Reviews for Royal Ward
Xangus49 chapter 64 . 5/9
I’m really enjoying this story. I like the crossover with the royal family and how you accurately depicted Princess Di and Prince Charles. I’m glad she didn’t have to die and found love with Sirius Black. Keep up the great work. I’m looking forward to the next chapter, and for Dumbledore getting what he deserves.
Guest chapter 64 . 5/9
good sor
scott.fraser1976 chapter 64 . 5/11
Loving the premise of this story. At first I was worried you'd abandoned it, but realised that April 19 wasn't 2019... Looking forward to where you take the story from here.
Noble Korhedron chapter 64 . 5/10
Hmm, so the game is afoot...? I wonder how Albus will react, when he finds out he's been ignored, sidelined, and generally played like a fiddle...? #thinking #curious
Guest chapter 38 . 5/8
since harry does not consider It his home would not the wards fall
HughJasz chapter 5 . 5/9
I can't see the Malfoy's being ok with Serious Black being released from Askaban. Much of the Malfoy's political success in Britain hinges on Draco being considered the Black Heir. With Lucius ties to Minister Fudge, Lucius would definitely use his connections and wealth to ensure Serious cannot take the heirship and that he returns to Askaban or that the trial never happens.
Guest chapter 64 . 5/4
You to countinue
AlexRider000 chapter 58 . 5/4
When Harry mentioned reading the parseltongue, all I could imagine was Harry starting to giggle in front of the unspeakeables and than telling them that the notes they had was his personal diary. I can just imagine it:
"Dear Diary,
today I tortured and killed some muggles, as well as my death eater who brought me my dinner with BRUSSEL SPROUTS! I hate brussel sprouts! Any way, I killed him (obviously) and left him for the others to get rid of.
I have to leave now butI'll talk to you soon.
Love, The Dark Lord Voldemort"
thomassmith69 chapter 64 . 5/1
I’ve found this story a few days ago and have spent last few days reading it. I love it. Love it love it love it.
Demi-Wizard48 chapter 23 . 4/30
I don't why, but this chapter is on my favourite list of this story. Probably because of the Indian theme at the end.
Mona Ogg chapter 64 . 4/29
I liked this chapter a lot!
I'm so glad you're still continuing to update this story. I've never read another fanfic quite like it, and I'm curious what will happen once Harry and good friends finally get to Hogwarts.
Demi-Wizard48 chapter 8 . 4/29
Super Sirius time
Guest chapter 64 . 4/24
Best story ever!
ruth hammond chapter 64 . 4/26
Okay, its 5AM and I am still reading...I have reached chapter 64 and run into an end...I am hoping that this is a break in the writing and can look forward to more of same in the future...Love this story. The twists and turns and the way the characters, including Snape, are working to work against Dumbles is wonderful! Looking forward to the next chapters! Thank You for your writing...
Virodeil chapter 64 . 4/25
Ooh, I missed this fic. Thank you so much for updating! :)
I'm interested to see what the group will concoct to prepare for Dumbledore, and also Dumbledore's reaction to that. :grin:
Thank you for the Severus-Harry scene. I enjoyed it immensely, especially how young yet polite Harry behaved. He's cute. :)
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