Reviews for Royal Ward
bobthebuilding chapter 59 . 9/14
It's a minor thing, but lmao at Stephen explicitly explaining to an Unspeakable what a muflliato does, as if Unspeakables didn't probably literally invent the spell.
bobthebuilding chapter 22 . 9/13
So... this Sirius is a sexual predator voyeur creepy pervert? That's not funny at all, he should be in prison.
bobthebuilding chapter 21 . 9/13
Welp, Sirius Black and Princess Diana is about the last pairing I'd ever have thought of... but oddly enough I think it might work lol.
bobthebuilding chapter 19 . 9/13
Great story, and while I can accept that Arthur would know about horcruxes when Sirius didn't (as maybe it's a thing only family heads learn about after taking the position), Peter knowing about Horcruxes is just simply not logical.

If he knew, even as cowardly as he is he'd realize that finding one and being the follower to help Voldemort regain his physical body would basically make him untouchable by his fellow Death Eaters and likely even keep Voldemort from hurting him too much.

And, knowing of the Horcruxes, he'd absolutely be terrified of Voldemort's anger at Peter for having been the indirect cause of his destruction.

So he'd not have spent years being a lazy rat.

He'd have been hunting for the Horcruxes the entire time, and if he knew one of them was his diary he'd have long since brought Voldemort back to life.
plumbknot57 chapter 67 . 9/5
Great story enjoyed very much.
Loresign chapter 67 . 8/28
This was absolutely one of the best stories I’ve ever read. You ended this just right. Though I would love to have more to the story, only because you write so well.

I thank you for sharing your story.
deanna4403 chapter 34 . 8/28
well, you please update really soon i love this one.
Deana Gem chapter 1 . 8/25
P.S. Me again. I would have like more of Dumbles getting the screw! Just saying!
Deana Gem chapter 67 . 8/25
Thank you for a lovely story.
It's been a great read.
Thank you for writing!
Charlee56 chapter 67 . 8/17
Great story! But is there any more, or is this Finite Incantatum?
Charlee56 chapter 65 . 8/17
The twins'll get Ginny a TOILET SEAT?!
I Ginny secretly Reggie Lass from "Dead Like Me"?
An interesting Easter Egg!
Charlee56 chapter 44 . 8/14
I dunno if this was a mistake on the author's part, but American Magicals dont call Non-Magicals "muggles".
Non-Magicals are called "No-Maj's".
It's in the books as well as the movies. Remember "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"?
Charlee56 chapter 30 . 8/13
"... Dumbledore was 'the man behind the curtain'..."
Nice Easter Egg! This reference is from the Wizsrd of Oz! And the "man behind the curtain"?
Why, the Great and Powerful Oz!
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Oz!
xxStarLordxx chapter 15 . 8/12
When Narcissa Malfoy entered Harrods there should've had a cut scene where Lucius Malfoy shivered. Too bad he couldn't use the phrase, "I feel a disturbance in the force."
Charlee56 chapter 23 . 8/12
Sorry, got cut off by accident in my last review; one stray thought; why hasn't anyone figured out that Petunia isn't getting a single farthing from anywhere for Harry's upkeep?
It seems to me that the background check done by the Queen's people would've uncovered this.
And then it would've been found out that the "upkeep stipend" payments weren't getting to where they should've been going, getting Albus P. in deep doo-doo with Her Royal Majesty to the tune of a few years in the Salt Tower.
This is/was/would've been a huge red flag in the conundrum that is/was Harry Potter just then.
Or are you sitting on this, despite what the palace crew would HAVE to have found out?
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