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red-jacobson chapter 67 . 11h
Finally got around to reading this story after reading 'Hatal Fart Attack' a few years ago. I don't know why I waited on this one, because I really enjoyed the story. This is the first story that I can remember reading (and I've been reading fanfic since the mid 90's), where the Royal family are actual characters and not just figures in the background.

I have to say that the Dudley in this story really needed the snot beaten out of him for his attitude.

Also, the ending was kind of abrupt, and could have used another 2 or 3 chapters to explore what is really going on.

I do thank you for finishing the story and now I'm going to find something new to read!
Guest chapter 67 . 5/8
It looks like real life is catching up with you. You slowly moved from weekly to monthly to three monthly, and later half yearly updates. Now it's almost 9 months, so i suppose we will have annual updates.

Please try to find some time in your busy schedule
deanna4403 chapter 61 . 5/6
is a sequal coming
LadyKirsten chapter 67 . 5/1
How utterly brilliant a story. I could barely put it down to sleep Last night. BRACO,
the scorpion commander chapter 67 . 4/22
klester chapter 65 . 4/20
Harry bought the bedroom furniture with his stipend, therefore he owns it. Considering that he had to buy the set after Dudley broke, at least, his bed, I would not have left it behind for Petunia's and/or Dudley's benefit.
DiagonAli chapter 67 . 4/19
really cute story. Harry with capable adults and in charge of his own life is a favorite trope of mine. I enjoyed that Harry didn't become some super charged magician or suddenly so suave and arrogant. he was a polite, well informed, intelligent kid. not a mini adult, a kid. great story
Kai chapter 58 . 4/14
Music seems to be a somewhat important topic in the story. It's what brings Sirius and Diana together after all, and gifting and exchanging cassettes happen all the time. I wonder why no one brought up interest in CDs. Their electronics may not work in magical areas (though I really don't believe that, the shops around the Leaky Cauldron have credit card readers and office computers and if they didn't work some people would move heaven and earth to find the reason), but at least Diana could possibly have a CD player. According to wikipedia they sold in Germany alone over 75 million CDs that year (1990). CDs weren't a curious rarity anymore.
Kai chapter 37 . 4/13
How old is Risk anyway? Is it possible that Albus and Gellert have played it and acquired a taste for world domination through it? It's what both want(ed), after all. Interesting that Albus didn't intervene against his bonk buddy until it seemed as if he really had a chance to get Albus' world domination. Which, as its name suggests, is Albus' property, not to share with anyone. Which had to be prevented then, of course...
Kai chapter 36 . 4/13
Having a horcrux in Harry's head is bad. But Sirius was present when the Unspeakables transferred them into the jet pieces. Perhaps it's more difficult to transfer from a living host, but perhaps it's not. They know that they can get it out of Harry, and since the priceless artefacts were unharmed it's possible that he'd be, too. But at this time they definitely have proof that it's possible and can hope that it works for Harry. They don't need despair. Yet.
Kai chapter 27 . 4/12
Are there really countries where anyone can supervise an absolute rookie driver (or even traffic rookie including foot traffic) for a week and have them get a driving license then?

In my country that's unthinkable. You have to attend a driving school where you have to have so many theory classes, you have to have so many normal (city traffic) hours of practical lessons, so many hours overland, so many hours at night, and so many hours on the autobahn. Taught of course by a professional driving teacher, both the theory and the practical lessons. And no practising with any non-trained-as-driving-teacher person, of course. After that you can apply for the exam. Which is first a theory test and only if you pass that you have AFAIR an hour or so driving in traffic, and a couple manoeuvrers out of traffic, such as full braking or evasion or reversing into a parking spot parallel to the road, depending on which vehicle class you learned to drive. If you fail, you have to repeat the exam, if you fail repeatedly you have to repeat classes/practical lessons.

Usually takes a couple months and costs a lot of money, I think I paid for my car and motorcycle license about 2,500 DEM in 1993. And I had had a driving license already for mopeds for two years by then, so I was used to move in traffic.

An absolute beginner? Who doesn't even know to look both sides when crossing a street on foot? Taught by an untrained person, during the rare hours his uni studies leave him to supervise that beginner? *shudder*
Kai chapter 22 . 4/12
I doubt that Harry can learn from his ancestors' diaries what happened before Hogwarts. Nor long after Hogwarts was founded. Unless they teach Anglo-Saxon and Old English in primary schools.

In my German classes in secondary we read a poem from the high middle ages. I could understand about half of it, for the rest I needed the translation. Some words became clear then, but still not all of them. And Harry is a lot younger, and the foundation of Hogwarts a lot older. And even then what we had was the modern transcription, actual writing from those times, handwriting of course as the moveable type printing presses had yet to be invented, is very hard to read.
Guest chapter 67 . 4/6
Great Story, it keep this 76yo entertained thoughly. I will have to keep checking back for a
continuation even though the Bio said competed.
Guest chapter 67 . 4/4
Amazing story! Thanks for writing this!
josamen1 chapter 67 . 3/28
This was a very nice story. I wonder if there will be sequels either going through their 7 years at Hogwarts or at least an epilogue fic. I'm thinking Harry/Hermione.
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