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Post U Later chapter 22 . 7h ago
Oh Merlin! That Joke! I LOVE IT! & Oh Man, Purple... I'll Never Look At The Color The Same! I'm Gonna Say That From Now On. XD

& YES! As Soon As They Came To The Reserve, I Just KNEW Harry Was Going To Talk To A Dragon! How Could He NOT? XD
Post U Later chapter 21 . 7h ago
Yay! They Got Some Of Their Fortune Back! & That's A LOT! That's Like 25,000 Pounds!

& I LOVE The Dragon Necklace & The Bracelet Harry & Charlie Got For Each Other. How Adorably Sweet. Man, Why Does It Have To Be March? Why Can't It Be December Already? XD
Post U Later chapter 20 . 8h ago
God, That Was Horrible! I Hope Charlie Doesn't Blame The Twins, It Was Probably Just A Prank So Charlie Would Have To Come On The Train & Kiss Harry, Or Something Harmless Like That. It Was Chang's Fault. Even If It Was An Accident That She Bumped Into Fred, She Didn't Have To Go An Yell That Harry Was Stuck Under A Mistletoe Like That. The Bitch.

Poor Harry, I Hope He Doesn't Have Any Flashbacks Of What That Muggle Monster Did To Him. That Would Just Be The WORST! I Can't Wait For The Winter Break To Be Over So We Can See What Revenge They're Going To Reap On Her. XD
Post U Later chapter 19 . 8h ago

& An Observatory Is A Great Idea. I'd Love To Go To One One Day.

& Oh Man, Those Poor Children. Being Subjected To THAT! I Remember When I Had That Class. I Was In A TINY School Of Like 40 Kids From Preschool To 12 Grade. They Separated The Girls From The Boys & I Was The Only Girl In Jr. High & So I Had A One On One Class. It Was Dreadful! No One Should Be On That Level Of Familiarity With Their Teacher. I Mean. FOR GODS SAKE! WE WATCHED A MOVIE ABOUT SPERM ON THEIR JOURNEY TO THW WOMB & A WOMAN GIVING BIRTH! IT WAS TRAUMATIZING! I'll Never Forget It. *Shudders*
Post U Later chapter 18 . 8h ago

& Great, EVERYONE'S Trying To Find Out Who Balaur Is. Just What They Need. & Wow, How Creepy; Dumb-As-A-Door's Practically Stalking Them. I'm Glad The Teachers Are On Harry's Side.

You Know, I'm Curious. Is Draco Going To Be In This? He Hasn't Been Mentioned So Far. Will He Be The One The Group Gets From Slytherin?
Post U Later chapter 16 . 9h ago
YAY! FLUFFY! I Love Him So Much! I Do Hope You Bring Him Back. Harry Seems To Like Him A Lot, After All, He Did Save Their Lives. Also, He's One Of My FAVORITES Of Hagrid's Pets. Second Only To Buckbeak! XD

Damn That Dumbledork! Plotting Again. He Wants To Know Harry's Weakness? Well Too Bad! Even If Harry Looks Into The Mirror, Dumbledork Won't Be Able To See What Harry Sees. Besides, A Truly Happy Person Will Only See Himself, & I Believe That Harry Is A Truly Happy Person. Though He May See Charlie.
Post U Later chapter 17 . 9h ago
Oh Man, Harry Really Gave That Turpin Girl A Stern Talking Too. & Everyone In The Whole School Heard It Too. Good For Him. Though I Would Have Loved To See Some Pranks. XD

& Wow, They All Showed Up! But They Forgot To Get The Parents To Adopt Them All! Next Time Then. ;D

& Aww I Like That Mrs. Granger Thinks That Harry & Charlie Are A Lovely Couple. They Are Extremely Cute Together After All. XD

I Can't Wait For Harry's First Quidditch Match. Will Quirrell Still Bewitch Harry's Broom? Will Snape Still Save Him? Or Will Charlie Save Him? Or Maybe Sirius Or Remus? I Wonder. XD
Post U Later chapter 15 . 14h ago
Lol, The Twins. They're Going To Go LOONY When They Actually MEET Sirius & Remus. XD

& Cool, Harry's Taken Cedric's Place As The Seeker! I Was A Bit Worried About That. Speaking Of Cedric, I Wonder What's Happening With Him? He Must Be Fighting The Potions & Spells. He's A Strong Guy. I Really Hope He Doesn't End Up Dying In 4th Year, I'll Be Sad.
Post U Later chapter 13 . 16h ago
Merlin, Pettigrew Is One Sick Bastard! & So Is The Headmaster! Trying To Force A 13 Year Old To Rape An 11 Year Old! The MONSTER! I Truly Hope Someone Finds Out About That & He Gets Sacked & Sent To Azkaban.

& Aww Charlie Did Show Up! How Sweet. Harry Was SO Excited! & The Kiss. So Cute! XD
Post U Later chapter 14 . 16h ago
GO CHARLIE! YES! I Love It! I Really Hope That Cedric Gets The Hint. I Could See Him Keep Going, Not Even Thinking That They're Soulmates & That He Could Steel Harry Away. I Hope That Doesn't Happen.
Post U Later chapter 12 . 17h ago
Oh Merlin! Poor Harry! That Sick Monster! How DARE He Touch Harry! I Really Hope That Charlie Hears Of This & Comes To Torture That Disgusting Rat. & Harry Sure Needs The Comfort Of His Soulmate.
Post U Later chapter 11 . 17h ago
Aww Severus Is So Cute! Letting Out A Small Smile At Harry's Laugh. ADORABLE! & I'm SO Glad That He's Not Thinking Of Harry As A Mini James, Because He Really Isn't. XD

& Uh Oh, Cedric's After Harry... Who Already Has A Soulmate! NOT GOOD! I Wonder What Charlie Will Do? Go Ballistic? Threaten Cedric By Saying He'll Turn A Dragon On Him Or Make Him Into Dragon Food? I'd Like To Read That. XD
mizukikage chapter 27 . 3/1
No! I was so into this chapter too! Dang it!
ORKCHILD chapter 27 . 3/1
Because he was a parynoid git
serinianfire chapter 27 . 2/28
Awesome! I love this fic! I hope the unicorn is okay!
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