Reviews for Terror From the Deep
MRN chapter 1 . 3/31/2016
Oh, my! A 'must read' for me, 'cuz i'm a long-time CHiPs fan, and a new (3yrs) Voyage fan. I had to check when this was written, because I was in the middle of a CHiPs/VTTBOTS cross-over in Oct 2014, at the Hollywood Show. (I went for Voyage's 50th anniversary, and CHiPs was there for their 35th. Two glorious days with both casts!) And you 'saw' it 14 yrs earlier! How cool is THAT?

Great writing style, your prose didn't get in the way of your story, which is not easy to do. Way to go!

Would Adm. Nelson introduce Sharkey with his first name, knowing how sensitive he is about it? I hope not, :-( though he's not above embarrassing the Chief (yeah, Sharkey's my favorite! 'disillusioned bulldog'? my Sharkey? no way, Jose'! :-D ). I like the bonding moment for Ponch with Sharkey. Nice touch.

Gotta say it...I know canon states Baricza's given name as "Barry", but I think that's really a nickname from Baricza, because his parents couldn't hate him that much? ('barry baricza'? c'mon, guys. think about it...yes, I know i'm bucking all of CHiPs fandom on this.)

Again, i'll buck the military (well, USAF at least), we wouldn't call or refer to higher ranked personnel by their first names (the 'craig' reference), unless told that it's okay - off duty, and I know on CHiPs they call Sgt Getraer "Joe" all the time, but I kinda cringe every time our boys do it... maybe it's different in law enforcement (or Hollywood's version of law enforcement).

Robert Dowdell said in an interview once that Morton felt his job was to keep an eye on the Chief. We see that here!

I like how Bonnie takes down the baddies!

All in all, 5/5. BZ! thanks for the great story! mrn, mar 2016
kimjo2 chapter 1 . 12/27/2015
This was such an amazing story. The characters were spot on and well written. Loved Bear's especially. Loved the whole thing! Thanks so much
DaynaWayna chapter 1 . 1/22/2008
Wow. Another incredible story Deb! You are such a gifted writer! I never watched Voyage, but that didn't matter for this. You did a phenominal job here... and once again, poor Barry gets hurt! What did he ever do to us to deserve this kind of treatment? LOL

I hope that you find time to write/post more stories because I love how you write. Thank you for sharing these with us. Great story.
Velocity9 chapter 1 . 11/29/2005
Hi! first, This was good. But you missed a perfect opertunity for Ponch to respond to Jon's food/Haz-mat comment with, "No Haz-mat? Havn't You READ whats actually being used for food preservitives these days?" Ponch WOULD say that! And I love that '...disillusioned bulldog...' line!

This story was a bit slow at first but as soon as Jon & Ponch met up wit Nelson & Crane, things got interesting. Also, This was smartly written. On top of that, this crossover works better than you and the average reader might know. According to one particular episode of 'Voyage to'...", the show actually takes place in(and I asume around) the year 1977(tho' filmed in the late sixties. This would explain the super high-techness of the Seaview). 'CHiPs' also takes place around the 70s(I noted your use of the terms 'transistor radio' & 'record' ,not 'CD'). Incidently, I have NO idea if the 'Voyage to'..." movie shares continuity with that show; that is, I'm unsure if the show continues from the movie. Thats neither here-nor-there. But I can say for sure that Nelson is world famous in either medium. So the CHPs should at least see Nelson as familiar. During the movie, Nelson blows up the Van Allen Belt, for pitty's sake!

Anyway, everyone was in character(showing my age here! Then again, I was around 3 or 4 when 'Gigantor', 'Speead Racer' and 'Astro-Boy'[the first 'anime'!] FIRST hit American air-waves.), so over all, nicley done.

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1whonoze chapter 1 . 2/5/2001
Good story! Smooth transition between the two series and a very suspenseful plot Also some good laughs at poor Ponch's expense. :-) I enjoyed this one a lot.