Reviews for Halloween 9
Escebella chapter 1 . 3/18/2003
hmm, I doubt Tommy and the others would still live in Haddonfield if the cult was still there, and also Kara isnt related to Michael, Laurie is only related to her through adoption, John and Stephen are Michael's sole relatives, John is his nephew and well Stephen is..well his son/cousin, cuz Micheal and Jaime were forced by the cult to... well you know and so Stephen is an incest baby,poor kid. And Michael is pretty much controlled by the cult he isnt part of it, well not by choice.

But other than that.

I thought the script was well written and really intresting, the plot was a bit scitchy (a word i made up) but I thought the idea of making Tommy lose his upsession with Micheal was great, and I loved the line where Tommy says "Never thought I’d hear you tell me to go faster" lol.

I gonna go check out you're other script,