Reviews for Little Dragon
retired10 chapter 39 . 7/15
I absolutely love this story. I will definitely wait (not too) patiently for the next chapter. Thank you so much for writing this wonderful story!
retired10 chapter 7 . 7/14
Oh my! That was so brilliant! You are surely a Brilliant author! Love this story!
Lizzarnia5887 chapter 39 . 7/12
oh so not fair it's just getting good. I hope you update soon
Guest chapter 39 . 7/7
Jamie chapter 39 . 7/5
Hope you get the time to update
BlindKitten97 chapter 39 . 6/30
Lol, this fic is like the sole reason I ship Harry/Charlie haha.
Will be following from now on.
Until next time:
Rekell chapter 39 . 6/29
Only started reading this story yesterday and been obsessed with it since. It’s been an awesome read and can’t wait to see what happens next!
CinderSpire793 chapter 39 . 6/27
Love this! Hoping there's another update simmering in that fantastic imagination of yours, bugging you to let it out...

Pun Queen chapter 39 . 6/27
K so another update please?
Wolvie26 chapter 39 . 6/27
can't wait to see what happens next! Hope you update soon!
misswitlock16 chapter 39 . 6/13
I like it can't wait to read more
Kuroi raion chapter 22 . 6/9
Andrea in my country (Slovakia) strom means tree chapter 7 . 5/30
OMG the talk was hilarious! I had tears in my eyes reading that and laughing so hard! Bravo!
nessiesmith2012 chapter 4 . 5/24
On chapter 4. Ive tried reading this before but stopped on this chapter in the past because i felt that you were making harry into the cliche gay chibi. Dressing in girls clothes (which is fine but come on you dont show anything other than him liking girls clothes) the bashful and heart full of love. All the innocent, small and cute. Wheres the strong rebel that survived the abusers? When will he stop blushing when someone looks at him. This is just so cliche as the "innocent blushing" school girl but instead replaced with an abused boy. Im going to try and see if i can make if further this round cause i think the bones of the story has promise if you steer away from the weak bashful cliches that plague anime.
ktapples chapter 1 . 5/23
Harry's such a cutie! I love this 3
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