet. That might be why.) I have kind of a bad feeling about these people she’s going to meet but if she knows them since before I guess it should be fine. I hope it ends up good, and I’m happy she’s got a real family now. And that is Sierra’s point of view and over to Freya’s. Which I’m really happy since I’m really liking Freya’s character.
Poor thing, no person should ever have to listen to someone fighting like that. Let alone a child. At least she had her mum. And that just makes everything even sadder. At least they tried, and Freya’s mum must really have loved her to bits. Oh my, the earlier part was just a start. Oh my… this part is just heartbreaking, poor Freya. Oh… that too… She must have been a so very broken person. Oh sweetie…
I’m sure that now Kurt and Blaine wouldn’t want any other children than the ones that they have. I wish Frey would see that. This Connor and Freya… well at least Connor seems sweet and kind. I would totally have been wanting to see her dance too. Haha. I never heard about anyone who would study in a music store. But that part’s great. Freya’s just so… broken. And I just want to hug her and fix every little piece together.
Oh well… small towns! Bonnie and Clyde? Hmm. I’m sure Freya will get to dance in something like Swan Lake someday. I hope she joins the glee club, it could probably help her. Shake Shack. Well that’s an interesting name. I’m so happy Freya have at least made a friend. Viola totally deserved that and should totally have gotten a worse punishment. And well… at least she’s in the glee club, I hope she enjoys it. No matter what Finn says she is worth something she’d enjoy.
It’s too heartbreaking when Freya sings or dances for her mum. And I really like Freya and hmmm… now I forgot his name… Connor I believe. As friends, but it’s up to you if you want to take them further. And that is Freya’s point of view and onto Morgan’s.
I find it loads of fun that when you describe the outfits to go on the polyvores and imagine them. Should I do two with only outfits for Leigh and Eli? I think I’ll do that… Or do you want to? Oh I wonder who this Kyle is. I hope he’s a good guy after the bad guys Lexi have had before then. I hope these guys leave Morgan alone if she wants them to. Oh, they’re her parents. Then I kind of hope she goes to meet them, maybe they had a good reason and just wanted her best… and oh! Brittany, she’s just Brittany!
How could they not tell her she has a twin sister? Now that’s just…. Ugh! I hope Mo and Brant finds someone. If that’s what they want at least. This Viola is just such a b*
AncientUnicorn chapter 3 . 5/5/2015
This was another awesome and incredibly long chapter! XD I'm super excited for the future of this story now that the Teenage Dreamers are up and running! The story is so full on because it seems just about everyone has a tragic, violent, depressing or just plain horrifying backstory! It's not really all that realistic but hey, I don't mind, it certainly adds more drama to the story, even if it is over the top. I'm hoping to see more of Hamish in the next chapter whenever that comes :P For a chapter so long, this is about how long I expected to have to wait for the next chapter so keep up the good work! I don't really mind longer chapters if it means you can fit more people in, but I prefer reading the whole chapter in one go, so it takes a really long time XD There are so many characters so it's hard to be invested in them all and not get a little bit sick of reading the same kind of story over and over. Anyway, just a small issue, I enjoyed the chapter and I really like the story! I prefer it this way because that means Hamish gets more time when he is featured. Also I missed Remy this chapter :c I liked him from the first chapter, mostly because he is the only person to have interacted with Hamish so far... also because he seems to be one of the few characters that is not completely messed up! Also I enjoyed the group's first musical number. Hit Me With Your Best Shot is a good song and a solid choice for their first one... also it's basically the title of the story so I should have seen it coming. Anyway, a long review for a long chapter. Keep up the awesome work and I look forward to more! :D
noro chapter 3 . 5/5/2015
keep up the great writing
JamoActor chapter 3 . 5/4/2015
Great to see some interaction with Morgan and Candice. Can't wait to see how you handle them in future chapters.
FinchelFan728 chapter 3 . 5/4/2015
I love the group you've created :)
Linneagb chapter 2 . 2/17/2015
Poor Freya... That she has to sneak out and go to her mom’s grave… “Ow” my heart! This chapter was great. And I loved when Leigh explains what she hates about going to the hospital. Eli is so cute, and both of them so in character and I love Bella too. He is even more addicted to sugar than I am! And YAY he did a song sung by a Swede “Do Swedish folk dance” And Skye and Eli and Bella and Holly… I think my heart is melting! IH! I love the song tomorrow. And oh… I can’t believe they wouldn’t tell Lexi the truth about all of that. YAY Niko’s in too. I really like him and Leigh together. Hopefully Jake and Marley will know some time soon. Oh… drugs are terrible things! I hope Hamish can quit them. Uh oh, with the math I’ve got a feeling Ruby’s in big trouble. But I guess it will get… or it would get better if she and Freddie concentrated a bit more on what they should. Oh my… I hope Jessie will be able to get rid of those nightmares. Oh… I totally want to see Jessie finding out about Niko. I can’t wait to read more, so please update as soon as you can
noro chapter 2 . 2/16/2015
keep pu the good work update soon
AncientUnicorn chapter 2 . 2/16/2015
Oh my goodness this was such a long chapter! XD Probably the longest one I have ever read! Not that it's a bad thing, but wow it took me a long time to get through! So much happened I'm not even sure where to start. I guess I'll start with Hamish, because I absolutely loved the way you wrote him :D His audition was amazing, especially when he cried at the end... man he is a mess :/ This story has turned out to be a lot darker than I expected. I like it that way, but the rape scene was so extreme, I couldn't help but cover my eyes... even though I was reading. Also I wasn't expecting a sex scene, but hey, we got one! I like this far more mature version of glee. I got so excited when Grant asked out Remy, but now that Ham is in the picture, Grant can back off :P Is there gonna be a love triangle forming, or a really cute friendship? Either way my feels can't handle it XD Ham is not the type of OC I would normally make, but I am glad I did, he seems to fit really well into this story :) Thankyou for an awesome (and SUPER long) chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one!
JamoActor chapter 2 . 2/16/2015
Loved the chapter and saw an iCarly reference with two of the kids Carly and Shay. Miranda Cosgrove's character was Carly Shay. Can't wait for the next chapter though
AncientUnicorn chapter 1 . 1/7/2015
Oh cool, it's been updated with all of the characters! :D I'm excited for the story to finally start now that you have all of the characters ready to go :D
Tif S chapter 1 . 12/16/2014
I'll send in one. Who do you already have kids for?
JamoActor chapter 1 . 8/6/2014
Awesome! You accepted my characters. I can't wait to see how their storylines work out. Eager for this to start.
RavenpuffWrites chapter 1 . 8/2/2014
I'm excited to send in my characters, I've been working hard on them, I'm doing twins and you said that was okay, correct? I hope so otherwise I'm so done for.
God why am I rambling so much today?
I must be nervous or something.
Maybe I should sleep.
Why am I telling you this?
Right, maybe I'll wait until tomorrow to send in my characters, I might mess them up if I do it now.
Sorry about this.
SaintSparkle chapter 1 . 7/26/2014
Definitely submitting a character soon!
Linneagb chapter 1 . 7/26/2014
I can't send in a character right now. But I'm going to try to write a wemma- kid... or maybe something else I'm not sure yet... when I have an idea.
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