Reviews for What Happens in Vegas
Wrabbit75 chapter 18 . 6/18
This was amazing! I never knew how much I needed this story in my life until I found it. I also didn't realize how much I ship Raven and... er, Willow. Their lives are so similar (maybe not in scale, but you know), their emotions and how they deal with everything, it's almost like they're two missing halves finally coming together. I really, REALLY hope this gets a sequel.
00 Non C. Anon 00 chapter 8 . 6/6
God, I hate that cliche.
00 Non C. Anon 00 chapter 6 . 6/5
I always thought the werewolf short lifespan thing was canon... but who knows? I could be wrong.
00 Non C. Anon 00 chapter 2 . 6/5
GLORIOUS! At first I was hesitant when you reached the Tonks x Cyborg bit. But, as I read on I remembered you mentioned Beast Boy had also left with them and thought I knew where you were going with things. I'm glad to say you delivered wonderfully!
zeps9001 chapter 3 . 6/4
I would have been Happy with just FemHarry/Raven, but Tonks/Cyborg is fine too. But Remus/Beastboy? Remus in the movies looked like your cliche 40 year pedophile and I really don't wan't to know what he does with an teenage boy in his bedroom.

I don't think I will continue reading this.
zeps9001 chapter 1 . 6/4
You probably made America more bigoted for some random plot reasons, but it makes no sense. In all the stories I've read so far, USA is always a lot more modern then UK. It makes sense, in England wizards been living for thousands of years and it makes sense for the old families to be more powerful. In America they couldn't be longer then 500 years(there's probably some 'founding' families that don't have 12 generations) and the wizards that migrated to the New world would have been muggleborns and oppressed magical beings.
Thorfaxdragonkin chapter 4 . 5/31
So the undersides and team rwby
Piggyslayer1235 chapter 18 . 5/22
Please make a sequel Please Please Please Please Please Please!
Battlesny chapter 13 . 5/16
how do I edit typos in reviewsafter posting? I don't even know how age turned into she, when I typed it here it did again and reverted when I backspaced.
Battlesny chapter 13 . 5/16
honestly, from what I've read from your Black Queen series, she and consent are the last thing I'd ever worry about.
Assassin of Ith chapter 18 . 5/9
So in very short order I learned that same person that runs Magical Girl Escalation Taylor wrote this, and b. that the story had been finished since the last time I read it back when there where only like four or five chapters. In short, today has been a very good day.
pixelherodev chapter 18 . 5/6
Really nice work - you mentioned that you don't plan to write a sequel, has anyone else done so? Methinks there aren't enough of these crossovers!
pixelherodev chapter 15 . 5/6
On the topic of werewolves, one of the funniest fics I read had the Wizengamot give proper rights to werewolves - because someone pointed out that werewolves were normal except for one night a month - and then asked all of the women there why they didn't think they were next.
pixelherodev chapter 13 . 5/6
Honestly? Once you mentioned it and I thought over it, it sounded a bit like repearting yourself, but I hadn't noticed until you pointed it out.
pixelherodev chapter 12 . 5/6
He also mentioned a scar on his knee that was a [near-]perfect map of the London Underground.

Hold on - Dumbledore knows what the London Underground is?
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